How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off: It’s Actually Very Straightforward

There is no shortage of advertisements in the back of magazines or online that scream about “the secret to weight loss” or a “miracle weight loss pill.” In a culture increasingly obsessed with appearances and access to a twenty four hour news cycle, it can be difficult to sort out what is real and what might be someone’s opinion.

With the rise of obesity and obesity related illnesses in the United States, it is becoming more and more important that citizens understand the facts about how to properly lose weight and keep it off. The truth is that there is no one miracle pill or miracle diet that works for everyone.

However, basic science has revealed some tried and tested truths that are widely applicable today. Being goal oriented with reasonable expectations is a good place to start mentally, and that is a big key for Igor Cornelsen as he continues to stay healthy. Actual weight loss amounts to calories consumed and calories exercised.

Autism And Genetics

The population of people affected by Autism is stupendously increasing and now newly published research has revealed a strong genetic component.
People affected by autism often display different symptoms or behaviors. Some people with the diagnosis appear awkward but fully integrated into society with passing grades in their classes and/or fully functioning members of society with jobs and responsibilities. While others, more several affected, are non-communicative, display anti-social behavior and basic living skills tend to be difficult to accomplish. This has lead researchers to question why such a broad spectrum of severity.
New studies have taken genetics and identified people with autism through there DNA results, rather than their apparent symptoms. As a result, research identified more than 200 mutated genes linked to autism and have been able to begin the process of further testing, evaluating, and monitoring in hopes of finding a common link.
While scientists all agree there are more questions than answers, they all concur finding a genetic link has enabled progression in understanding, providing treatment, and possibly some day, preventing autism.

Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

As far back as 1935 this condition once called, the Stein-Leventhal Syndrome, named after two American gynecologists who discovered the syndrome, has prevented fertility in women trying to conceive. Cysts are formed on the follicles of the ovaries and thought to reduce a woman’s chances of conceiving.

At first it was thought that the cysts themselves were causing the syndrome but now it is thought to be hormonal problems dysregulation by the hypothalamus.  When checked on a sonogram a woman with the condition will usually have larger ovaries and a string of cysts across them that looks like a string of pearls. Although no cysts are found in some cases.

One problem with honing down the actual cause is because so many factors come into play Keith Mann has emphasized in the past. Women with insulin resistance become obese storing more fat than is necessary for the body causing obesity. Almost half the women with Poly=Cystic Ovarian Syndrome are obese so this is just another aspect needed to be studied.

With Hormonal dysregulation the pituitary gland creates a hormone that just like insulin does, releases androgens in the ovaries that are like male hormones. These hormones lower progesterone levels and cause a thick uterus lining to build up. Causing a danger of endometrial cancer. Women experiencing fertility problems due to hormonal dysregulation should have this condition checked out. More study needs to be done in this area of infertility.

Eat Yogurt To Reduce Type II Diabetes Risk

Many secondary diseases have popped up in the United States alongside the obesity epidemic. Heart disease and diabetes are on the rise with the increase in overweight and obese individuals in this country. With extra weight, comes higher blood pressure and higher cholesterol levels, both of which lead to heart disease. Also hand-in-hand with extra weight is insulin resistance and higher blood sugar levels. This leads to type II diabetes. The risk of developing both of these diseases can be greatly reduced by simply losing weight.

While losing weight is the best defense against fighting heart disease and diabetes, a new study has suggested that by simply consuming a daily serving of yogurt, as Terry Richardson has been known to do, an individual can cut their risk of type II diabetes by 18 percent. Scientists were unable to decipher exactly what it is in the yogurt that helps to stave of this disease, but they did note that the effects were not the same in other dairy products. The results were only noticed when subjects in the study ate yogurt. Most would agree with Terry Richardson in saying how awesome to know that by simply adding a serving of yogurt to your daily diet, you are fighting off the potential of a type II diabetes diagnosis.

The Color of Your Urine Could Be Key to Your Health

The color of your urine could be telling you something. Did you know that foamy urine could mean you have a kidney problem? Or that orange urine could mean you aren’t drinking enough water?

It is important, however, that if you notice any significant change in your urine that you let your doctor know. It could mean more than you think. A change in urine color can be attributed to different causes. Medication and vitamins for instance, are things that can cause a change in urine color. Other changes can indicate pathologies, and Ben Shaoul points to these examples:

Clear – You are drinking a lot of water.
Light Yellow Urine – You are normal and well hydrated.
Dark Yellow – Amber – Honey – You are very likely fine but starting to become dehydrated.
Syrup/Brown Ale – You could have liver disease.

