Margarita Howard’s Journey: Positioning HX5 as a Leading Contractor in a Competitive Market

Margarita Howard’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2004 when she founded HX5, a company that
specializes in providing professional mission support services to federal space
and defense government agencies. Over the past two decades, HX5 has established a trusted reputation with its government clients, offering a range
of services such as software and hardware engineering, mission operations
support, information technology, research, and development. 

As a first-generation American, Margarita Howard was aware of the socioeconomic
set-aside opportunities for veteran, woman-owned, small businesses. Combining
her experience working with large businesses in government contracting, she saw
the potential to start HX5. The company’s name, HX5, represents Howard times
five, a tribute to her supportive family. 

Margarita Howard’s strategic acumen led her to enter the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, a training
program that supports socially and economically disadvantaged business owners.
This accreditation allowed HX5 to bid on and win contracts up to several
million dollars. By securing four contracts in the first year, the company
gained the momentum it needed to succeed. 

However, Margarita Howard understood that relying solely on sole-source awards from the SBA was
not a sustainable approach. She aimed to make HX5 a competitor in the
government contracting arena. This required building a strong team and
investing in infrastructure early on. HX5 made smart investments, such as
implementing an industry-recognized accounting system approved for government contracts. 

In the competitive landscape of prime government contracting in 2024, Margarita Howard’s approach
stands out. She recognizes the importance of extensive research, understanding
government agencies’ goals, and building relationships with key decision-makers.
HX5’s success can be attributed to its compliance with regulatory changes,
strategic business development, adaptability to technological advancements, and
alignment with shifting government priorities. 

Being a female CEO in a male-dominated industry has presented its own challenges for Margarita Howard. However, she has overcome biases and established her
credibility through her competencies and professionalism. Howard’s commitment
to diversity is evident in the majority of the management team being women,
showcasing her inclusive leadership style. 

Margarita Howard’s journey has positioned HX5 as a prime contractor in a competitive market. With
a focus on sustaining the company’s current size and adhering to core values,
Howard’s vision and leadership continue to drive HX5 towards future success. 

In conclusion, Margarita Howard’s journey with HX5 exemplifies the determination, strategic
thinking, and commitment necessary to succeed in government contracting. With
her guidance and the dedication of the HX5 team, the company has positioned
itself as a trusted provider of professional mission support services in a
highly competitive market. Refer to this article to learn more. 


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