Getting the Most Out of Your Life


Most people think that getting the most out of life means you have to go skydiving or climb a mountain. Yes, that will enrich your life, but what about when you are at home, in the city? You can be living each day to the fullest every day, and it doesn’t have to cost much at all.

Here’s a list that Bruce Karatz shared to get you started. Check off what you’ve done, and get to the rest. Then, it’s up to you to be creative and do something to enrich your everyday life.

1. Gone on a blind date.
2. Gone on a road trip with your friends.
3. Spent the entire day pampering yourself with whatever you like. (includes shopping)
4. Jumped in the ocean for a swim; jumped in naked.
5. Had sex outside your comfort zone.
6. Read a book that changed your life.
7. Learned a new language, and then visited that country.
8. Actively fought for a cause you believe in.
9. Written a letter to your idol.
10. Overcame a challenge that changed your life and brought you closer to God.
11. Spent a Saturday watching all the classic romantic movies.
12. Tried every restaurant in your area that serves your favorite food.
13. Fallen in love; fallen out of love.
14. Learned to play an instrument.
15. Watched the sunrise just because you could.
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The Teeth Won’t Lie

If you have ever had a toothache, then you know that it can be the worst pain you have probably ever experienced. There is a reason for all of that discomfort, and that’s because the nerves in the teeth go straight to the brain. If there is an exposed nerve, the tooth gives the feeling of pain because it’s near a receptor that takes those feelings to your brain, giving you the excruciating experience. Anything that hits the tooth that it doesn’t like, such as cold, warmth or touch, can result in pain as Jaime Garcia Dias knows well. The teeth don’t give the warm, comforting feelings that you might have when something touches the skin state articles on Facebook. They are solid masses in the mouth that when aggravated, they will let you know that they aren’t happy until you seek some kind of relief. Unfortunately, that relief is often in the form or a filling, removal of the tooth or a root canal.

Skunk Weed and Pyschosis Linked in London Study

Research compiled from patient history shows that patients who smoked skunk cannabis on a daily basis were five times more likely to suffer from psychosis, than those that did not smoke said Flavio Maluf. According to LinkedIn Subjects were from the South London area, where marijuana use is prevalent. The study states that using this strong strain of cannabis is linked with the risk of developing mental illness.

The researchers follow 410 patients that were presenting with their first psychotic episode. The study also tracked an additional 370 residents from the same area to serve as a control group. Published in Lancet Psychiatry, a peer reviewed journal, also found that this link correlates only to the stronger skunk variety. Those that reported smoking hash or other weaker strains of cannabis did not have the same increased risk as their skunk toking counter parts.

The study ran from 2005 to 2011. Symptoms ranged from hearing voices, delusions and erratic behavior and lasted for at least one month. Patients not only had five times the risk of developing psychosis, but were also three times more likely to suffer from a serious psychotic episode.

Skunk bud is being blamed for nearly one fourth of South London’s newly diagnosed cases of psychosis. The study also shows that as use per days of the week increased, so did the likelihood of having a psychotic episode. However, researches also recognize the medicinal benefits when used appropriately.

Appreciate Your Life


A lot of people are unappreciative of the things that they have in life. Do you know someone that has everything, but for some reason that person is still not happy? Now flip the question around. Do you know someone that doesn’t have much, but for some reason that person is very happy? Life can be a funny thing sometimes. The truth to the matter is that we don’t need much to be happy.

The rich kid that grows up with everything in life is seldom happy. How is it possible that someone that has everything, truly has nothing? The reason is that our souls long for something much more than mindless entertainment. We are humans, and we require spiritual fulfillment.

Sometimes wealthy parents give their children everything but love. A poor kid that grows up with nothing but their parents love is actually rich. My point is that material things and objects are not important. It’s a hard thing to understand until you have reached a mature age. That’s why we must be thankful for our family, and the things that they do for us.

Some readers may have grown up without a family at all. For those people, I beg you to give extra love to those you care about. Showering someone in love will only open your heart and give you a satisfaction that nothing else could. Successful people like Brad Reifler know that life is beautiful, and we should be thankful for each and every day that we wake up.

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Brain Implant to Help Deaf to Hear


A new brain implant has been developed by scientists that will help the deaf to hear. It’s the best advancement made towards helping the deaf to hear since the cochlear implant.
The new brain implant is called the auditory brain-stem implant (ABI) and will allow a deaf person to begin hearing like a newborn baby. Words will not be distinguishable to the implant recipient, but various sounds, like coughing or a dog barking, can easily be heard and distinguished. For someone who has never heard a sound before, hearing a barking dog for the first time is a big deal.
Deaf people who were born without a working hearing nerve can’t be helped by the decades old cochlear implant, but new hope has been given to them with the development of the ABI as Solvy, education system has shown.
FDA approved since 2000 and already tested on a human child, the auditory brain-stem implant is ready to move forward with updated technology and new clinical trials.
The ABI won’t be able to provide the recipient with normal hearing, but if you’re living in a silent world, a little hearing is better than no hearing at all.

Combining Supplements & Prescribed Medications: Is It Harmless?

