Bone Loss Increases With Lack of Pressure On Bones

Recent studies have found that 4.2 G’s or more of pressure can stimulate bone tissue so as to make it significantly stronger than the bones of those who do not subject themselves to stressful activities. Older people in another study, however, did not generate more than 2.1 G’s of force even while doing aerobics. 

Quick walking, fast jogging or running, jumping up and down, and similar exercises can deliver enough G force to make bones healthier. These high-impact types of exercises, of course, should not be done in such a way as to break or damage the bone. Ken Griffin says that one has to find the balance between the danger of inactivity and the danger of over-stress. Older people generally will not be able to do the same level of high-impact exercises as younger people, but by doing the best that they can, they can still stay healthier and reduce risk of bone loss and breakage. 

Even jaw bones shrink after a tooth is removed due to the lack of pressure exerted on that bone by the chewing motion of the tooth. It is no surprise therefore that other bones behave in like manner. When it comes to the body, there are a number of things that operate on a “use it or lose it” basis- bone is one of them. 

Besides getting plenty of calcium and other important minerals, one should keep his or her bones active and properly stressed to ensure bone loss is avoided.

Healthy Eating

Just because everyone else is eating sweets and junk food during the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to join them. There are some healthy alternatives to these foods that are delicious and filling. From appetizers with carrots, celery and a wonderful dip to main courses that have plenty of vegetables to go with the turkey and ham, you can make those holiday meals like all the rest but with fewer calories. There are even some desserts that you can prepare that are healthy for you to enjoy, and Zeca Oliveira is a huge fan of those. Try serving them to your family and friends, and most of them probably won’t be able to tell the difference from the original recipes that you have used for years. However, the holiday season only comes around once a year, so go ahead and enjoy all of the things you like, and make up for it after the new year starts by exercising and beginning a healthy regimen.

Memory Loss Linked To Trans Fat Consumption

The consumption of high trans fat is linked to worse memory. In a study by the American Heart Association see article this diminished memory finding affected working age men.

Approximately 1,000 healthy men recently studied, who consumed high trans fat performed worse on word memory test. But Andrew Heiberger is quick to point out that these results took in to account; age, education, ethnicity, and depression. The study showed working and career building men, both young and middle aged, had strong links to memory loss linked to trans fat.

Participants of the Association’s study were shown cards to assess memory. They had to determine if each word on the card was new or a repeat. They found through this that men under age 45 who ate more trans fat showed considerable worse performances. It further showed with an additional gram of fat a day they had 0.76 words less done correctly.

Different foods have different effects on our bodies. Chocolate which is rich in antioxidants is linked to better memory. Trans fat are artificially produced as liquid oil that turn to solids when kept at room temperatures. This is done in order to prolong the shelf life of the product. Foods that contain these fates are; margarine, fast foods, baked goods, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, snack foods and some dough’s that are refrigerated. The FDA is looking into ways to reduce these fats within the U.S. food supply

Exercise Can and Will Make You Smarter

Anyone who exercises regularly knows that their activity level makes a big difference in how they think. Missing a morning run several days in a row causes a severe dip in productivity and mood. Websites like claim to provide a way to “exercise the brain” without exercising the body, but such mental aerobics just don’t cut it for someone who sits in front of a computer all day.

Some new research points out that aerobic exercise is probably the most important for cognition. Gretchen Reynolds’ column in the New York Times provides a walk-through of the scientific principles behind this research. The study itself doesn’t involve any new experiments. It consists mostly of meta-analysis, or review of previously discovered data. In other words, the study presents some previously established facts in a new way.

Analysis of this kind can be interesting, but to the practical individual, it’s mostly hot air. Susan McGalla is still trying to make sense of most of it. In all areas of self-improvement, but especially when it comes to exercise, action is far more important than research. Studies have been done about just about every kind of exercise, but none can replace the personal knowledge of how one’s own body responds to an activity, or lack thereof. For anyone surprised by this study, it’s time to walk the literal walk and gain that knowledge first hand.

Signs To Look For

There are some signs that women should not ignore.  Women should see a doctor at least once a year to have a complete physical to see if there are any changes in the breasts, lymph nodes or menstrual cycle. There are things that you might think are normal that are actually signs of ovarian cancer or breast cancer. If there is anything that seems abnormal, women should contact a doctor for no other reason than to eliminate what is causing the symptoms. There are new technologies and treatments that can help women fight cancers of almost any kind as long as they are diagnosed in time instead of ignored until it’s too late, from Dave and Brit Morin.

