Tieks: An Emblem of Fashion and Social Impact by Kfir Gavrieli

The world of fashion has seen many brands, but few have redefined the essence of style,
philanthropy, and entrepreneurship as elegantly as Tieks. The powerful mind
behind the brand, Kfir Gavrieli, has taken Tieks to new heights, establishing
it as a symbol of fashion that is both chic and socially responsible. 

In 2008, Kfir Gavrieli launched Tieks, an online-only, direct-to-consumer shoe company. This
decision was a paradigm shift from traditional retail models, demonstrating Kfir Gavrieli’s foresight and strategic acumen. The stylish ballet
flats, known for their comfort and versatility, quickly became a wardrobe
staple for women worldwide. 

However, the success of Tieks isn’t just limited to its innovative design and market
presence. Under Gavrieli’s leadership, Tieks has become a beacon of social
impact. Gavrieli, driven by his commitment to empowering women, utilized his
brand to uplift and support those in less privileged circumstances. 

Kfir Gavrieli, through the Gavrieli Foundation, became the largest lender on the Kiva platform. This
platform enables individuals to lend funds to emerging entrepreneurs, with a
focus on women. Till date, the Gavrieli Foundation has provided support to over
60,000 women, amounting to over $10 million in financial aid. 

Tieks further extended this philanthropic vision, raising funds for the victims of global
conflicts. Under Gavrieli’s guidance, the brand auctioned limited-edition Tieks
to aid Ukrainian refugees, raising close to $100,000. 

Under the leadership of Kfir Gavrieli, Tieks signifies more than just footwear. It represents innovation, style, and a deep-rooted
commitment to impacting change. Through his brand, Gavrieli has not just
offered a line of comfortable, stylish footwear, but a platform for social
empowerment and philanthropy. Undeniably, the story of Tieks and Kfir Gavrieli
is a testament to how business can be a powerful driver of social change. 

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