Are We Too Dependent on Medication?

What is the first thing you do when you develop a headache? The vast majority  reach for our favorite brand of headache-relief medication. Some of us even reach for the bottle when we feel a headache coming on, we don’t wait until it becomes a full blown pain.

Could a headache be treated just as effectively with a glass of water and a bit of rest? In most cases, Sultan Alhokair says the answer is ‘yes’. The thought of interrupting our day to take a few moments to treat a headache without medication is a foreign to us. We have become accustomed to reaching for a bottle of medicine to treat everything. Not that it’s all bad, but by-and-large we are a society overly dependent upon medication. Our first response to any minor health issue is to reach for the bottle of medication, prescribed or over-the-counter.
recent survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered that 48% of us have taken a prescription medication within the past 30 days. That number is up by 5% from the last study conducted 15 years prior. The number climbs to 81% of us taking an over-the-counter medication within the last 30 days.

The Antique Wine Company – Where You Go For Fine and Special Wines

The Antique Wine Company is a wine merchant famous for selling fine and rare wines. It is located in London, England but you do not have to visit the country to taste some of the wines that they offer. The company currently services 70 countries and has over 20,000 clients. It was founded by Stephen Williams. It opened in 1982 and for a company that has not been in business very long, at least compared to other wineries, it has shown much success in the short amount of time.

The wine merchant company has always specialized in fine wines since it was founded. They currently have over 10,000 bottles of rare and fine wine, some even vintage, in their cellars. The company is known for breaking world records pertaining to wine. They have record breaking collections and host fine wine events that cannot be matched. The company not only sells these wines, but they will also find one you are looking for, they offer private wine master classes, and even cellar planning so you can have a grand cellar for your vintage wine as well.

The Antique Wine Company shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. They are looking to ramp up their international sales and to do this, they have hired two professionals to help the global sales and account management team. These people are Stuart Young, a former sales executive, and Jean-Philippe Guillot, who has worked in the Asian fine wine market. With these two on board, the wine company will soon take over the global market as well as the local market.

The company has been featured in many publications. Luxure magazine recently recognized the company and completed a lovely feature in their publication. This helped the company reach new customers and solidify their place in the market s fine wine merchants. The company was also featured in Leisure Management, a digital magazine. These features are not only about the company, but also their record breaking feats in the fine wine market.

The company is doing great things and will continue to do so in the market. They have set themselves up for a successful future in fine wines. If you are in the market for rare wines, some over 150 years old, you should check out the Antique Wine Company. There is no better wine merchant in the market for fine and special wines.

The Beauty of Dr. Rod Rohrich


Plenty of people looking for a balanced life often focus on inner goals but in order to attain those goals some people need to feel better about their outside. If considering surgery it’s important to consult a qualified professional. Based in Dallas, TX, Dr. Rod Rohrich is an award-winning, reputable plastic surgeon that carries with him years of experience that extends beyond the operating room. He is also a professor. He has held chairmanships for at least 100 plastic surgery symposiums, showing a deep dedication to his craft.

His charitable portfolio is equally as impressive as his medical career. He has given back to society as a whole by serving on the boards of the March of Dimes, which is a charity originally created to help demolish polio. The organization seeks to reduce or eliminate the number of children born with birth defects and prevent infant mortality. Dr. Rohrich has also committed himself to the important work of Save The Children-Dallas and the American Cancer Society. He has tirelessly devoted himself to such organizations that directly benefit the fight against breast cancer. One charity was co-founded by him the Dallas for Children Foundation.

The doctor has even set up a mobile medical unit that was used to provide immunizations to both homeless children and those that were in underserved communities. Along with his wife, Dr. Diane Gibby, he has reached out to those children in need by lending a helping hand through early childhood development programs. Giving back to his home state of North Dakota, Dr. Rohrich has created an organization that supports medical students on an annual basis. The chosen medical student for that particular year would be looking to enter the primary care practice.

Dr. Rohrich has not just confined his talents to the United States. He has taken his experience, guidance, and technical skills to third world countries, where he has taken care of children that have been badly burned or were born with a defect that required reconstruction. He has also taught his techniques to medical professionals in those geographical regions.

Rod Rohrich enjoys an exemplary career that has spanned decades and continues to selflessly help others that are in need. He provides services to people in Dallas that are in need of plastic surgery or to those that are simply seeking to make themselves feel better by enhancing the way the look. His talents allow him to provide many services that range anywhere from a tummy tuck, to a body lift, or even to a full out reconstruction and so much more.

Because of his caring nature, he completely makes whatever client he is dealing with feel comfortable about their visit with him or the procedure they may have.

The Life and Lessons of Vijay Eswaran

Rags to riches stories aren’t that uncommon within fiction. However, there’s far less concrete examples of it in the real world than one might wish. There is one man who embodies that spirit though.

