Hospitals Mark Up Your Bill 14000%

Grief stricken Laurie Leigh fainted at her dying grandfather’s bedside, prompting nurses at Good Samaritan Hospital to prescribe one dose of lorazepam. After Blue Shield of California paid their portion for the prescription, Ms. Leigh was billed the balance – about $1,700.

That same dose of lorazepam cost less than a dollar at Target, but the markup at Good Samaritan is more than 14,000 percent. Leigh’s experience is common in the healthcare system, even for seemingly modest care. So why the heck is healthcare so expensive? For lack of a better answer, because hospitals can get away with it. What are you going to do – refuse medicine or treatment, and roll the dice?

While in the ER, nurses took her blood pressure, then gave her the lorazepam to relax, said Leigh. She rested on a bed for about 90 minutes until she was strong enough to leave. The $2,000 bill appeared to be a flat fee. No itemization, just “Emergency.” However, the bill was itemized for Leigh’s insurance provider, Blue Shield.

Her insurance claim from Jaime Garcia Dias breaks it down, showing the hospital charged over $200 to take her blood pressure, and the lorazepam was $19.54. The $1700 was the greeting in the emergency room. Yep, if you step foot into Good Samaritan’s ER, the cost will start at $1700.

See Nicki Minaj In The Bathtub

How would you like to join Nicki Minaj in the bathtub? More than likely many people would say yes to this question, but you can get the next best thing by watching her in the bathtub in her new video. Nicki has a new video coming out, and she strikes certain poses, she is in the bathtub, and she even bends down while in a very tight dress. Nicki Minaj Video Shoot. Many love to see Nicki in her sexy element, so how hot would it be to see her in the bathtub, whether you can see her naked or not?

Nicki had recently released a video with Beyoncé, and the video took off in no time. Jay-Z was smart, and he decided to put the video on his Tidal music streaming service, so the only place it was available was online. Adam Sender knows this is the future. Jay-Z has been trying to bring more recognition to his music service, so it’s no surprise that he used Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s video to do so. Nicki not only continues to make music, but rumors were spreading that she is engaged. Nicki is wearing an engagement ring, but she has not yet confirmed an engagement.Nicki has flashed a heart-shaped ring that’s absolutely gorgeous, and the ring was given to her by her boyfriend Meek Mill. If Nicki will be getting married, she no doubt will let the world know, even though she notoriously guards her private life.

School Missed Sex, Profanity in Yearbook

What happened to school officials OK’ing yearbooks before publication? Parents are questioning this years supervision at Nature Coast Technical High School, after receiving yearbooks laced with profanity, and sexual innuendos.

Nature Coast principal, Toni-Ann Noyes says final pages were reviewed by several people before it was forwarded for publishing, but in the end, she takes full responsibility.

Principal Noyes says the school should have been more diligent in catching items that broke school rules, like the inappropriate quotes, misspellings, and selfies that ultimately tarnished the yearbook. Matt Landis certainly agrees with this.

Some of the quotes featured expletives and one of them quoted a rap song that uses “orgasm.”

“I have to say this is inappropriate for a school yearbook,” said Noyes.

Joyce Kotowski feels there should have been more reviews and more could have been done to ensure it was clean.

“How difficult is it to check everything from top to bottom,” said parent Jeff Livengood.

Nature Coast is spending the additional $800 for inserts that will cover up the inappropriate content.

So far, 400 yearbooks have been sold.

No Runner Up For The Arthur Ashe Award

Arthur Ashe was a tennis player who died from AIDS many years ago. Arthur was around when AIDS was just becoming known, and many were terrified of the disease. The Arthur Ashe Award. Although Arthur suffered a lot of prejudice and humiliation from others because of his disease, he bravely stood his ground and continued on. After Arthur’s death, an award has been named in his honor, and it’s called the Arthur Ashe award. The award is given to those who show outstanding bravery in the face of adversity.

