Glenn Lurie: The Former Telecom Leader Making Waves in the Start-up World

Glenn Lurie: The Former Telecom Leader Making Waves in the Start-up World

Glenn Lurie, the former CEO of AT&T Mobility and Synchronoss Technologies, is making a name for himself in the start-up and venture capital landscape. With years of experience and a track record of success in the telecommunications industry, Lurie has transitioned seamlessly into his role as a partner at Stormbreaker Ventures.

Lurie’s journey began with his education in Business & Marketing from Seattle Pacific University in ’87. Armed with this knowledge, he quickly made his mark in the cellular industry, working his way up the ladder and eventually landing leadership positions at AT&T and Synchronoss Technologies.

During his time at AT&T, Lurie played a pivotal role in the exclusive partnership with Apple to launch the first iPhone, forever changing the mobile industry. As the president and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations, Lurie was responsible for overseeing key divisions such as AT&T Digital Life and the Internet of Things Organization.

In 2018, Lurie took on the role of president, CEO, and board member of Synchronoss Technologies, where he further solidified his reputation as a leader in the digital content and communication sectors.

Now, as a partner at Stormbreaker Ventures, Lurie brings his vast expertise and industry knowledge to support mobility-focused start-ups. With a people-first approach, Lurie aims to guide these companies towards success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Stormbreaker Ventures, with its international network and focus on the mobility ecosystem, provides Lurie with the platform to identify and invest in high-potential start-ups. His strategic guidance and deep connections in the industry help these companies navigate the challenges of scaling and connect with key stakeholders.

Lurie’s three Ps philosophy – people, passion, and purpose – drives his approach at Stormbreaker Ventures. He believes that success lies in building great teams, fostering a passion for the work being done, and understanding how each individual contributes to the overall purpose of the organization.

With his industry knowledge and network, Glenn Lurie is poised to continue making waves in the start-up world. His transition from telecom leader to venture capitalist has been seamless, and his impact on the mobility sector is set to shape the future of innovation.

As Lurie continues his journey at Stormbreaker Ventures, the start-up ecosystem can expect his strategic guidance and unwavering support to drive the success of mobility-focused companies and further fuel their growth in the ever-changing tech landscape.