One Hour of Slouching Takes 21 Minutes Off Your Life

We all like to ‘curl up’ with a good book or ‘slouch’ on the couch occasionally. Every notice how that activities which involve relaxing are often called by terms that indicate poor posture? Recent study findings will make us sit up straight and take notice – the study reveals that for every hour we spend slouching we shave 21 minutes off our expected lifespan.

Attorneys had also suggested that comfy couches have been conducive to the slouching way of life, and they have also helped shorten our life. Perhaps we should re-decorate our homes with the wooden straight-back chairs our ancestors sat it, those types of chairs forced the sitter to have good posture. Good posture is good for confidence and it also increases energy, so we would sit less if we sat up straighter.

Slouching has also been shown to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes, plus slouching causes a person to feel depressed. The more we sit in a slouched position, the more we want to sit. There’s an old and true adage that tells us ‘winners stand’. Walking tall, sitting tall, having good posture boosts our confidence and makes us feel better physically and emotionally.

If you want to make changes in your life, start with one small thing – good posture. Having good posture will start the ball rolling towards a better, healthier you and allow you to re-claim all those minutes you lost slouching on the couch.

Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Are Way Too Expensive

People who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis have a devastating prognosis ahead of them. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that attacks the fibrous tissues of the nerves. These nerve tissues will eventually degenerate and it will cause numbness, muscle weakness, paralysis, and loss of balance. There are certain episodes that a person can have when they have multiple sclerosis. It can cause a person to be paralyzed temporarily. Multiple sclerosis also can affect a person’s vision, and it basically can cause havoc everywhere in the body.

Multiple sclerosis patients generally take prescription medicines that are created to help lower multiple sclerosis episodes, and also slow down the progression of the disease according to Alexei Beltyukov. The problem is that these medications are very expensive. Even though the majority of insurances will cover a large degree of the medications, the prices of these medications have nearly double over the last decade. In the 1990’s the prices of some medications were 8000 to $11,000, but now these multiple sclerosis drugs can average up to $60,000 a year. $60,000 is a lot of money for anyone, but if a person has an issue with their insurance, or they do not have insurance it can be completely impossible to pay for. The government has to do something about drug companies, because they are continuously and consistently taking advantage of the people that are weak and infirmed.

A Lifelong Passion

Keith Mann has a passion for animal rights. This has been a passion held all through his life. Mr. Mann worked on a dairy farm as a young boy. It was during his childhood that he developed his compassion and passion for animals. He had noticed that cows actually have a grieving process when their young calves were taken away from them right after birth. This is done in order for the milk to be harvested. Keith saw animals being neglected and mistreated. In 1972 Keith liberated a neglected rabbit from a cage. He moved on and joined a group of individuals who were against animal cruelty.

His passion for animals led him to an arrest in 1991. He had been accused of scheming to set several chicken crates on fire. He had been arrested numerous times for his protesting and talks about it a bit in this interview with the BBC and on  his website. This included the protest of the method that allowed a live animal to be operated on for scientific research. In the year 2013, Keith received a diagnosis of follicilar lymphoma. His recovery process is including Gerson Therapy. He had refused all forms of conventional treatment. His ethical and moral convictions led to the refusal.

This article was found on BuzzFeed. You can also find Keith Mann on Twitter.

Have You Tried Bulletproof Coffee Yet? Everyone Else Is

What can possible make the morning cup of coffee any better? How can you improve on something that humans have been enjoying for centuries? The Bulletproof Coffee claims they have done just that, and so far the public agrees.

So, what is this great new product that everyone is going crazy for? The most basic way of explaining it is coffee, with unsalted grass-fed butter and coconut oil put into a blender and enjoyed as usual. The butter and coconut oil provide your body with the essential fats you need to start your day and in most cases curb your cravings for food later in the day. While the coffee does what it has always done, provide you with caffeine.

The Bulletproof Coffee company takes this recipe one step further by providing “Upgraded Coffee“. Owner Dave Asprey has scoured coffee growers throughout the coffee belt to find the absolute best performing coffee beans that he can, the result is an amazing blend of taste and performance from each bean.

