Sudden Cardiac Death Is Linked to Belly Fat

A recent study has shown that Igor Cornelsen and individuals who have a significant amount of belly fat are more at risk for sudden cardiac death. Sudden cardiac death is different than a heart attack. A heart attack is the result of failed blood circulation to the heart, whereas sudden cardiac death is basically an electrical malfunction that results in the heart beating irregularly.

This information results from a study that was done for almost 13 years. Almost 15,000 men and women submitted to regular health examinations at least five times during the 13 years of the study. Over 250 individuals died as a result of sudden cardiac death.

The individuals who died had high cardiac risks factors. Some of these factors included high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. Individuals who had more belly fat had more than two times the risk of sudden cardiac death.

Research needs to continue in this field. However, there is one thing that is certain, and that thing is that obesity in the abdominal area is more dangerous than just general obesity.

The fact is that individuals who are dealing with belly fat need to work hard to get rid of it if they would like to improve their health and reduce their risk of sudden cardiac death. The two main factors that should be considered when working to lose weight are consuming a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.

Snow White Effect


Be careful before you reach for that caramel apple in your local grocery store. The old tale of Snow White taking a bite into the apple causing death has become to real for some this season. Caramel apples have been said to have infected 28 people and killing four. The “microbial culprit is Listeria monocytogenes” (

It has been advised that consumers stay away from this product and has been the cause of a thorough investigation. This strain can cause flu like symptoms, convulsions and loss of balance. L-monocytogenes has also been known to cause meningitis in newborns. Not one particular provider has been linked to this outbreak. All types of caramel apples are included in this warning, including those with other toppings on them. There has been an outbreak in 10 states. This news could not have come at a worse time, with the holidays being around the corner and this treat being one of the popular choices during these times. It is hard to know how many people have consumed this item before that news came out. Be safe and for this time being, an apple a day will not keep the doctor away! My photographer friend, Terry Richardson, was telling me he actually was mindlessly poking around Twitter while waiting in line at the grocery store, with, yep, some caramel apples and luckily his the feed clued him in just in time!

Right-To-Die Debate Reinvigorated by Survey of Doctors Showing Majority Support

The right-to-die debate was reignited recently with the public appeal by Brittany Maynard for people’s right to choose how they die. She made this appeal soon after moving to Oregon, one of three States where assisted suicide is legal, after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In a new survey reported by it was revealed that 54% of U.S. Doctors now favor allowing patients suffering from an incurable illness to seek a dignified death. The represents an 8 point increase from 2010 when only 46% said the same thing.

Many advocates for allowing people to end their own life on their own terms, of which Christian Broda may be one, see this as the next big issue to sweep the nation after seeing similar progress in the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage. Some feel that we treat our pets better than our fellow human beings when it comes to facing death. For some reason it is compassionate to put our beloved family pet to sleep to spare them end of life pain and suffering. However, when a mother, father, brother, sister, or spouse are diagnosed with and withering away from some incurable and horrible disease, we are supposed to just let them suffer as long as possible.

Numbers favoring assisted suicide among the public have remained fairly stable, but this latest survey does reveal a shift in the medical community. It is hard not to be influenced by the raw emotion in Brittany Maynard’s appeal to allow people to choose how they die. “I can’t even tell you the amount of relief it provides me to know that I don’t have to die the way it’s been described to me that my brain tumor would take me on its own,” Maynard said in a video she released before dying. We can not all choose when and how we will die. Some of us may be taken in a car accident or plane crash or any of a myriad of causes. However, when we can choose, we should be allowed to.

Weight Loss with Lifestyle Changes in Eating Patterns

Some doctors are finding out what others like Dr. Daniel Amen have known for years. If a person eats sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetable this slowly decreases obesity and decreases or eliminated some health issues all together. 

A grossly obese 10-year old child in New York, found herself admitted to Harlem Hospital Center in New York, where she found an innovative program weight reduction program to increase fruits and vegetables in her diet. 

The weight has come off very slowly, a few pounds every year, which is the way people are slowly eliminating the national obesity problem making significant lifestyle changes and through teaching nutritious eating patterns makes sense and shows positive results. 
The parents said that their child’s doctor did not just say, “You are overweight, now go home and lose the weight.” The doctor offered a successful solution focused on a lifestyle change. This child’s mother reported to have high blood pressure, but when she started to eliminate fried foods and harmful snack foods, changing to fruits and vegetables she eliminated the high blood pressure. 

This program shows promise, as doctors are finding successful results. Instead of using drugs to lose weight, lifestyle changes show people a better way to eat and prepare healthy food choices shows amazing results. 

Our nation’s obesity epidemic is being eradicated through common sense and by eating the right kinds of foods prepared the right way. Doctors in New York are meeting the obesity epidemic in this one small way.

Weighing The Options

It’s not the fault of a beverage that people in a country are obese. A Mexican ad is evidently claiming that the reason people are overweight is because they like to drink Coke. While drinking sodas is a way that people will gain weight, especially if they continue to drink one after another through the day, this isn’t the only cause.

There are people who have medical issues that prevent them from losing weight or that make them gain weight. Some people don’t exercise, and there are those who just don’t care if they gain weight or not. Blaming a drink for a country being obese makes no sense because people have a choice.

Christian Broda says the drink is sitting on the shelf, and you can either pick it up or leave it alone. It’s a simple process of willpower. Some have it, and others don’t have the willpower to say no.

