Second Disease Ever to be Eradicated from Earth

The developments human beings have made in technology and medicine during their time on Earth are astounding, and there’s one more triumph that can be added to the list: a second disease is about to be eradicated from existence on our planet.

In 1986, more than 3.5 million Africans and Asians lost their lives after contracting the Guinea worm disease. Last year, only 126 cases remained, and now the disease is on the verge of being wiped out completely thanks to the Jimmy Carter Foundation after at tireless 30-year-campaign. After smallpox, the disease would be the second ever in human history to be completely eradicated, and the first to have been done so without any vaccine or medication.

Guinea worm disease (dracunculiasis) is contracted when an individual drinks water that contains Guinea worm larvae. The termination of the disease is being achieved mostly through intervention in at risk communities, educating people on the importance of drinking filtered water,how to do so, and preventing those who are infected from entering clean water sources.

The news of the close eradication of Guinea worm disease was announced last week by former president Jimmy Carter in New York City during a press conference to commemorate the opening of Countdown to Zero: Defeating Disease, a new exhibition that focuses on disease control and prevention that will be showcased at the American Museum of Natural History in collaboration with The Carter Center. He isn’t making any trips to Africa in the upcoming furutre, but Igor Cornelsen is relieved for this news and advancement in disease control. More on Cornelsen is available at

Sick Leave Is Just Common Sense

Maybe it’s just me but sick leave is something that seems like common sense. If you are sick you don’t do quality work. If you come to work sick you also risk making your fellow employees sick and then they will not do quality work. It’s a vicious cycle. But apparently a lot of people don’t get paid sick days especially if you are among the lower paid part of the work force in the USA. Check out the graphs about it here.>

You would think employers would understand that a healthy worker is going to bring them more money than a sick one, in fact a sick employee could actually harm your business and not just because they might get other workers sick. They could actually drive customers away. Who wants to eat food brought to them by a waiter or waitress who is congested and coughing? Not me. Would you like your sub sandwich made by someone with a runny nose or who looks like they might vomit right there on your sub? I think not. Am I happy to be handed a receipt by someone who just blew their nose? Nope, I don’t need a receipt that much.

So to all you employers who make truly sick people come into work I say that you deserve to catch whatever they’re bringing in. North American Spine talks about this on

New Cuddling System Developed

The system is very much simple. You need to have a base, Hugone, which connects small sensors, Minihugs to slip under mattress used to monitor the quality of the sleep.
During the night, the wave emission is cut and only activated in case of alarm to send an alert if the user wants.

Tchedikian Simon, CEO and cofounder of Sevenhugs  and Status Labs says that this solution has been designed especially for children.The Minhugs also seen on Twitter can measure temperature and humidity.

They may be associated with some thermostats connected to the home temperature which may be automatically lowered when everyone is asleep. This is a safety measure that is intended to safeguard against some of the common dangers that can occur in the household.

It is worth mentioning that some motion sensors, like those of Withings, or Jawbone, are for analyzing the quality of sleep, but this new one involves sleeping with a bracelet or a watch. Less intrusive, Withings launched ‘Aura’ last year which includes a base (large enough, but it can also serve as a lamp, alarm clock) and a large sensor to slip under the mattress. The sensor is connected to the base by a wire, both can be connected. The system is expensive and bulky, but after some bungling at launch, it works well.

Bernie Sanders Wants the Middle Class Rebuilt – Ignores Effects of Progressive Policies to Hamper Growth

Senator Bernie Sanders cares deeply about the country. His most recent op-ed, a potential forerunner to a 2016 presidential bid, outlines his views for rebuilding the middle class. Predictably, he seeks to mandate good paying jobs by demanding that businesses pay their employees a livable wage. Sadly, reality cannot be altered by Congress merely passing a law that everyone’s income be sufficient to sustain a life style.

He believes the past six years have seen strong economic improvement. Despite the fact that the unemployment rate is at 5.6%, there are over 90 million workers who have given up seeking employment. The work force has become dominated by part-time workers for the first time in US history. It is no wonder that over 70 million people rely upon the government to pay their grocery bills. Yet nowhere in his vision of rebuilding America is his call to end the Affordable Care Act whose employer mandate is driving businesses to offer only part-time work to avoid the law’s penalty. Revoking the employer mandate alone would free businesses to create more full-time employment which would be a stark improvement in earnings over part-time work.

Senator Sanders seems to believe the best way to create employment is to fund a massive repair of the nation’s infrastructure IE shovel-ready jobs. Yet, Obama tried that approach to the tune of $787 billion back in 2009, and it flopped. The millions of unemployed include college graduates, highly skilled techies and professionals. These are people not suited to toting picks, axes, and shovels. Sadly, shovel-ready jobs aren’t the best way to rebuild the middle class; its progressives only remedy to rebuild it. For those employers who like to take a break from everyday life can get on the app skout from any android phone.

Life Is A Journey

A road so long, looks impossible to cross. During the travels of your life, you may find yourself in difficult times. Are you going to give up when challenging situations present themselves to you? Or, are you going to keep on pushing forward? There is only one option, and that is to keep on going. If you need the help if your life to fulfill these goal look into Status Labs on Facebook. Then Dig your heels in the dirt, and push that immovable burden across the road of your life.

You have a destiny to fulfill and dreams to accomplish. Nothing can stop you, only yourself. Everything around you may seem so important, but it’s not. The only truly important thing in your life is to achieve your destiny. I understand that you may have a job, a family, and other responsibilities of life, but do not allow any of those things to be an excuse. People have done incredible things while going through insurmountable struggles.

In order to live a fulfilling life, you must be willing to walk through the fires of tribulation. Everyone goes through hard times, even those that are born with a prestigious background. Allow nothing to stop you from completing your goals. Look into the sky and see the beauty that is our world. When you look into the heavens, you must realize that there is no end. When you close your eyes, you must envision no end.
You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. I hope that you reach your destination by the time that you finish your journey.