Bulletproof Coffee also offers a product called Brain Octane Oil to replace the Coconut Oil from the original recipe. Brain Octane Oil is specially formulated with 18 times more caprylic fatty acids that regular coconut oil has.

Bulletproof Coffee has been said to provide better mental focus, helps with fat-burning and overall physical performance.

The Bulletproof recipe has been mentioned in newspapers, magazines, pod-casts and has even been mentioned by celebrities on Late Night Talk Shows. There are a number of recording artists, actors and professional athletes that swear by it’s capacity to make them better at what they do.

The owner of Bulletproof Coffee first thought of the recipe while hiking on Mount Kailash in Tibet when he was given a cup of tea with yak butter in it. He said it made him feel refreshed and gave him better focus than he can remember.

So try a Bulletproof Coffee today, you can make it with ingredients from your local supermarket. If it works for you and you want to step up your morning drink go to Bulletproof Exec and check out their Upgraded Coffee beans and Brain Octane Oil.

World Health Organization Takes Action On Its Ebola Response Blunder

In response to overwhelming worldwide criticism of its response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2014, the World Health Organization is establishing a $100 million fund, to guarantee that the United Nations agency won’t be overwhelmed, and hampered by any potential worldwide crisis.

Facing a backlash of criticism for their “fumbling” of the deadly Ebola situation, director-general Margaret Chan, of the World Health Organization commented, “I do not ever again want to see this organization faced with a situation, it is not prepared, staffed, funded, or administratively set up to manage”, at the opening of the organization’s 68th World Health Assembly.

Prior to Margaret Chan’s comments, German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the 194 World Health Organization members during the convocation, and implored them to streamline the management decision-making process, to ensure a more timely, and reported that effective response to major catastrophes, and crisis, such as the “Ebola catastrophe”.

The outbreak of the contagious, and deadly Ebola disease brought to the forefront the World Health Organization’s frail framework, and finite capacity to organize an effective response. The organization failed to issue a public health disaster until August 2104, many months after a fragmented worldwide response had been initiated. Admitting they acted irresponsibly, Chan indicated that the World Health Organization is willing to learn from its ineptitude.

Meet the King of Plastic Surgery: Dr. Rod Rohrich

Have you gotten plastic surgery? Are you looking to get plastic surgery? Either way, the name Rod Rohrich might ring a bell to you. He has just been named the best plastic surgeon here in Dallas. If you have ever walked into a plastic surgeons office, you might have already seen a picture of him.

It turns out this honor has been bestowed on him by D Magazine. This is not the first time he has gotten this honor either. Every year there is a poll conducted for plastic surgeons and other related doctors in the field. It’s kind of a who’s-who. Each year people are polled to see who is the best. They also see who people trust the most. With plastic surgery, trust can be a very tall order. Dr. Rod has reached number one, thanks to countless votes and recommendations by other doctors.

This comes down to excellence in the field. Dr. Rod Rohrich has it in abundance. This comes down to both local and national voting. He has the skill and the talent. He brings something special to his clients. He believes in top-of-the-line care. Dr. Rod also believes in education. He believes that informing his patients about everything is rule number one.

“You can’t go into plastic surgery blindly. You have to know the pros and cons of getting it done. Once my patients understand this, we can move forward. Taking care of my patients is rule number one. They are trusting me with their life. They are trusting me to do a good job. It’s my job to take care of them, 110%.”

Dr. Rod Rohrich is not only a surgeon, but he is also a professor. He has his own medical center in the heart of Texas. He also enlists a trusted team to keep up with his methodology and ideals.

“I have assembled a top-of-the-line team. This team is the best of the best. They uphold all my standards and ideals year after year. They are focused on implementing, improving and pushing forward with my teachings. My team makes it possible for my work and education to grow and change every year. Everything goes through me. I don’t intend to let my patients down. It’s not about me, it’s about them. My relationship with my patients is what matter most. I won’t allow anything to discourage this.”

For more information on Dr. Rod, please go to his Facebook page.

