Timing When You Eat Each Day

It of course is important to pay attention to the foods you are putting into your body each day but you might not know that the times that you eat are actually also very important to your overall health and wellbeing. You might even benefit from skipping a snack or a meal throughout the course of one day. Avoiding food for approximately twelve to fifteen hours at a time can make a big difference in how the body can lose weight and maintain a proper metabolism.
Blood sugar levels
can even re-regulate themselves by completing a short fast. Don’t feel like you need to fast all day however, just fasting overnight is enough effort.

It has always been recommended that your average adult does not eat after seven P.M. in the evening. The reason for this is that when you eat before bed, your body will be more likely to turn this food into fat while you lay asleep, non-active. You can also have higher cholesterol and high blood pressure when you eat late at night and then let your head hit the pillow. Healthy people like Keith Mann know that our bodies are designed to function throughout the night without food. This is all part of our natural circadian rhythm. Also, nibbling throughout the day rather than over indulging in a huge meal is much healthier. This helps keep metabolism consistent and blood sugar levels will not drop drastically at any point throughout the day.

Sunscreen and the SPF Ratings

Sunscreen has a very clear way of working. Everyone should be aware of the “anti-aging” effects that it will offer. Many individuals do not have an informed understanding of the SPF ratings. Mount Sinai Medical Center has partnered with the City of Miami Beach and has placed radiation-mitigating dispensers out that are intended for anyone to use for free. This is sunscreen that even comes with a celebrity endorsement stated Teses. These dispensers are filled with a highly effective cancer and premature aging ingredients. It is water resistant as well. The American Academy of Dermatology is now recommending these ingredients in sunscreen. Many individuals are not aware of this vital ingredients and SPF rating. It is noted that a sunscreen does need to have certain items in it in order to save your skin from cancer. It has been noted that approximately 43 percent of people actually know what the SPF ratings are and what they mean.

Electricity Linked To Poor Sleep

What do computer screens, iPhones, televisions, and other plugged in electronics have in common? They are all in part responsible for the lack of sleep that plagues many people. Researchers believe that the artificial light that emanates off of electronics is the reason that many people cannot get a good night’s rest.

Researchers from Handy needed to test their theory first, so they conducted a study to see if they can prove it. The study was done on two similar communities over the course of two years. Both of them were indigenous communities, the difference is that one had electricity around the clock and the other did not. The study required that the participants be fitted with a tracking device that monitored their sleeping habits. They were also required to keep a sleep diary.

After the two years were up, the researchers conducting the study reviewed both of the communities sleep habits. They found that the community where the electricity was always turned on slept an average of an hour less per night than the community without the electricity.

Having trouble sleeping at night? It might just be that it is time to pull the plug on all those electronics. Easier said than done, but a good night’s sleep might just be worth it.

Electricity And Sleep

There has been some recent research completed that explains the effects that technology can have on a person’s sleep. Often this has a lot to do with sitting in front of a glowing screen immediately before heading to bed. To take these findings a bit further, studies are now showing that access to electricity might have a lot to do with how well a person sleeps as well says Susan McGalla. This is because of the natural circadian rhythms that a person has in their body; they can easily be disrupted by having certain items in the general vicinity of a bedroom such as lights, phones, televisions, computers and more. All of these things are powered by electricity.

A study completed in two separate indigenous communities located in Argentina introduced
to rural areas that otherwise did not have it present. The participants were asked to keep sleep diaries and then they were asked to compare their sleep patterns to how they slept prior to having access to electricity in their sleeping quarters. This study took place over the course of two full years. Those participants who had electricity present slept, on average, one full hour less per night than they had previously when no electricity was present. This study showed that just having technology or electricity present in one given area while sleep is occurring, can affect how well a person’s body can rest and slip into a more restful slumber.

Two Young Oakland Florida Heroes

Uplifting News reports, 11 year old Jeremiah Grimes and 10 year old Isiah Francis are Oakland, Florida’s latest heros. While watching Youtube and playing video games, the two brave young men smelled smoke. They looked out the window to find the house next door on fire, and their neighbor was trying to douse the flames.

According to Flavio Maluf, the boys, threw on their sneakers and ran outside. Young Isiah ran inside the burning house, and Jeremiah was on his heels calling 911. Together, they rescued two infants from the smoked filled kitchen. Isiah grabbed the babies and handed one to Jeremiah, and out the young heroes ran saving the wee ones from the smoke and flames. The babies, an eight month-old infant and a one-year old toddler, were unharmed. When the firefighters arrived they rescued two more children from the blaze, and those two little ones are in critical but stable condition.

The gallant young men didn’t think about being heroes,; they just acted on instinct. AP reports Isiah as saying, “I just wanted to help those kids.

