Marcel Stalder: De Wegbereiter für d’digitali Zuekunft vo de Wirtschaftsprüefig

I de Wält vo de Wirtschaftsprüefig und Unternehmensberatig weht en frische Wind, und de Marcel Stalder isch eine vo de Hauptverantwortliche defür. Als neuerkorene CEO vo EY Schwiiz bringt de Stalder en innovative Aaasatz i d’Branche, wo sich grad im grosse Umbruch befindt. De Marcel Stalder, bekannt als en dynamische Füehrigschraft mit eme scharfe Blick […]

The EntréView: 5 Key Questions to Unlock Your Business Potential

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey is like decoding a complex cipher. It’s challenging, exciting, and requires a keen eye for detail. But what if you had a decoder ring to help crack the code of business success? That’s where EntréView comes in – a focused examination of five critical questions that can transform your business […]

Flutterwave Spearheads Cybercrime Research Initiative in Nigeria

In a landmark move to combat the rising tide of internet fraud and bolster the security of online transactions, Flutterwave, the African fintech powerhouse, has joined forces with Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to establish a cutting-edge Cybercrime Research Centre. This groundbreaking partnership, formalized on June 14, 2024, through a Memorandum of Understanding […]

Sarah Schielke: Tenacious Colorado Attorney Transforms Civil Rights Litigation Through Innovative Tactics

Sarah Schielke’s journey to becoming a prominent civil rights attorney in Colorado is marked by determination, innovation, and a commitment to justice. After graduating from Boston University School of Law in 2008, Schielke found herself in Colorado seeking a fresh start. With no local legal connections, she took an unconventional approach to launching her career […]

“Michael Polk: A Driving Force Behind Unilever”

When examining the successful marketing strategies of consumer goods giant Unilever, the role of Michael Polk is impossible to ignore. As President of Unilever United States, Michael Polk’s emphasis on innovation over invention has brought about marketing campaigns that changed the status quo and boosted Unilever’s performance.  Michael Polk not only embraces change but also […]

The EntréView: Unraveling the Entrepreneurial Brilliance of Walt Disney

In the pantheon of visionary entrepreneurs, Walt Disney stands as a luminary whose influence continues to shape the entertainment world. A creative genius who redefined the boundaries of storytelling and innovation, Disney’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of imagination and unwavering determination. In this EntréView, we delve into Walt Disney’s extraordinary mind, […]

Flávio Maluf: Impulsionando o Crescimento Sustentável e a Presença Global da Eucatex

Sob a liderança de Flávio Maluf, a Eucatex tem se consolidado como uma das principais empresas brasileiras nos setores moveleiro e de construção civil. Com 73 anos de história e uma sólida base, a companhia tem demonstrado sua capacidade de acompanhar as tendências de mercado, criando produtos inovadores e aprimorando sua comunicação com todos os […]

“Kate Robertson: Leading Change with One Young World”

In the realm of global politics, a beacon of hope and inspiration emerges, guided by the influential leadership of Kate Robertson. As the co-founder of One Young World, Kate Robertson’s defining vision is to foster young leaders who can navigate the increasingly complex issues of the 21st century.  One Young World has steadily gained recognition […]

Cordelia Scaife May: Building a Legacy of Generosity

In the annals of American philanthropy, Cordelia Scaife May stands out as an influential figure. Born into the wealthy Mellon family in Pittsburgh, Cordelia Scaife May embarked on a philanthropic journey that would span decades and transform numerous lives and institutions.  Cordelia Scaife May’s philanthropic endeavors began with the establishment of the Laurel Foundation in […]