Nick Millican: Is The General Election Going To Benefit The Housing Market?

London’s housing market has had a dark cloud hanging over it for the last ten years. Real Estate expert Nick Millican explains the housing market began slowing down during Brexit. The pandemic years saw people fleeing the city in record numbers, and the rising rates of the last two years have not helped. However, is there a rainbow on the horizon?

The real estate expert reveals a summer General Election is a sign of hope for estate agents. Why? NickMillican explains after the general election in 2019, there was what is called the Boris Bounce.

Home sales sharply rose after his victory. The momentum is already taking hold, according to real estate agent Nick Millican. The latest figures reveal inflation is falling. According to the Bank of England, inflation rates are now at their lowest point, since 2021.

Nick Millican explains some more. The mortgage market is reacting positively. They are already changing the prices of their products. Burrowers will see some good deals in the next few weeks.

Also, an interest rate cut before the election will help liven up the housing market. Nick Millican believes all this positive news could create a busy summer for first-time buyers and families looking to purchase new homes.