Spirit Charger Article Not Legitimate Medical Piece

An April 28 article about allergies for Spirit Charger titled “Suffering From Spring Allergies? Here Are Some Nutrition Tricks To Help Alleviate Them“ by Shannon Sanford, a writer who holds an MBA and a BA in Psychology, should not be considered a legitimate resource for Spring allergy treatments.

Ms. Sanford waits until the end of the article to mention that many of her recommended natural and nutritional options can actually cause Spring allergies to become worse for many allergy sufferers because of cross-reactions. Although she cites a few well-known legitimate medical resources, she presents her content as medical facts without any links to those sources or other resources that might support her claims.

While promoting readers like Jason Halpern to eat yogurt in one section because of its probiotic benefits, she recommends avoiding dairy entirely in another section while still promoting yogurt in moderation. In fact, she implies that increased congestion and mucus are fine with yogurt because the probiotic benefits outweigh the exacerbated asthma and respiratory symptoms. She also recommends eating garlic because of its antihistamine and antibiotic properties while ignoring that garlic can increase congestion.

At no point does she mention the cumulative effects of eating some of these foods. For example, people who can eat a little garlic now and then might never notice any problems, but then experience congestion, inflammation and asthma when they turn to it every day to treat their allergies.

Diet Changes Contribute To Colon Cancer Risk Level

Recently, scientists have discovered that there is a dramatic change in a person’s risk level when it comes to colon cancer if they swap out their diet for just two weeks. A Western diet tends to be very high in protein as well as fat. Unfortunately it is usually very low in fiber. This is thought to raise a person’s risk of colon cancer. African diets are much higher in fiber and lower in protein and fat. This area experiences a much lower risk of colon cancer. The study that was originally published in Nature Communications, explains that foods high in fiber can decrease the risk for
colon cancer.
The bacteria living in a person’s gut can also play an important role. Fiber is the ultimate ingredient for a healthy gut and colon area and Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG urges all to eat a better balanced meal with added amounts of fiber.

As the fourth most common cancer in the world, colon cancer is currently the cause of over 600,000 deaths each year. While the West has higher rates of colon cancer, it is occurring all over the world. An international team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh completed a study on people who were to undergo a diet change. Prior to the study, the patients were given colonoscopies to track their progress. Those patients who changed their diet to include a much higher level of fiber had healthier and cleaner colons by the end of the study.

Vaccines And Autism: They Just Don’t Mix

A new study has been included in the Journal Of The American Medical Association that explains 95,000 children were studied, and there was no known link between vaccinations and autism. The children studied were ones that would have been at a higher risk of developing autism. This includes children who have an older sibling with autism or children that medically were at a higher risk of developing complications associated with vaccinations.

Most of the anti-vaccination movement was focused around the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Andrew Wakefield made the original claims regarding the MMR vaccine and his conclusion was included in the Lancet (a British Journal). The paper was later retracted, as several of Wakefield’s team members asked to have their names removed. Also, it was determined that Wakefield wanted to market his own alternative to the MMR vaccine and he aimed to take down the previous version with his ‘findings’.

This recent study is getting a lot of press, as it drives home what medical professionals originally believed says expert Susan McGalla. Which is that there is no real danger associated with the MMR vaccine or any other vaccination for that matter. Many people believe anti-vaccinators are basing their decisions on emotions rather than facts and that this will not quiet this group of parents. The anti-vaccination movement does in fact vocalize their concern for many of the chemical ingredients in the vaccinations, as well as combination shots that they feel overwhelm a child’s body.

Dog Rescued from Beneath a Concrete Slab

A very lucky dachshund was rescued yesterday after spending 13 days under a concrete slab in Derby, Kansas. The miniature dachshund named Lucy turned four years old hours after she was pulled from underneath the slab.

According to owner Rebecca Felix she went out of town to tend to family matters, leaving her husband in charge of the animals and their care. He let Lucy and her companion, Thor, out one morning into the yard where they enjoyed spending their days. This was a normal routine and the dogs generally lounged in the fenced-in yard without incident. Then, one day, Lucy went missing.

AnastasiaDate reports that the family searched for Lucy without success for ten days, when the best friend Thor got involved, leading the Felix’s to the location where Lucy was buried (sitejabber.com). The fire department was dispatched. Fire fighters dug for house to free the little dog from her enclosure. She had developed ulcers in her eye from the dirt, and was hungry and thirsty but she is officially on the mend.

Vets who saw Lucy after her ordeal were amazed by the pups condition. Such a lengthy time without water would traditionally lead to kidney issues, but Lucy’s internal organs were in perfect condition. Her eye is also healing after dirt caused ulcers to form.

If You Fast Can You Slow The Aging Process?

There are many different types of fasts and cleanses that people are utilizing to try and look and feel better. Now, studies are actually showing that reducing the amount of calories you consume by about thirty to forty percent can actually expand your life by a third or more. These studies were completed on animals such as nematodes, rodents and fruit flies and while humans have not yet been experimented on regarding this belief, the concept holds water.