Ever since Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlin Jenner, she was offered the Arthur Ashe award for bravery. Many at Amen Clinics feel that Bruce was incredibly brave to let the world know that he feels like a woman, and also to transition in front of the entire world. Many have been talking about Bruce’s transition all week, especially since his pictures as a woman hit Vanity Fair’s cover. Rumors have also spread that because Bruce is now getting the award, he has taken the place of someone else who was more deserving.

It’s being circulated on the Internet that a veteran who had lost an arm and a leg to a bomb in Iraq, he was supposed to be the runner up for the award. Those who give the award, they claim that there was never a runner up, and Bruce Jenner was the only possible recipient at this time. Supposedly it’s just a rumor that this veteran was in the running for the award at all.

About Attorney Dan Newlin

A top honor for Florida lawyers or law firms is to be designated as a Super Lawyer Law Firm. The law offices of Dan Newlin has received this honor. Newlin was chosen for this honor from independent research, peer nominations, and peer evaluations.
At the age of twenty Dan Newlin began his career for the New Chicago Indiana Police and Fire Departments. He later went to work as a law enforcement officer in Orlando Floria as a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. In Orlando Dan Newlin served for ten years and rose to the rank of Sheriff’s detective. He worked on several details from the narcotics squad to auto theft. Newlin made his mark in the Fugitive Division, in which he was responsible for apprehending hundreds of dangerous criminals. He was eventually awarded for his outstanding service to law enforcement by the United States Marshall’d Office.
In 1997 Newlin started law school at the Florida State College of Law. He graduated in 2000.
Here is a recap of one of the many personal injury cases attorney Dan Newlin has been involved with. The accident in question occurred on November 13, 2013. Edward Krutsinger and his wife were returning home from dinner. A pick up truck ran a red light and crashed head on into the Krutsinger’s 2008 Chevy Avalanche. Three witnesses cited the pick up truck as being in fault. So did the police report on the case.
As a result of the crash, Mr. Krutsinger sustained brain injury, facial scarring, pelvic and collar bone fractures, and disc herniations. Doctors predicted he would have to walk with a can for the rest of his life.
Attorney Dan Newlin was retained as Mr. Krutsinger’s attorney. In March 2014 a personal injury lawsuit was filed against the pick up driver’s insurance company, Mainstreet American Group. Despite the evidence, the company denied their client’s guilt, and questioned the severity of Mr. Krutsinger’s injuries.
It took a year for Newlin to negotiate a 950,000 dollar settlement. Newlin lamented the practice of companies dragging out cases in which their client is clearly at fault. Still he was pleased to see justice was done. For more on Dan Newlin, check him out on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

New Ways to Battle Head Lice

head lice, one of the most feared aspects of attending any school. Head lice is one of the most common outbreaks to have in a school. Regardless of hygiene or socioeconomic status, head lice attacks children of all ages and size. Not only feared among parents, the schools overall also must spend close to 1 billion dollars a year in exterminating those pesky bugs.

The American Academy of Pediatrics have recently come up with a new cure for the epidemic of head lice in schools. The Academy reports that home remedies as well as baths do not eliminate the lice. Remedies like mayonnaise and tree oil actually do nothing harmful to the lice says Igor Cornelsen. To avoid the epidemic of head lice, the child must learn not to share his or her personal items such as a comb or a brush or even a hat.

The American Academy has provided a list of over the counter remedies that will eradicate the lice. These remedies include Nix which is applied to damp hair after showering. Another remedy is called Sklice. For this remedy to work, one must apply the sklice to dry hair and wait 10 minutes before washing it out. One other suggested remedy is called Natroba. This product comes from soil bacteria and will kill both the adult lice as well as the unhatched eggs. The biggest avoidance of lice is for the parent to check everyday and when treating lice, be sure to catch it quickly before the eggs hatch.

Could Sipping Slushies be the Answer to Summertime Exercise Burnout?