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia, but slowly rose up within the ranks of the American business world. At a certain point, he found himself troubled. He felt as if there was more that he could do back home. So when he headed back to Malaysia he was quick to pick up on suggestions about the next phase of his life. He started the QI Group, an e-commerce based conglomerate.

One of this biggest goals was to combine what he’d learned overseas with his knowledge and love for his home country. The results quickly began to speak for themselves. In the blink of an eye, the QI Group started to experience an amazing level of growth. And as it grew, Vijay Eswaran added new goods and services. Eventually the company managed a huge variety of services and products. He also branched out to create Qnet.

However, one of the best products that Vijay Eswaran has been able to offer is success. The business techniques he mastered overseas have proven amazingly successful in his homeland. It can’t be stressed enough how much that helps everyone around him as well. It’s almost as if Vijay Eswaran is surrounded by good luck, and is able to extend that to the people around him. He has a massive amount of people who are quick to sing his praises, and thank him profusely for the opportunities he’s extended to them.

And it’s this dedication to helping people which has really proved to be one of the underlying sources for his success. It’s obvious to coworkers that he wants them to do well, and that he trusts them to rise to any challenge. This expectation has, time and time again, helped people to really reach their goals. He’s a man who wants to see others stand on their own two feet and who’s eager to help them do so.

This dedication to doing the right thing also led him to create a branch within his company dedicated to ensuring everything was ethical. The RYTHM Foundation was created in order to ensure that the vision he has for the QI Group continues to remain ethical and responsible. Given that he has the love of the people working under him, and was listed among Malaysia’s 50 Richest people, it’s clear he’s doing a great job.

Mark Ahn Shares the Most Recent Trends in Leadership

Mark Ahn has decided to share the most recent trends in leadership, so business professionals can improve their work skills in 2015. Ahn learned leadership trends through his experience in academia, military operations, and the business world.

Since the trends haven’t changed much of the years, Ahn advises business professionals to learn from the past generation of business professionals. You can learn just as many lessons from previous events as you can in a business course.

Ahn advises business professionals to have good ethical practices. He suggests that integrity could be the most important quality in a business professional. If the employees of a company do not have integrity, the company becomes weakened. A company without integrity will not last long.

It’s important that business professionals use good judgement as it will strengthen the company’s performance. There are three components to good judgement — intelligence, character, and courage. You have to be adapt to new situations as necessary.

You need to show your fellow employees how to act in the business; you should lead by example. The leader doesn’t necessarily have to tell his/her employees to do something because the leader is showing them the appropriate way to act.

A good leader will admit when he/she doesn’t know something, so it’s a good idea to remain humble. It’s important to have humility within a company because regardless of the company is performing or not, the leader should be humble.

Mark Ahn believes that being a good leader is taught, and people aren’t born to lead. It takes a lot of work to learn how to be a good leader.

Ahn earned his Ph.D., and he founded Pukana Partners. He has leadership roles with both small and big biopharmaceutical companies. He wrote over 50 journal articles and books.

Source: PR Newswire

Susan McGalla Has The Tips For Women’s Success In The Workplace

There is an issue with women in the workplace right now, not enough of them are being promoted. Even though women at this time make up close to half of all of the people who are working, they are not even making up 15% of those who are in executive positions. It is a problem that grows worse by the day. Susan McGalla has some tips to help make those numbers make more sense.

Invest In Higher Education

Susan McGalla absolutely believes that women should be investing in higher education for themselves. She says that those with a higher education are more likely to have a higher paying jobs. Plenty of statistics and plain common sense back up her claim on this. The better one’s education, the more likely they are going to get a better paying job. It is really as simple as that.

Confidence Boosts Career Prospects

Here is another one that a lot of people may have not thought about. Confidence can be a very big deciding factor when it comes to one’s chances to making a good career. The more confident people are often the ones who float to the top. This is simply because they have proven that they believe in themselves, so others naturally gravitate towards this. If that is the case, then the confident person can easily get a job that they want in life.

The Glass Ceiling Cannot Hold You Down

Allowing the glass ceiling to hold you down is actually allowing something to prevent you from success. The glass ceiling may be a real concept, but it does not have to be something that you allow to get in your way permanently. Instead, take the time to try to ignore the glass ceiling and just try to strive past it.

The Life Story of Jonathan Veitch

After attending college, Jonathan Veitch found himself doing some amazing jobs just to get by. He soon settled down a bit and put his education, skills and goals to good use by writing and teaching. Along the way, he fell in love and started a family. Eventually, he went on to become the president at Occidental College. Learn how Veitch went from a dockworker to school president.

The Beginning

Carol Lee Veitch gave birth to her son Jonathan Veitch in 1959. She was the stepdaughter of Alan Ladd, who was a popular film actor. Jonathan’s father, John, was president of film productions at the well-known Columbia Pictures. Johnathan spent his childhood growing up California near Los Angeles.

In 1979, Jonathan attended Stanford University where he received a degree after completing studies in American Literature and English.