While calorie consumption may not always equate to a longer life span, it has been concluded that consuming less calories and not overeating, will reduce the risk for many diseases and conditions. That makes sense to Jason, along with others who are monitoring their health. Intermittent fasting is appealing to people because not only is it now holding a belief that it can make you live longer, but it is also a popular way to lose weight. Many medical professionals argue that this is not a safe way to go about losing a few pounds. While fasting can provide a few benefits, it can have downfalls as well. It is always better to utilize your medical professional’s opinion and maybe undergo a gentle cleanse or diet rather than giving up food all together. Your body needs nutrients to survive and while you might pick up a couple days or weeks tacked on to the end of your life, you’ll feel better with a regular, healthy diet.

Fasting and Aging

No one wants to get old before their time. We all want to keep our bodies healthy and strong for as long as possible. As life goes on, though, we naturally age and there is nothing that we can do about it. Or, at least, we have always thought that there was nothing that we could do. Could it be, though, that we truly can help slow down the aging process? Is there a simple way to slow down our body’s aging process and to stay young longer?

Studies suggest that fasting just might help to slow down the aging process. Can giving up food for a short time period help your body to stay healthy and strong for longer? If this is indeed true it might be worth the short term discomfort of fasting in order to have bodies that stay healthy for longer and last farther into the future. Brian, along with others, might be willing to give it a try down the road.

Teen With Down Syndrome Gets His First Job

Ben Sunderman, 19, joined Project Search, hoping to find himself his first job. The organization is an employment business that helps disabled students find jobs right out of high school. Ben will be working as an intern at Embassy Suites Hotel in Frisco, Texas. In August, he‘ll travel to the hotel by bus for an eight hour day, five day a week job. Unable to go with him, the McKinney, Texas resident did his parents proud telling the interviewer he had three goals: Get a job, build up his muscles, and have a girlfriend. It’s extra special for Ben to have a job. Having a disabled person in the workplace adds value to the community.
Sharon Sunderman and Gianfrancesco Genoso believes parents of disabled children should have high expectations as found in a Toplawyers article. Ben was encouraged to learn to be as independent as his siblings. Ben is responsible for doing his own laundry, making his own bed, and getting himself ready in the morning. A much loved person, especially at school, Ben was voted Prom King.
The Project Search internship is unpaid and includes three targeted intern positions to teach the participant to acquire competitive and marketable skills that can be used in applying for a permanent position.Ben will be part of a job rotation system that requires him to interact with supervisors via telephone and email. He‘ll have to be interviewed for each different job within the hotel.

Dieting 101: Making a Healthy Change

With the mounting importance placed on obesity nationwide, many people are beginning to obsess about their personal diets. But what constitutes a healthy living as far as consumption goes? What’s a sure-fire way to melt those pounds and guide you on the path to success? By placing a few simple guidelines to your daily diet, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle.

First things first, you need to cut out or eliminate junk and fast food. They don’t call it junk food for nothing. Although fast food joints have begun presenting their count of calories for their food items, don’t be fooled. These delicacies hold little or no nutritional value, so you’re best case is not to eat it. Do a trial period where you eat at home or limit your fast food consumption to one visit per week. By weaning yourself off the bad habit your interest will decline over time, and you’ll only have yourself to thank in the end.

Second, eat plenty of fruits and veggies. This doesn’t have to be a complete renovation of your diet. Simply check out the produce aisle and think of several fruits and veggies that you can tolerate or actually enjoy eating. Everyone has their own preferences, but there’s a solution where you least expect it. Looking for something crunchy? Try an apple, pickle or carrot.

Lastly, look at various forms of exercise. You don’t have to be a member of a gym to make a healthy stride. Take a walk around your neighborhood a couple of times a week. Maybe find some friends who also want to make a lifestyle change. Be creative and find your strength in numbers and let that carry you to your ideal weight.

Overall, making a healthy change in your diet is up to you. Hopefully Handy will start offering services to help with diet and fitness, but until then, with a little determination, self-control, and an open mind you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.

New Neighbors For Millionaires?

If you were a millionaire and you lived in a nice area that you had paid for with your own money how would you feel about someone building affordable housing in your area? Would it bother you or would you welcome your new neighbors? Would it be okay if they created Bulletproof Coffee (amazon.com). Would it frustrate you that you had to work so hard to earn the money to live where you do while others will just come in and live there with lower incomes, or would you see the change as a welcome one and as a great opportunity for other American citizens?
George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, has recently made plans to have affordable housing built on some of his land and with his own money. Some of the other residents in the area are complaining about this, while he says that they have enough millionaires there already.
Do you think it’s fair of him to do this, to change the community like this? Do you think that he will be able to follow through on his plans or will he be shut down? Which way are you rooting for?
It’s an interesting situation and a controversial one, for sure.

Living Longer

Extending human life has long been the subject of science fiction. The thought of living forever is an enticing one, but how feasible is life extension? According to Aubrey de Grey, a leader and driving force for regenerative medicine, “If we ask the question: ‘Has the person been born who will be able to escape the ill health of old age indefinitely?’ Then I would say the chances of that are very high”. In fact, the field has come a long way.

Mr. de Grey and his associate Handy touts the advantages of creating the healthier human, of administering therapy that biologically ‘dials back’ the clock 30 years or so. This therapy focuses on killing off cells that have lost the ability to divide properly, allowing the good cells to proliferate. Using these regenerative medicines, we will be able to extend a healthy life indefinitely. This is not to say that we won’t die, just that we will live longer and in a healthier state. Take away the frailty and age isn’t so scary.