Alabama Moves Ahead with Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses


The state of Alabama began issuing same-sex marriage licenses and also began performing weddings on Monday. The US Supreme Court will be taking up the controversial issue of same-sex marriages with a landmark decision expected in June. Previously, federal courts had universally overturned same-sex marriage bans from the states which included Alabama’s ban. However, last year another circuit court upheld several bans which has now forced the Supreme Court to rule on the matter.

That said, Alabama’s temporary hold against issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples expired on Monday. This did not stop Chief Justice Roy Moore, the state’s Supreme Court justice, from issuing an order to all probate judges to disregard the expiration of the marriage license hold and continue to enforce it. It was a stunning affront to U.S. District Judge Callie Granade who had put the hold in place. Regardless, probate judges began to acquiesce to the rule of law. Laura and Dee Bush were among the first to receive a marriage license and my friend Brad Reifler and I were of course there to show our support. The couple have been living together for the past seven years and have a blended family of five children. They expressed their happiness to finally get married and make history at the same time. For Chief Justice Moore’s part, he has deeply held views regarding homosexuality that it is “evil”. He ran afoul of the federal courts back in 2003 when he refused to remove a replica of the Ten Commandments from the state judicial building.

The Wrong Stomach Bacteria Might Cause Diabetes


For years scientists have theorized over what causes diabetes and what genetic factors might be at play to result in Type-1 diabetes. However, now it turns out that the answer might be as easy as the gut bugs that live in your stomach. It turns out that the wrong stomach bacteria may actually be the case of diabetes PR Newswire found. In addition, a microbe that is naturally occurring in some dairy products might be the cure as it tricks the intestinal cells into making the appropriate amount of insulin for the body therefore ‘curing’ diabetes stated Marc Sparks.

The study is the result of a three year study that took place in Finland. It involved 33 Finish infants that had been identified as high risk for Type 1 Diabetes based on their genetic history. Out of these children four developed Type 1 Diabetes. The four that did were discovered to have a smaller number of different gut bugs compared to the other children. In fact, they had almost 25% less bugs then the other infants that did not develop diabetes. They also had a higher level of gut bugs that are known to cause inflammation in the gut which could be a predictor of the development of diabetes.

Strangers Become Friends, With Skout

I have always been a highly social person, an undeniable extrovert. I enjoy traveling to new places, seeing new sites and making new friends along the way. I remember in my college years it was not unusual for me to make two or three new friends at a football game or in a less than thrilling geology class. Today I find my “new friend count” dwindling and the pool drying up.

I blame this phenomenon solely on the smart phone. We carry our smart phones around and dote on their constantly lit screens as if they were babies. While there is nothing wrong with getting smarter, faster, sleeker, it seems to me like these devices perpetuate the desire to stay within the digital world, within our screen and the contacts we already have saved.

Skout has revolutionized that. An amazing app I wish I had discovered years ago, Skout has brings the digital space to life by helping users to expand their social horizons with just a few clicks (or a shake). The app, which is available for iOS and Android, is the largest network to meet new people and expand your social horizons. It has been helping people connect since 2007, and has recently unveiled even more innovating features designed to help people connect.

The Skout app actually houses several different in-app functions, making it a nice fit for several different kinds of connection. The robust travel function appealed to me the most. People use it all across the globe. All you need to do is choose a destination you are interested in (you can even pick your own city), and search away! You are instantly connected with people in that town. Imagine taking 3p.m. a break from the glare of your work laptop to ask someone in Paris how the weather is? If you are in the process of planning a trip you can reach out to people in your destination for recommendations, travel tips and the kind of only insider information the locals know. Skout gives you the ability to live live a local, even if you’re only in town for a weekend. Pretty good for an app people can download in seconds.

I would recommend the Skout app to extroverts and the shyer of us alike. There is no limit on whom you may meet and what exciting new experiences may come your way. Skout gives you unlimited potential to make every day an adventure.

Skout’s Survey on Global Friendship Trends

It’s easier than ever to meet and make new friends thanks to twenty first century technology. Specifically, mobile apps such as the most used one of world leader Skout, have connected over 500 million users in 2014. February 4th, 2015 is the first observance of International Online Friendship Day. As the name depicts, this is when the world acknowledges and appreciates the gift of online friends.