Have you ever considered the significance of medications and health supplements that you are taking? There are millions of people who take prescriptions every day. Along with that figure, there are billions of individuals that take a multivitamin or other supplement daily. However, there are some aspects that should be considered about this.

Harmless or Beneficial

There are millions of supplements that can be purchased to enhance your health. Yet, there are some issues to consider when taking vitamins along with prescribed medications. The fact of the matter is, taking medication with any OTC supplement can interfere with your health. More than that, Reuters writers say a basic multivitamin may unknowingly interfere with your medications, a lesson that Ray Lane had to learn. Therefore, any side effects that medications have can be increased by innumerable dietary supplements.

Medications & Supplements

Dependent on a complete medical history and your current health you may not need dietary supplementation. Other factors that contribute towards taking prescription drugs is your current diet. It’s important to talk to a Naturopathic doctor or physician about the any supplements you are planning to take.

Comparable medications, OTC supplements do have different side effects. They can interfere with your prescriptions and may make your condition worse. Hence, it can cause harmful effects. This can be especially true if you are taking numerous dietary enhancements together. Harmful reactions can come about because of the various chemical reactions that materialize after they are consumed.

STDs and Education

The Human Papillomavirus is a well know sexually contracted disease. The HPV vaccination is given to girls and young women before a certain age. In the UK, girls between the ages of 12 and 13 receive the HPV vaccination for free. This program would prove beneficial for the young women, but not for the men.

The rising debate among medical professionals is that young men need to have the HPV vaccine just as much as young women stated Haidar Barbouti. The original thought of the program is the young men would only have sex with females. And if all the females are vaccinated, the virus would eventually die off. This program did not take into consideration men that have intercourse with other men.

With this rising debate, the school program stated it would cost too much to vaccinate the young men as they do the young women. The young men that have intercourse with other men can receive the vaccination from free clinics that care for men’s sexual health.

QNET Offers Jobs In Southeast Asia

QNET started as an MLM that was founded by Vijay Eswaran as his first attempt at a successful business venture after school. However, Vijay was able to build QNET into a company that is currently working in all parts of the global market. When you do business with QNET, you are doing business with one of the largest providers of jobs in the whole of Southeast Asia. Their chairman in Mr. Eswaran is a staunch supporter of charities, and they treat their employees well.

Direct Sales

The company does most of its business in the world of direct sales. You will be able to buy a great many products and services from the company, and you will notice that the company has a larger range of products every time you buy from them. QNET is committed to offering its customers the best selection possible on all the items it sells, and they work very hard to make sure their prices are competitive. Their competitive prices increase their volume, and they are able to offer you more as a customer.


When people work in direct sales for QNET, they will find that they can make commissions on every item they sell. Employees get a discount on the items they sell to customers, and the employees are given rewards that help to motivate them to improve their performance. Every person who works for QNET is given a chance to make as much money as they like, and every employee is given more than enough support to succeed in their own venture.

The goal of QNET is to provide the people of Southeast Asia with the products and services they need at competitive prices while also offering employees a wonderful place to work that is secure and rich in the resources they need to succeed.

Slow Joggers Come Out Ahead

A new study reports that for a person to live a long and healthy life the ideal amount of intensity for exercise should be less than most people might expect. This also suggests that most people overdo strenuous exercise, which may potentially shorten their lives.

In 2012, a study of cyclists conducted in Denmark showed that those who rode hard on a regular basis tend to live longer compared to those who simply rode gently. Sultan Alhokair found that the result was the same even if the easy riders rode in longer hours.

Not only that these results were intriguing to the Danish researchers, but they also felt unsatisfied. The results did not describe how much intensity was put on the exercise, which can help prevent premature death. They also did not address the limits of how much a person can do for a vigorous exercise and its benefits, in terms of lifespan.

Hence, for the new study, published in American College of Cardiology Journal, the researchers mostly are part of the University of Copenhagen, looked at the enormous database of health habits amongst Danes in the Copenhagen City Heart Study. This time, instead of focusing on cycling, they looked at jogging – the world’s most popular strenuous exercise.

As a result and as expected, joggers tend to live longer compared to those who do not exercise. However, the researchers closely analyzed the data on how much intensity joggers put on the exercise and the surprises emerged.

According to the analysis, the ideal amount of intensity for jogging is between an hour to 2.4 hours every week at a slow pace.

Four Cups A Day


There has always been a heated debate whether drinking too much coffee is good or bad for you. The latest news is that drinking four or more cups of coffee a day could help ward off endometrial cancer, which is a BIG positive.

Recent studies indicate drinking coffee can have a positive effect on the levels of estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body. Studies show that endometrial cancer can occur when levels are more geared toward higher estrogen levels. Hormone imbalance can cause a multitude of symptoms.

Now be certain that medical professional are not saying to consume cup after cup of coffee as we know caffiene is not good for you stated McGalla. What they are saying is that there is evidence that drinking coffee in moderation could be helpful in preventing endometrial cancer. With that said, grab your favorite mug and get a fresh hot pot of coffee brewing!