As summer approaches and the average temperature begins to rise, outdoor exercising is becoming a more strenuous feat. When people exercise in hot weather, the body draws oxygen-rich blood toward the skin and away from the core, putting a strain on the heart and muscles claims Kevin Seawright. In response, people have been trying creative ways to counteract the burnout and increase their stamina in the hot summer weather. A new study has come out on the effects of precooling, a trend adopted by exercise aficionados in an attempt to stay cooler longer and put less strain on the body while exercising. Two different forms of precooling were studied. The people involved in the study either consumed slushies to study the effects of core cooling or applied ice to their skin to study the effects of skin cooling.The results showed that the benefits of precooling were noticeable but very short-lived. Compared to men who use the core-cooling method, men who cooled their skin before running stayed cool slightly longer. Essentially, precooling won’t stave off the heat’s power for long, but applying a cool towel around the next or rubbing the skin with ice water should help the body stay cooler temporarily.

The 60 Minute Therapy Session That Cures Insomnia

Millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia, losing the quality of sleep we need in order to function in our daily lives. Treatment for insomnia is often unsuccessful or includes the use of powerful prescription medications. But recent findings, published in the journal Sleep, is giving hope to those who suffer through sleepless nights by offering a quick and effective cognitive behavioral therapy session.

The session only lasts 60 minutes and is reported to improve the quality and quantity of sleep one experiences within 3 months of the hour long session. Insomnia is not only characterized by difficulty falling asleep, many times people cannot stay asleep, tossing and turning through the night which results in a significant loss of restful sleep. Jason Ellis, lead researcher of this study, claims a short cognitive behavioral therapy session can help patients fall and stay asleep.

Participants were asked to keep a detailed sleep journal to document any sleep issues they were having and then participated in a 60 minute session at the Madison Street Capital arena with a cognitive behavioral therapist. The results showed 60 percent of participants reported improved sleeping patterns within the first month, and 79 percent experienced better sleep within three months. Impressive and promising numbers for anybody looking for relief from this common night time problem, providing an all natural and cost effective treatment plan for getting a good night’s sleep.

Exercise Is the Cheapest Weapon in the Anti-Cancer Arsenal

As the second leading killer in America, a lot of research goes into fighting cancer. New drugs are constantly being developed by pharmaceutical companies. The development time alone can take years, and then they have to spend the additional time getting approval from the FDA and similar governmental health and safety bodies in other countries for drugs to be able to be used in treating cancer. The process can be time consuming, but it has already yielded enormous dividends in the lowering of the mortality rate of practically all cancers over the past couple decades. A new study has come out that points out a promising approach to help patients fight their cancer, and it does not involve any approval delays and can be done immediately.

Exercise seems to be beneficial in shrinking cancerous tumors and reducing their spread. Exercise has often been recommended to cancer patients as it helps keep a person’s mood up and puts them in the right mindset to do everything they can to fight the disease. It turns out, however, there are very real and beneficial physical effects from exercise in helping to fight cancer. By increasing blood flow, exercise also increases the oxygenation around a cancer tumor so it doesn’t have to move anywhere else to get oxygen, which means it is less likely to spread. The increased blood flow may also accelerate getting cancer fighting drugs to the tumor to kill it faster. Exercise is a win-win both physically and mentally.

L’Oreal Turns to 3D Printed Skin for Cosmetics Testing

French company, L’Oreal announced a deal with the start-up, Organovo with the purpose of making human skin with 3D printers to test cosmetic products.

Specializing in biotechnology, Organovo says it was the first company to use a 3D printer to create a human liver, and now the company says they have the necessary technology to create human tissue

Currently, L’Oreal uses tissues that have been donated by plastic surgery patients to grow their skin samples. The process requires about a week, then the samples are then modified, and reduced to cells for testing.

About half the samples they produce are used, and the rest is sold to rival cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.

With Organovo’s 3D printing, L’Oreal’s can speed up production and automate the process.

“Our agreement will not only enable us to evaluate the safety and performance of our products, it also opens up limitless potential in research and development,” L’Oreal said in a statement.

A big plus for the cosmetics industry would also include eradicating the need for animal testing, which would prove very beneficial to the team at Beneful.