Mirabaud Bank: Embracing Change and Tradition in the Swiss Financial Landscape

Mirabaud Bank, a venerable institution in the Swiss banking industry, is a prime
example of a financial firm that has successfully adapted to the challenges of
the 21st century while maintaining its rich heritage. As a family-owned and
family-led business, Mirabaud Bank stands out in an industry dominated by large

With a history spanning over 200 years, Mirabaud Bank has firmly established itself as a
trusted wealth management firm. Led by managing partner Nicolas Mirabaud, the
seventh generation of the Mirabaud family to run the business, the bank
combines tradition and innovation to provide exceptional client service. 

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, Mirabaud Bank is investing in modernizing
its operations to meet the ever-evolving needs of its clients. While embracing
technology, the bank remains grounded in its history, understanding that taking
the time to implement changes that benefit clients and employees is crucial. 

Mirabaud Bank operates in 10 countries, including its offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which
have strategically positioned it in the fast-growing Middle Eastern wealth
market. The bank’s focus on wealth management, asset management, and corporate
advisory services ensures a comprehensive approach to client needs. 

The landscape of wealth management has changed dramatically over the years, with private and
corporate wealth becoming more intertwined. Mirabaud Bank has responded to this
shift by expanding its corporate advisory business, helping clients navigate
the complex world of selling or passing on their companies. 

As clients become more engaged and seek a deeper understanding of their investments, Mirabaud
Bank offers an open platform that allows clients to invest in Mirabaud funds or
externally managed funds. Transparency and a rationale behind investments are
key principles upheld by the bank. 

While Mirabaud embraces change, it also remains cautious about investment
trends like private equity. Nicolas Mirabaud emphasizes the importance of
long-term thinking and careful consideration when it comes to investing in
private assets, as they carry significant risk and may not be suitable for all

Mirabaud Bank’s longevity and stability have been integral to its success. As a family-owned
and family-led business, it can provide consistency and commitment to its
clients. Mirabaud Bank’s combination of experience, stability, and
forward-thinking approach positions it well for continued success in the
ever-changing Swiss financial landscape. 

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More about Mirabaud Bank on https://www.swissbcuae.com/members/mirabaud-middle-east-limited/