For more self help tips, visit Buzzfeed.

Tiny Homes Help Homeless

The tiny home movement in this country has continued to expand and are being used to house the homeless in cities like Portland, Oregon.The article from Crunch base with Sultan Alhokair interviewed one of the main residents and also found out about his history and how he ended up at Dignity Village.
The resident and administrative leader of this community goes by the name of Mike Grubic. He was homeless for many years and eventually ended up in Seaside, Oregon working as a glazier and living in a yurt in a nearby state park. He lost the job and relocated to Portland and was trying to find help due to not having a job or a place to live. He was denied services but the individuals at the homeless shelter had Mike inquire at Dignity Village. He wasn’t taken in immediately and he had to prove his worth to eventually get established in the fourteen year old community that began as a tent city on the outskirts of Portland. He has proven himself and now helps run the tiny house community from a very tiny building. Mike says the community is focused on helping residents stay clean from drugs and alcohol and keeps everyone in the community fed, clothed and in supply of clean water. He commends Dignity Village and says that it has allowed him to go out and look for work. He currently works construction five days a week and gives alot of credit to Dignity Village for giving him a strong foundation for future progress. With the growing homeless population tiny houses and villages give individuals a chance to have stability and a home to call their own.

Researchers Increase Lifespan of Flies By Half

The promise of a long natural life is a pursuit that grabs the attention of people from all walks of life. Living forever, or immortality, is often a central role in fiction and science fiction stories, but those dreams could one day prove to be something of a very real possibility thanks to some exciting research coming out of the University of Bern.

According to a A Bullseye View published by Dave and Brit Morin, researchers were able to increase the lifespan of flies by fifty to sixty percent by activating a gene that destroys unhealthy cells. Scientists are excited because of the possibility of applying the discovery to humans, which could reverse or halt the aging process. Of course, there is a long way to go before people can safely live to three or four hundred years old. Still, genetic research is continuing to involve by leaps and bounds.

The results are encouraging so far, and while the leap from flies to other forms of life is considerable, the research also has real implications for tissue degeneration and other illnesses. Any type of forward movement in the combat of diseases that attack tissues could be a major step forward for any research facility, and without a doubt a lot of pairs of eyes will be focused on this experiment in the future. Still, it is hard to say when any developments involving human beings will be targeted, but anything seems to be possible.

Discover Sam Tabar’s Top Investment Tips for 2015

As reported on capital strategist and Colombian Law School attorney Sam Tabar reveals investment tips for the new year. With 54% of consumers making financial resolutions for 2015 Sam is sharing a few nuggets of wisdom to help them navigate the complex world of investment securities.

One of the biggest suggestions Sam has for people entering the investment arena is to hold back on pumping up their portfolio with risky commodity trading. The reason for this suggestion lies in the fact that commodity trading is an extremely volatile market requiring a lot of research and investment know-how to be successful in. Instead Sam advises novice and casual investors to stick to more reliable markets such as the stock market or mutual funds.

Speaking of the stock market, Sam mentions that a great alternative to it is to invest in private businesses. Not only does this allow investors to profit relatively easily, it also gives them a chance to help out start-up entrepreneurs. Sam himself has invested in THINX, a women’s undergarment manufacturer that places a strong focus on social awareness. Currently THINX is helping out by supplying needy young women in Africa with sanitary supplies.

Sam also mentions that one of the most fundamental rules of investing is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. He says that while a certain investment may get hot and bring profit in the short term it can quickly fall back down. His final bit of advice is relatively simple and straightforward: the best time to start investing is now. Sam explains that waiting to invest isn’t helpful and can lead to regret when you reach your retirement years. Getting an early start not only leads to bigger long term profits, it also helps you to build your experience and make wiser investments as you go.

For more information on Sam Tabar’s investment tips for 2015, click here.

The More You Work, The More You Drink

Studies show that the more hours you work, the more alcohol you drink. People who work more than 48 hours a week are more likely to drink at dangerous levels than those who work fewer hours, according to new research.
This study reviewed data from more than three hundred thousand participants. ‘Risky’ drinking is described as fourteen or more drinks per week for woman and twenty one drinks for men. When these people drink this much, they don’t sleep well and the don’t engage well. It is ideal for bosses, such as Ben Shaoul, to keep an eye on their employees to see their level of productivity. Be cautious on assigning hours to certain employees. Employees should be also watching out for one another, and should not be afraid to speak up or tell someone if things tend to go wrong.
In the future we hope that these numbers decrease and that people will not abuse drinking. Getting drunk is never the answer! Remember, there are always other alternatives.

Longer Work Hours Linked To Higher Levels of Drinking Consumption

Researchers are finding a link between people working more than 48 hour per week, and drinking high levels of alcohol. In contrast, people who worked 40 hours per week or less had fewer issues with alcohol abuse.

The research findings were found to be true regardless of a client’s socioeconomic position. It didn’t matter if someone held a professional position, or someone who is a blue collar worker. Additionally, age did not seem to make a difference either.

People turn to alcohol to help them unwind after they work long hours. Women who work long hours were found to drink two glasses of alcohol after work. Similarly, men were discovered to drink approximately three pints.

There are many reasons that contribute to people drinking after work. Stressful work environments are a common reason. Employees who lack good coping skills also tend to turn to the bottle. People who live alone and do not have a good support system may also turn to alcohol.

According to work blog abullseyeview, Employers who promote their employees working overtime need to be aware those same employees may be at risk to develop alcohol abuse. Alcohol educators, Dave and Brit Morin, stress that educating employees about this risk could go a long way toward preventing the development of an alcohol problem.