Depression and How It Can Lead to Strokes

Depression is a condition of the human body that millions of people around the globe suffer everyday; but, underlying its treacherous form it can also lead to something else entirely. It could eventually lead to strokes. According to recent research as well, even if there’s signs of depression slowly backing away, it can lead to strokes. It’s been speculated that long term depression can cause biological damage within the body and that it needs to be treated immediately, although it will take years for it to be successful to reduce the chance of strokes. Be sure to study this article to see what kind of other risks and ties depression has with strokes.

First, if you haven’t done so already, consult your doctor that you may have depression. A few people at Gravity4 did this right away. Biz Journals points out that it is the smart move to make. If you’ve been diagnosed with depression, follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. Attempt at lifting the mood of your lifestyle by doing some simple things such as regular sleep and exercise. Eating healthy can also lead to better conditions of the body. It is not too late; you need to will yourself to try to change your habits now and strive to live better as long as you’re still alive and well now.

Regardless, it is best to heed what a qualified doctor says and do what he or she thinks is best. Don’t give up and remember depression can be defeated with incredible persistence and determination.

Irritable Bowel Testing Developed

Irritable bowels is something that millions of people are affected by each year but up until now, there really has been no definitive testing that will diagnose this condition. More often than not it is left up to the patient to keep track of their symptoms and figure things out on their own including what flares up their irritable bowel syndrome. Luckily, two new blood tests are being developed by Cedars-Sinai thanks to Mark Pimentel, the director of the motility program at this facility.

These tests are designed to confirm

as a result of food poisoning, which is a very common cause for irritable bowel syndrome. Irritable bowel syndrome can be dangerous as it can actually cause permanent damage to the nerves that are present in the digestive system. This can lead to future food intolerances and bowel issues throughout life. Currently forty million people are dealing with irritable bowel syndrome across the United States. Some people experience this daily while others have certain triggers that will flare up their symptoms. There are medications and treatment options available to help control the symptoms of IBS but essentially there is no cure right now, nor is there a cure for the permanent damage that can occur as a result. Toxins are also often released during a flare up which can affect the entire body and put strain on the body’s immune system. Mikal Watts hates when this happens to him.

Normal Forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s

As people get older, forgetfulness seems to increase. Is it normal, the onset of dementia or, even worse, Alzheimer’s disease? The best way to determine which one it might be is to see a physician and get evaluated. There are numerous tests that can be administered which will help to find out if the memory loss is typical for a person’s age, or whether something else is going on. They’re not a perfect tool, and there’s no guarantee that dementia won’t develop later on even if the tests show a negative result at the time.

There are simple signs that can indicate whether the forgetfulness is normal or not. Everybody forgets things, but when they’re given a cue or can retrace their steps to find where they left their glasses, for example, and they’re then able to remember, that’s normal. It could be a problem when no amount of prompting can help a person find his/her spectacles. Being able to recall most, but not all, things on a list of items, like a grocery list, is expected. Not being able to remember the list at all could be significant says Daniel Amen. These are just a couple of very simple examples, and if there’s any concern at all, a trip to the doctor is in order.

Why Your Health Truly Matters

It’s not uncommon for many people to live very inactive lives nowadays. Even kids are starting to spend more time inside as opposed to going out and getting fresh air and exercise. There are a lot of problems with living a lifestyle like this, and it all has to do with your overall health and wellness. If you live an inactive lifestyle, you are not doing anything for your overall health and for your own future. You will find that you may have issues with weight and health because of the fact that you just do not get in enough exercise throughout your busy day.

The best thing for you to do is to consider taking more initiative when it comes to your health says Dr. Daniel Amen. Try to do more that is going to help you to get active. You may even want to get the whole family involved in order to feel great about what you are doing. It’s never a bad idea to get the family involved if you’d like to start exercising and doing more. It also has to do with your diet and what types of foods that you are eating. You can make easy changes that are simple to stick with over time by doing this for yourself and your loved ones. There is no reason to live an unhealthy lifestyle when there are many different changes that you can quickly make.