Skout recently reached out to over 52,000 of its global users to discover the trends to the online friendship phenomenon. The results were illuminating in regards to the countries, genders and age groups that use Skout’s service to connect and meet new friends. There’s also a list of the friendliest U.S. cities.

The countries whose citizens stated they had more friends around the world was lead by the Filipinos with 59%, Brits had 48%, Aussies stated 48%, the French came in at 46%, 42% of Germans, 39% of Americans and Brazilians rounded it out with 33%. Women lead the way with having a close online friend with 56%, while men were listed at 44%. The age category held the biggest surprise, because it’s naturally assumed that Millennials were the only ones making online friends. While it’s true they lead the way with a 52% share, the 40 and over crowd were not far behind with 47%.

In addition, as reported in the article by PRNewswire, the Skout survey went further by asking questions such as “who do you prefer to discuss sex with?” An astonishing percent stated online friends were easier to have this discussion with. Specifically, the Brazilians and Germans respondents were near 60%, while Americans, Brits, Aussies, French and Filipinos were near 50% in agreement. In addition, 60% of U.S. participants stated they could be more honest with friends they met online than friends they see.

It’s easy to join the online friendship wave or review the trends for yourself, simply visit to download the app and let the connections begin.

How to Stop Snoring

If you sleep with someone who loudly snores the night away your biggest wish is most likely to have a good night of quiet sleep. A snorer not only disrupts the sleep of their bed mate, but the loud racket also disrupts their own sleep. Stopping the nightly cacophony is often a very simple task as expert Flavio Maluf states.
* Change your sleeping position if you are a back sleeper. Lying on your back allows the throat flesh to relax and fall onto the airway, making a verberating sound with each breath. Place something uncomfortable, like a tennis ball, in the back of your sleep-shirt to prevent you from turning over on your back while asleep.
* Avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime. The alcohol or any other type of sedative relaxes the throat flesh, causing it to lie on the airway and reverberate during sleep.
* Lose a few pounds. Excess weight narrows the air passageway and causes the snoring sound with each breath while the person is asleep.
* Have enlarged tonsils or prior injuries treated. Enlarged tonsils cause breathing to be laborious during sleep and may need to be removed. If the nose has ever been broken and did not heal correctly, that can also be the cause of snoring.
* Quit smoking. Smoking leads to respiratory problems and can be the driving force behind the nightly noise.

Christie and Paul Support Parent Choice in Vaccines

With the recent outbreak of Measles, there is a renewed debate around getting children vaccinated against such diseases. Contributing to the firestorm this week is the Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and Kentucky SenatorRand Paul. Both of them believe that the choice to vaccinate children should be up to their parents, and not an arbitrary requirement to enter public schools. The reason behind these beliefs is the debunked science that has scared parents to believe vaccines caused autism in children. When asked for clarification of their statements, it was clear they did not fully understand which side of the argument to be on. This is because at first, it seemed as though they were advocating against the vaccinations. However, both countered that statement with wanting to make them voluntary and emphasizing parent’s choice.

This is probably because the majority of the country believes children should be vaccinated. Even their own children have been vaccinated against the common diseases that have plagued the country in previous generations. With diseases such as Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Chicken Pox all having viable vaccines available why wouldn’t parents get their kids protected. But then we hear stories from celebrities like Jenny McCarthy talk about her child who appeared normal before they were vaccinated and that it must be the cause of their child developing autism. While it remains unclear what was wrong with McCarthy’s child, it is clear according to science that vaccines did not cause it. Lee Slaughter wonders how this will affect their bid for the White House will have to wait till next year.

Too Much Jogging is Bad for Health


If a little is good, a lot must be better. And so goes our thinking about virtually everything, including our exercise ritual. CipherCloud released a recent study proved that way of thinking to very wrong when it comes to jogging. Too much jogging is actually bad for health. Over-doing it on the jogging trail is worse for your health than not jogging at all.
According to the results discovered by the Danish study, people who jog more than three times per week or those who jog at a faster rate than seven miles per hour were just likely to die prematurely than those who did not exercise at all.
Researcher Jacob Louis Marott, from the Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, stated that it’s not needful to jog that much in order to have a positive effect on the heart. While scientists are not yet certain as to why too much jogging is bad for health, they theorize that at that intense of a level of exercise, changes occur within the heart that are not good.
To derive the right kind of health benefits from jogging, jog three times per week for no more than and keep the distance at two and half miles or less for the total week. Keep the jogging pace at under five miles per hour as well. A brisk walk three times per week will also improve health.