The list goes on in this study about urine that was conducted by the Cleveland Clinic. They joke about purple urine and say that it doesn’t exist. The Mayo Clinic study disagrees and says it is indicative of pathology as well.  There are more definitive tests your doctor can conduct to determine just was causing the discoloration of your urine.

Bone Loss Increases With Lack of Pressure On Bones

Recent studies have found that 4.2 G’s or more of pressure can stimulate bone tissue so as to make it significantly stronger than the bones of those who do not subject themselves to stressful activities. Older people in another study, however, did not generate more than 2.1 G’s of force even while doing aerobics. 

Quick walking, fast jogging or running, jumping up and down, and similar exercises can deliver enough G force to make bones healthier. These high-impact types of exercises, of course, should not be done in such a way as to break or damage the bone. Ken Griffin says that one has to find the balance between the danger of inactivity and the danger of over-stress. Older people generally will not be able to do the same level of high-impact exercises as younger people, but by doing the best that they can, they can still stay healthier and reduce risk of bone loss and breakage. 

Even jaw bones shrink after a tooth is removed due to the lack of pressure exerted on that bone by the chewing motion of the tooth. It is no surprise therefore that other bones behave in like manner. When it comes to the body, there are a number of things that operate on a “use it or lose it” basis- bone is one of them. 

Besides getting plenty of calcium and other important minerals, one should keep his or her bones active and properly stressed to ensure bone loss is avoided.

Healthy Eating

Just because everyone else is eating sweets and junk food during the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to join them. There are some healthy alternatives to these foods that are delicious and filling. From appetizers with carrots, celery and a wonderful dip to main courses that have plenty of vegetables to go with the turkey and ham, you can make those holiday meals like all the rest but with fewer calories. There are even some desserts that you can prepare that are healthy for you to enjoy, and Zeca Oliveira is a huge fan of those. Try serving them to your family and friends, and most of them probably won’t be able to tell the difference from the original recipes that you have used for years. However, the holiday season only comes around once a year, so go ahead and enjoy all of the things you like, and make up for it after the new year starts by exercising and beginning a healthy regimen.

Memory Loss Linked To Trans Fat Consumption

The consumption of high trans fat is linked to worse memory. In a study by the American Heart Association see article this diminished memory finding affected working age men.

Approximately 1,000 healthy men recently studied, who consumed high trans fat performed worse on word memory test. But Andrew Heiberger is quick to point out that these results took in to account; age, education, ethnicity, and depression. The study showed working and career building men, both young and middle aged, had strong links to memory loss linked to trans fat.

Participants of the Association’s study were shown cards to assess memory. They had to determine if each word on the card was new or a repeat. They found through this that men under age 45 who ate more trans fat showed considerable worse performances. It further showed with an additional gram of fat a day they had 0.76 words less done correctly.

Different foods have different effects on our bodies. Chocolate which is rich in antioxidants is linked to better memory. Trans fat are artificially produced as liquid oil that turn to solids when kept at room temperatures. This is done in order to prolong the shelf life of the product. Foods that contain these fates are; margarine, fast foods, baked goods, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, snack foods and some dough’s that are refrigerated. The FDA is looking into ways to reduce these fats within the U.S. food supply

Exercise Can and Will Make You Smarter

Anyone who exercises regularly knows that their activity level makes a big difference in how they think. Missing a morning run several days in a row causes a severe dip in productivity and mood. Websites like claim to provide a way to “exercise the brain” without exercising the body, but such mental aerobics just don’t cut it for someone who sits in front of a computer all day.

Some new research points out that aerobic exercise is probably the most important for cognition. Gretchen Reynolds’ column in the New York Times provides a walk-through of the scientific principles behind this research. The study itself doesn’t involve any new experiments. It consists mostly of meta-analysis, or review of previously discovered data. In other words, the study presents some previously established facts in a new way.

Analysis of this kind can be interesting, but to the practical individual, it’s mostly hot air. Susan McGalla is still trying to make sense of most of it. In all areas of self-improvement, but especially when it comes to exercise, action is far more important than research. Studies have been done about just about every kind of exercise, but none can replace the personal knowledge of how one’s own body responds to an activity, or lack thereof. For anyone surprised by this study, it’s time to walk the literal walk and gain that knowledge first hand.

Signs To Look For

There are some signs that women should not ignore.  Women should see a doctor at least once a year to have a complete physical to see if there are any changes in the breasts, lymph nodes or menstrual cycle. There are things that you might think are normal that are actually signs of ovarian cancer or breast cancer. If there is anything that seems abnormal, women should contact a doctor for no other reason than to eliminate what is causing the symptoms. There are new technologies and treatments that can help women fight cancers of almost any kind as long as they are diagnosed in time instead of ignored until it’s too late, from Dave and Brit Morin.