The Tough Years

The eighties were a time of opportunity and new challenges that beckoned young men to try their hand at a variety of jobs. Johnathan explored the Mississippi as a tugboat hand, and next, he found work in Nebraska as a laborer at a dairy. One of his most memorable jobs and dirtiest was his stent in Boston, where he worked on the fish docks.

After testing the waters at odd jobs, Veitch pursued additional education at Harvard where he graduated with an M.A. and a Ph.D.

A Ray of Sunshine

Soon after graduating, he met and married Sarah Kersh in 1992. They were married in a chapel at Columbia University.


By 1993, Jonathan and his wife headed west where he accepted a job at the University of Wisconsin as an English Professor. His first book, “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s” was published in 1997.

During the next stage of his career, Jonathan was happy to accept a teaching post at the New School in New York. This gave him the opportunity to teach his favorite subjects such as cultural history, literature and American films. Veitch was a very active faculty member at New School and was soon promoted to the Dean of Liberal Arts.

Occidental College/Family Life

After years of applying himself, Jonathan Veitch was finally rewarded with a job offer as president for Occidental College in 2009. Today, he lives on the college campus with this three children and his wife. Jonathan stays active by playing tennis and working out at the gym.

Well, now you know the life story of Jonathan Veitch. He persevered through odd jobs, gained an incredible education and today, he represents a college as the president.

Measles and the Anti-Vaccination Movement

With the spread of measles having increased to 59 cases as of January 21 from Disneyland across California into other areas of the country and other countries, officials have had to make difficult decisions regarding how to best protect the public. In Orange County, they decided to crack down on the spread at schools by sending home anyone who hadn’t received the measles vaccination.

Did this outbreak occur because of fears about vaccinations causing autism, an anti-vaccination movement which has gained more advocates over the last ten years?

Doctors who support childhood vaccinations have pointed out that the disease was under control by 2000. Doctors in the anti-vaccination camp have pointed out that the best way to stop the spread of a contagious disease is with better quarantine and contagious disease education measures.

Alexei Beltyukov wonders: Who’s right?

Actually, both sides make good arguments. The fact is that vaccinations do help the majority of Americans. The problem is that there are many people who also react badly to them in different ways. There’s no guarantee that this spread is entirely the result of low immunizations and there’s no absolute proof that vaccinations don’t cause autism in all people. Lastly, quarantine and education measures have helped prevent spread elsewhere. A small isolated town in Africa that enacted strong quarantine and education measures because of Ebola prevented spread for a long time until visited by by an infected outsider.

Walking is Good for Physical and Mental Health

One of the more recent subject of scientific investigation should hit close to home for most office workers. There’s been a significant amount of new studies focusing on the effects of exercising during one’s workday. As one might expect, most of this research has been in regards to the effects that exercise has on overall health. Doctors and scientists were curious about what a little physical activity during the workday might do for someone’s health. People expecting positive results from that increased activity wouldn’t find anything too surprising. But what is raising some eyebrows is a new study which links a lunchtime stroll and mental health. The study set participants on the task of simply taking an afternoon stroll every day.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this study to health enthusiasts, like Sergio Lins Andrade, is the use of a cellphone app to measure the participant’s mood. One of the more difficult aspects of studies such as this is the fleeting nature of memory. It’s hard to really ask people how they felt at any particular point in the day. Apps on smartphones are the perfect remedy to the situation. They’ve even begun to find use with cardiologists measuring heart health. So it’s little wonder that they’d prove effective for logging the heart in a more metaphorical way.

The findings were nothing less than remarkable. Almost every aspect of mood was improved by simply taking a walk for thirty minutes during a participant’s lunch break. However, it wasn’t all good news. People who said they wouldn’t be able to continue taking the walks often listed an expectation to work through lunch breaks as the primary reason. At the same time though, there is reason for optimism. This is just one study among many that show positive health effects from physical activity during lunch breaks. Hopefully more employers will take note, and realize that happy, healthy, and fit employees produce great work.

Vijay Eswaran Finds Happiness In The Sphere of Silence

Ten years ago businessman Vijay Eswaran brought the World his personal philosophies regarding the use of yoga and the silent techniques of mouna to bring happiness and a sense of relaxation to any life, PR Newswire reports. This yoga technique is something Vijay has used since childhood to center his life and make sure he brings a sense of happiness to the world anybody lives.

Even ten years after the book was initially released, Vijay feels the information within is still relevant and even more so in the modern World we live in. Eswaran explains that the modern World is filled with distractions that are often difficult to escape from, finding a small piece of silence in the World we live in is one of the best ways of reducing stress levels and finding a sense of belonging we are often disconnected from. Silence and Hindu based relaxation techniques are used on an everyday basis by Vijay Eswaran to reduce the level of stress he feels and allow him to focus on the truly important matters of each day. For example, many people find their minds are filled with the many thoughts and issues that overwhelm the mass media outlets, such as climate change and population growth. Detachment within the modern World can be reduced with the use of the techniques found within In The Sphere of Silence, the text of the full press release can be found here.