Low Cholesterol Without the Side Effects

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. High cholesterol levels in the blood and high blood pressure are the perfect recipe for a heart attack. The typical diet in the U.S. consists of high fat and high sodium ingredients. This diet leads to both high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. When an individual has high cholesterol levels in the blood, fatty deposits form along the lining of the blood vessels. When an individual also has high blood pressure, the pressure of the blood pushing against the blood vessels can dislodge these deposits and cause both heart attack and stroke.

For decades, doctors have prescribed statins to help lower cholesterol levels. Statins are highly successful in lowering cholesterol and helping to prevent heart attacks from occurring. The problem with statins is they usually have numerous side effects, such as dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. A new drug has been researched the past 6 years, however, that may offer a solution. Dr Rod Rohrich is optimistic about this advancement in medicine.

This new drug, Zetia, is a combination of a statin and a substance that prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the gut. Over the past 6 years, it has been documented that patients taking Zetia were not only 6.4 percent less likely to experience a heart attack, but there were virtually no side effects. This is definitely a medical breakthrough worth celebrating.

Mobile App Designed for Fitness

People from all walks of life must use their own time attend to their continuing health strengthen their sickness immunity through fitness workouts. It’s rarely easy, but it’s of the utmost importance to anybody who cares about their wellbeing and livelihood for the future. Looking at you Tom Rothman, we all know how busy you get at Columbia, but it’s important to look out for your health through fitness.

Technology is making it more fun for people to burn that excess fats through exercise. Some people use dancing videos which consists of steps they may follow while doing fitness workouts.

It’s also good to listen to music while you exercise. There are a lot of mobile applications which has been introduced to the public promoting wellness and fitness. These may be downloaded for a fee in certain websites.

The New York Times has released a new mobile application which will surely make your fitness workout time more enjoyable. It is available for free to the public via the download section of the New York Times.

The mobile application can be saved to your mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and even through your home computer. This is a seven minute workout.

The mobile application consists of animated illustrations and cues and timer. The purpose of this mobile app is to encourage you to exercise regularly at least for seven minutes. People must try this because it doesn’t cost a thing and the benefits are great for your health. To view the mobile app, visit here.

Do You Know Your Fitness Age?

You may know your real age but are you aware of your fitness age? Many people are clueless to the fact that we actually have a fitness age. According to a new study that was detailed in the New York Times, this so-called fitness age is the most important factor in determining our longevity. Fitness matters in our lives and the way we take care of ourselves determines how long we will live.

This doesn’t have to do so much with eating healthy organic products like Skout products. The fitness age also determines the body’s cardiovascular endurance. In the case of the fitness age, a person who is considered older could have a younger fitness age while a person that is consider young and vibrant can have an older fitness age.


Costly Urgent Care and Emergency Clinics Not So Convenient

Although independent urgent care and emergency clinics advertise themselves as cost-effective solutions to visiting hospital emergency rooms, the only real convenience is that a clinic doctor is less likely to ask a patient why he or she came in for something that probably could have been handled the next day by a family physician or non-emergency, walk-in clinic staff.

The reality is that these centers are often as costly as hospital ERs. Some are even more costly in the long run because they charge more for appointments involving non-emergency situations, such as sprains, broken bones, colds, infections, allergic reactions and general aches and pains. Additionally, many insurance carriers consider these clinics out-of-network or non-covered entities and patients have to pay more out of pocket as a result. Health expert Rod Rohrich suggests people ask about urgent care coverage when choosing their insurance plans.

Why then do so many people visit these clinics?

It’s this idea the clinics promote that they’re more convenient and less busy than ERs and; therefore, worth the visit and associated costs.

Of course, the clinics don’t tell the public that hospital billing departments often work with patients to make healthcare affordable and provide discounts. As a result, even though many hospitals ridiculously charge more than $1,000 for treating a burn or cut, patients usually pay less for traditional emergency care than at independent clinics.

Mood Dresses In Development Stages

We have all heard of the mood ring, but the mood dress? Technology has now made it possible. The newest research is seeking to formulate a textile (fabric) that can actually react to the eec readings that the brain releases and use them to actually change the color of the fabric.

The designer actually works for an art house. She has been seeking to get this new textile out of the development stage and into stores. This technology would be highly wearable. It is accessed through an eec headset that reads the emotions in the brain.

In other research there has been a biometric development that would be embedded in the fabric of the dress. This technology would detect specific indicators that correlate to mood. The outer layer of the dress would then change color based on what the inner layer detects.

This garment is now in the development stages with a prototype now being tested. Laurene Powell Jobs is excited to see the development continue as much as possible. Not to worry though, it is expected to be a few years before this technology is sound enough to be released to stores for the general public. It is a neat development that will enable us to better gauge the emotions of not only our significant others, but also convey our feelings without ever having to say a word.