Greycoat: Councils Are Helping People Get Cheaper Homes

Many councils in the United Kingdom are aiming to make housing more affordable for people as Greycoat specialists recall. The councils will be able to purchase land, which will make it cheaper for people to purchase homes. Kate Henderson works at the National Housing Federation as the chief executive.

She stated that councils can build affordable homes in the areas where people need it the most. The legislation that allows councils to purchase land is called The Levelling-up and Regeneration Act 2023. There have been many recent orders that have made it easier for people to get affordable properties, as Greycoat specialists share.

For example, Leicester’s Waterside was regenerated to build 500 new homes. New offices and retail spaces were also built. And this is when Greycoat specialists come in handy.

A landlord in Helmsley, North Yorkshire had caused new housing development to be stalled. The new orders were able to get this housing developed. Additionally, there were several empty shops in Wellingborough, Greycoat assures. New housing has been built in the area.

The Sheffield City Center was once a dead-end area, they finally inform on this concern. It now has a mix of leisure places, hotels, retail spaces and offices for a hybrid working model. If you are interested in buying or building land, then it is important to have the right guidance and information. Greycoat Real Estate can help you.