A Possible Cure For Diabetes

Researchers at the Indiana University and German researchers have found a hormone that can possibly cure diabetes and obesity according to my friend Darius Fisher.  This has been tested on lab mice and the results of the hormone have been very surprising and promising. They showed that the hormone was able to decrease glucose sensitivity, increase calorie burn, and lower appetite. This hormone could really be a wonder for many adults who have experienced adult onset diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease of the endocrine system and it occurs when a person’s body cannot regulate insulin in the correct fashion. There are two types of diabetes type one diabetes which occurs in childhood and type two adult onset diabetes which is usually a diabetes that can be controlled by things such as diet and exercise.

it is great to see that researchers are continuously looking for ways to cure diabetes, because it really is a disease that has wrecked havoc on a lot of people. At the same time each and every individual is responsible for their own bodies, and since early adult onset diabetes is really a disease that can be well managed by eating well, exercising, and taking good care of health, before person looks to be cured by a magic pill, they should try to take care of their own bodies the best way that they can.

The Greeker The Better

Everyone has heard of the health benefits found in Greek yogurt to include high protein and probiotics. Daniel Amen is always stressing the importance of vitamin intake and many key vitamins can be found in Greek yogurt. In fact, Greek yogurt has become a billion dollar money maker in the USA alone. The strange thing is that many people do not like it, but, there is one person who is very fond of it and she is Maria Loi. Maria Loi is a author and chef, as well as a host for several television programs, which have aired in her homeland of Greece, as well as in the USA on PBS. In Ms. Loi’s opinion, Greek yogurt is much more than a breakfast choice. For Ms. Loi, this delicious find is a gold mine and it can be used in a variety of different ways from being a substitute for mayo and sour cream, as well as keeping her pie crusts super moist when used in place of butter.

In her most recent cookbook, the galloping gourmet promotes healthy recipes that are rich in Greek yogurt, olive oil and nuts. To much surprise, she even thinks Greek yogurt can be used as a beauty treatment. Now how is that for getting your money’s worth?

Rage Against the Vaccines

A recent study claims that more than 40 percent of U.S. adults that participated in their survey believe that the flu shot gives you the flu. Where does this distrust stem from?

Some cite religious belief when arguing against vaccines. However, very few mainstream religions actually claim anti-vaccine rhetoric as doctrine.

Holistic health believers and practitioners feel that anything your body needs to heal and thrive can be found in food, plants, herbs, essential oils, and other naturally based health practices. That is why Dave and Brit Morin try to eat as healthy as possible.

Then there are those who distrust anything to do with Big Pharma. The belief that the pharmaceutical corporations are only out to make money and will manipulate the masses to the non-existence of side effects is a pervasive opinion touted by many.

Not many people understand what exactly a vaccine is and how it works. A little research shows that it’s unlikely to get sick from a vaccine. A study in 2013 showed 1,080 vaccine related deaths, as opposed to the 30,000 Americans killed every year by the flu itself, according to the article.

The reality of the situation is that most of those were infected by someone who was not vaccinated, making these deaths avoidable.

New Checklight is Helpful for Concussion Sufferers

Concussions are extremely dangerous. A series of repeated concussions could cause irreparable harm to the brain. Walking around with a concussion is very troubling because you must have the condition checked out and treated as soon as humanly possible. Why do so many choose not to see a doctor when they have suffered a concussion. Simply put, they do not know they have suffered one.

Now, there is a way to check your head, so to speak. The Reebok Checklight is a new apparatus designed to be worn under a helmet. The light illuminates when you have suffered enormous impact to the cranium.

Hockey players, cyclists, skateboarders, and other athletes definitely can benefit from wearing this seemingly simple device.

No one is suggested that just because the light goes off that this would automatically indicate a concussion. Similarly, just because the light is not engaged does not mean no harm has befallen the person wearing it. According to Laurene Powell Jobs, what is actually being said, is that having access to a warning light allows you to at least take more action that you otherwise would without the equipment.

As previously mentioned, when someone suffered a brain injury, the person might not take the time to visit a doctor. He or she might not take the impact serious. When a major warning light goes off, this would be an extreme indicator that seeing a doctor is a smart move. The indicator light is not going to go off for no reason.

Running to Reverse Time

Not only can running slow aging, it might even reverse it. As people get older, they lose some agility. Navigating a curb, for instance, becomes more difficult. There are a couple of reasons for this. One factor contributing to is something psychologists call “attentional demands.” As humans age, brain plasticity and the speed of connections slows.Plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to make new neural connections and repair itself from damage. Though the brain is complex and scientists are just beginning to figure out certain aspects of its intricacies, one thing they are certain of: exercise increases brain plasticity and improves its overall health. Experts suggest that any type of exercise helps. As humans reach middle age other factors impact health as well and exercise can slow these processes too.


Aging causes blood vessels to stiffen, blood pressure to rise, muscles to wear away, bones to weaken, and hormone levels to drop. Exercise has been shown to slow all of these symptoms of age. That is why Keith Mann tries so much to stay active. However, the type of exercise also matters. Though walking is beneficial for many things, running actually has been shown to reverse aging. Researchers at the University of Boulder also found that older runners could walk with the agility of a younger person. As opposed to walkers, who showed no better walking ability than someone who didn’t exercise at all. So for muscle coordination, on top of many other health benefits, run for your health.