New Anti-Malaria Compound Provides Hope Against the Deadly Disease

The search to find cures for the numerous diseases plaguing human beings is ongoing, that struggle more desperate in some cases. Malaria is definitely up there, the disease claiming 600,000 lives a year, the majority of the victims children in the sub-Saharan Africa region. The good news is scientists have found a compound, DDD107498, that may put an end to Malaria’s reign of terror, the new anti-malarial compound possibly even effective against drug resistant strains. The amazing thing is this new compound may well treat patients with a single dose that only costs a dollar.

Unfortunately, Andy Wirth warns that Malaria patients won’t have access to this treatment for years to come yet. Nevertheless, the research is looking good, tests on mice and human blood revealing the compound’s potential to be extremely potent against the disease. In fact, the results are so promising, even against drug-resistant strains, that the German drug manufacturer Merck KgAA obtained the rights to commercialize and develop the potential cure.

In truth, the discovery of DDD107498 couldn’t have come at a better time considering newer strains are proving to be completely drug-resistant according to Delhi Daily News. At this point, though, the idea is to begin clinical trials by next year to determine if the compound is safe and does as current research indicates. At least in this stage of the game, there is blooming hope for Malaria victims.

Assisting in Dying

Depression is a condition that some people live with every day. There are some people who want the pain to stop so much that they think about suicide. Christian Broda has learned that some doctors preform assisted deaths for those who are terminally ill, but what about the people who don’t have illnesses but still don’t want to be alive? These are people who should first receive some kind of counseling before seeking treatment from a doctor who can help in ending the life of someone. Once the life is over, there isn’t an option of going back to start over. However, if someone has already attempted suicide at some point and truly doesn’t want to deal with the pain of depression any longer, then an assisted death should be an option as it’s that person’s choice. There are few things that people have control over. Some might think that death shouldn’t be a decision but should occur when it’s time. Perhaps it’s time when someone has dealt with pain for so long and has no other options in life.

Prescribing Parks and Not Pills

More than 10 million children have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. These numbers are just from data collected in the United States. Both disorders have been categorized as a subject constantly feeling impulsive, hyperactive, and struggling to attain attention. Many of these cases are diagnosed in children before the age of 5. While there are many pharmaceutical companies who offer pills as a way of living with the disorder, one doctor is trying his best to keep the ten million children off of pills. Dr. Robert Zarr is a pioneering doctor in the field of ADHD when it comes to children. For years, the doctor noticed how well the pills were working to keep children under control, but how incredibly out of touch the pills made them. After talking in depth with multiple patients, the children told the doctor that they wish there was another way for them to focus instead of having to take multiple pills numerous times throughout the day.


This led the doctor into researching the effects of outdoors on children and adolescents struggling with ADHD and ADD. Dr. Zarr has designed a plan that uses outdoor space and parks to improve upon the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. That makes a lot of sense to workers at Handy after reading on Twitter.com. Over time, the recreational prescriptions can reduce the amount of pills that children are forced to take. While this isn’t just a milestone for children, it is a milestone for pedology as well.

Keep Weight Off With Daily Tracking

People who are overweight oftentimes experience the yo-yoing effect where they lose weight but gain it back again in no time. For those who are looking to keep weight off on a long term basis, it’s been found that weighing yourself daily could help keep those pounds away.

Although many diet plans tell you to weigh yourself as little as possible, a study has shown that contrary to that belief, weighing yourself daily has positive results. Jaime Garcia Dias can definitely see that being the case. At Cornell, a 2 year study posted on LinkedIn found that daily weigh ins and tracking of weight was highly effective, especially for men.

The findings from this study is extremely important, since 40% of people regain weight within a year of a successful diet and 100% of people regain weight within 5 years of it. Scientists believe daily tracking is such a huge success because it forces you to be aware of your current weight and your lifestyle (exercise and diet). The study also found that it didn’t matter what type of diet or exercise you were on, just that you remained conscious about your lifestyle. It’s believed to be a priming mechanism, although they are not entirely sure why it works better for men than women.

Sun Protecting Devices

Tired of consistently getting a sunburn? Scientists have both noticed this problem and have been coming up with solutions to avoid those nasty sunburns. It is being said that technology may succeed where years of public health messages have failed.

Everyone knows about the effects that ultra-violet radiation can have on the skin, yet it is unknown how one can prevent this entirely. The sun not only burns, but it ages and causes wrinkles. The worst part about the radiation is that is can cause cancer. Currently there over 3.5 million cases that all have been diagnosed with skin cancer.

Luckily technology has been found to perhaps be a solution says Marcio Alaor BMG. There is a new product called JUNE that is being sold to local stores. This wearable product was designed to monitor the user’s sun exposure throughout the day. By hooking up this device with an iOS app, people will be able to track their sun exposure. This is the first piece of technology that combines tracking technology with sun protection. Not only is it innovative but it will tell the owner of the device whether or not to pack sunscreen that day.

It has also been noted that although this is the first device to combine tracking and technology, there are competitors that are not so far away from selling their products. New technology can accomplish what the nagging mother and doctor have all failed to do in the past.