Tony Petrello’s Charitable Donation to The Neurological Research Institute In Texas

Tony Petrello is one of the high achieving executives I the business community. As from 1991, Tony has been the chief executive officer and president of Nabors technology. Tony Petrello is celebrated for steering Nabors industries to success through his excellent leadership skills.

Since 1991 when Tony joined the company as part of the executive committee, Tony has been responsible for the expansion of Nabors industries to various fields in the oil and natural gas drilling industry. Through the skills and experience that he acquired while working at multiple positions at different companies, Tony has been able to make Nabors industries more profitable.

Nabors Industries have over the years been providing its clients with quality and efficient drilling equipment and technology. The fact that the company has made it its duty to provide clients with exceptional products is the reason the firm is referred to as the best in the industry.

Companies and clients using technology provided by Nabors industries take pride in using some of the best and safest equipment in the drilling industry. Nabors industries started producing drilling and exploration equipment when they ventured into offshore drilling. Since then, Nabors technologies hasn’t looked back and have been improving their products and services.

Quite a few business executives can compare to Tony Petrello; it is almost impossible for business managers and professionals to be consistently successful in the business ventures they undertake. There was a point in Tony’s professional career that he practiced law. He was able to do this while working for the Baker and McKenzie law firm.

Tony has been nothing but exceptional during the time he has been working for Nabors Industries throughout the twenty plus years he has been working at the company. Recently, Tony has been getting mainstream media coverage which is confident thanks to his philanthropic efforts. Other than being a business executive, Tony is a renowned philanthropist who has been supporting multiple charitable causes.

Tony believes that other than making sure the that corporations and companies are socially responsible, every executive must oversee that various initiatives support local communities in which businesses operate. Tony Petrello made a $5 million donation to the neurological research institute in the Texas children hospital. The purpose of the funding is to help in the research of various neurological conditions that affect children. He and his wife vowed to donate an additional $2 million to the same medical cause.

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