Margarita Howard’s Impact: How HX5 Rises as a Key Player in Government Contracting

In the realm of government contracting, Margarita Howard’s strategic leadership has propelled
HX5 to the forefront of the industry. Established in 2004, HX5 specializes in providing mission support services to federal space and defense
government agencies. Margarita Howard’s vision for HX5 was rooted in
independence and sustainability, steering the company away from sole-source
awards towards a competitive edge in the market. 


Howard’s astute decision to enter the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program proved
pivotal, enabling HX5 to secure multiple contracts and establish a strong
foothold in the government contracting landscape. Her foresight led to
investments in critical infrastructure, such as an industry-recognized
accounting system, positioning HX5 as an attractive partner for large businesses seeking small business


The in-depth understanding of the federal government’s contracting nuances has been a
driving force behind HX5’s success. Margarita Howard’s commitment to fostering diversity and empowering women in leadership roles has
set a new standard in the traditionally male-dominated sector. With over 1,000
employees operating nationwide, HX5’s dedication to ethical conduct and
client-centric approach has solidified its reputation as a leading provider of
professional engineering and technical services. 


As the industry evolves with new legislative changes and shifting priorities, Margarita
Howard’s steadfast leadership ensures that HX5 remains agile and adaptive.
Through a blend of strategic vision, resilient decision-making, and a focus on
employee excellence, Howard continues to steer HX5 towards continued growth and
success in the competitive government contracting arena. Go to this page on CrunchBase, for additional information. 


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