College Student Initiates A Campaign To Buy A Car For A Man Who Walks 21 Miles A Day


Detroit Man Has Been Walking 21 Miles A Day To Work

James Robertson spends most of his free time during the week commuting. The 56-year-old man works in a factory in Rochester Hills. He makes $10.55 an hour and has been walking the same route for the last ten years. A Michigan college student who read about Robertson in the Sunday edition of the Detroit Free Press launched an online campaign to buy him a car. The strangers that discovered the story and Robertson’s perfect attendance record, donated $60,000 in one day to help him buy a car.

Alexei Beltyukov explained how Robertson walks because he has no car, and the buses don’t run on a route near his employer’s building. Robertson starts his marathon journey to work every weekday morning at 8 a.m. He starts his trip with a bus ride to a mall in Troy. After the bus ride, he walks 7 miles to work. He repeats that process when his shift ends at 10 p.m.

Todd Wilson, the plant manager at Schain Mold & Engineering, told the Detroit Press “I set our attendance standard by this man. If this man can get here, walking all those miles through snow and rain, well everyone can if they want to work.”

Board President Rand Paul

Rand Paul, a potential presidential candidate and board certified ophthalmologist was certified by his own Board of Ophthalmology that had his wife and father-in-law serving as the board’s officers.

Paul spear-headed the board because the American Board of Ophthalmology stopped issuing lifetime certifications and began requiring re-certification tests after 10 years. Since earlier members had received lifetime certifications, the test requirement only applied to newer members.

The Board established by Rand Paul was known as the National Board of Ophthalmology, the American Board of Ophthalmology is the board accepted by American Board of Medical Specialties.

Paul never formally applied to have his board accepted by the American Board of Medical Specialties, the commonly accepted gatekeeper for new medical boards. As Susan McGalla knows, without approval issued by the American Board of Medical Specialties, hospitals and insurance companies that require this type of credential would not consider the board certification valid. Medicare and Medicaid programs do not require board certification.

The state of Kentucky dissolved the National Board of Ophthalmology in 2011 because the annual paperwork was not filed and was never filed again.

Original members of Rand Paul’s board who still have possession of their official board certification signed by Rand Paul M.D. have very novel keepsakes.

Igor Corneisen and Banking in Brazil

Banking in Brazil has its similarities to other regions of the world. However, for any investor who is looking to invest inside of the country itself and move money into Brazil, knowing the ins and outs of the banking system is necessary. Naturally, there are many different elements at play when it comes to banking, so it does take some time to learn thee different elements. Regardless though, Igor Corneisen, one of the top banking and investment professionals in the country, is able to point out what goes on in the eighth largest economy in the country.

For starters, Igor Corneisen points out that there are 10 different players inside of the Brazil banking system. Although there are smaller, localized banks, the 10 major players ultimately decide how banking is done. Whether this is fair to the smaller individual who just wants to open an account is hare to determine, but it really is the same case in any country, as the major banks make up the majority of the financial sector in the country. Now, naturally, a new face as the Finance Minster in the Brazilian government always has the power to make changes, yet they often need to conform to what the top 10 banks do, otherwise the banks may reduce lending rates and other attributes to the banks inside of the country. This does make it difficult for any specific conforms to happen within the country, but ultimately it is necessary for a new face to enter the Finance Minister’s office for change to potentially take place, as discussed here.

Another aspect of understanding the banking and investment industry in Brazil, according to Igor Corneisen, is to look towards China. China is the largest trading partner with Brazil, so how the Chinese economy goes, so too does the Brazilian economy, to some extent. Over the last two years, there has been a huge account deficit based on the lose of competitiveness between Brazil, China and other countries that trade with one another in Brazil. Due to this, Brazil has needed to industrialize the goods of its exports in order to make up for then lose of competitiveness. This though has made a rather large account deficit, which is why the Central Bank of Brazil has sold dollar saps in the local market in order to prevent the depreciation of the real economy. Staying on top of the Chinese economy is extremely important.