Susan McGalla Offers Tips For Female Leaders

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant on prnewswire and businesswoman from Pittsburg, California. Being both a women and a leader, she has had her share of challenges in her professional career but one thing she reminds all female leaders is that every person who is in the corporate world has to face challenges – irrespective of gender. Susan McGalla has achieved much success in the process and her challenges have only made her stronger – both as a person and as a professional.

In the following points, Susan McGalla offers some valuable tips that female leaders might want to make note of –

Be Confident In Your Abilities – Susan McGalla notes that a lot of female leaders lack the confidence to make decisions, even though they are quite good at what they do. She urges female leaders to be confident in their abilities.

Love Your Job – Loving the job is half the battle won, says Susan McGalla. She adds that when the job is fun and a leader loves it, it stops being a chore and becomes so much more fun and creative.

Don’t Forget To Relax – Female leaders often forget to relax because they have so much to prove. Instead, Susan McGalla advises young female leaders to forget about people’s opinions and take time off their 24×7 jobs to relax and unwind.

Trust Your Employees – It is important for a female leader to have the trust of her employees. However, this can only be a two way street – when leaders trust their employees, they get the same back.

Cultivate A Culture of Open Communication – It is necessary to cultivate a culture where communication of issues and problems with the company are done openly so that there is no ambiguity, says Susan McGalla.
Have Team Building Events – In order to ensure that everyone in the team is as much dedicated to the job as any other, leaders should encourage team building exercises and events on a regular basis. This can be a simple lunch or a weekend trip.

Remember To Cater To Employees’ Personal Requirements – Employees are people who have personal ambitions and, as such, Susan McGalla says that female leaders should encourage training and development to help them achieve their personal milestones.

Be Genuine and Authentic – Genuine and authentic leaders are always a lot more successful than those who are closed and secretive. Thus, Susan McGalla says that female leaders should try to be as open as possible.

Micromanage When Needed – When the work is too much, there is no shame in micromanaging. It is a mark of a good leader when she understands when to do a job herself and when to leave it to juniors to finish up. After all, leaders are managers first.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failures – Failure is a part of any venture and female leaders should embrace it so that they can learn from it. This would ensure that they help the company and its members grow.
Susan McGalla also adds that female leaders should try to be better people to achieve professional success.

Notre Dame’s Matt Landis Leads Notre Dame Lacrosse Senior Year

matt landis blue

In 1981 the Notre Dame men’s lacrosse became a varsity program; before that it was a club sport. The athletic director, Jack Swarbrick was a midfielder on the lacrosse team during his undergraduate years before the team became varsity status(1972-1976). In 1990, the Fighting Irish made its first appearance in the NCAA championship tournament. Each year the team became better and better. In 2001 they ended up ranking number four in the nation.
matt landis lacrosse player
Every year since 2006, Notre Dame has made the NCAA championship tournament. Finishing with an overall record of fifteen to one and reaching number two in the national polls, the Irish team was undefeated in 2009; Five players received national honors as well. Also in 2009, Arlotta Stadium was opened with 2,500 seats along with artificial turf, concession areas, locker rooms and bathrooms.
In December of 2010, Matt Landis (the top defensive player on the team), accepted a scholarship to play for Notre Dame; he was a sophomore. At this time he was also considering attending the University of Massachusetts, Colgate, and Brown. Landis decided on Dame for its close-knit school community and the impressive sports programs. As a freshman, he ranked number sixty six on the Inside Lacrosse “Power 10 Freshman” list.
matt landis goggles
He is in fact the third fighting irish player to earn one of the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Associations (USILA) top awards. Landis’ defense has allowed roughly nine goals per game this season and ranks eighteenth nationally. This season he has started all fourteen games for the Irish and has collected twenty nine ground balls. He is a truly amazing player!
matt landis lacrosse team

Facts About Slyce’s New Partnership With Pounce

Slyce is a revolutionary app that allows users to do shopping differently and much easily. Using image recognition technology, the app makes it possible for users to take out their phone, open the app and take a photo. The technology is made in an efficient way such that it can recognize the image taken and instantly direct one to an online shop where to buy a similar one. Since its inception, Slyce has been developing technology to recognize objects intelligently and use the same to connect customers with retailer stores.

Many people refer to Slyce as the Shaazam of online shopping only different because it works in sync with major retail brands to facilitate for easier shopping. The company’s management has been in the recent past been pleased with the technology’s ability to make accurate and faster purchases. Different with other similar technologies in the market, Slyce has better abilities because it can recognize products even when they are not in their original packages. The technology takes advantage of visual search, audio as well as QR and barcode scanning.

The technology also gives users an upper hand when matters related to earning incentives are concerned. When a user discovers an item and shares it on any social media platform, they earn incentives if customers purchase through the link. Recently, the app purchased Tel-Aviv based mobile-shopping app Pounce. A bit different with Slyce, Pounce surfaces deals from major retailers and also allows users to print catalogs and ads from the smartphone.

The acquisition was made through earn out incentives, cash, and shares, but it was not less than $5 million. The new technology from Pounce was also supposed to be offered to Slyce’s customers. Pounce has for a very long time been BuyCode’s main product and has a reputation of not going after e-commerce web integration but instead working with other third parties and retail partners to link images to pricing information in the inventory.

With time, Pounce has grown to allow customers to freely scan items and then browse through a number of deals and then checkout within a few clicks. The e-commerce experience has offered many retailers a lot of benefits that include customers being able to do shopping much easier while at the same time offering better inventory updating. Slyce was intrigued by Pounce’s desirable technology in the sense that it has a feature that allows customers to continue with checking out from different retailer platforms without having to enter their payment information multiple times.

Immediately after the acquisition, Pounce’s team joined Slyce and its Chief Executive Officer also became part of Slyce’s executive team. Both companies were excited to come together and continue to offer unique talent in developing even better technologies in the future.

Joseph Bismark Knows A Lot About What Should Be Done In Business

The QI Group is a company that cares about its actions and all that it is doing for the people who are working for it, and for the environment, as well. So, when they were asked to be a part of the United Nation’s efforts to make the workplace and the environment better, they were happy to do that. The QI Group is honored to be able to be part of this movement, it is said on Yahoo Finance.
Joseph Bismark is the person who was able to form the QI Group into what it is today, and he has used his personal beliefs to better the company. He has long had a strong sense of spirituality and of making sure that he is always doing the right thing in his life, and when he formed this company he knew that spirituality had to be a big part of it. He knew that spirituality would help it to be a better workplace for those who would be employed there, and he wanted to set a good example for other business owners, as well. So, he went ahead and made it happen. And the results have been great.
Joseph Bismark seems to be smart in every decision that he makes in his life, whether it is a business or personal decision, and he is someone who everyone can be looking up to. He is a man who takes care of his health, who makes sure that he is always living according to his beliefs, and who has a great deal of respect for everyone in the world around him. Joseph Bismark cares about the company that he is running, and he makes sure to do his best work in it. He has always treating the people in the world around him well, and he has always made sure to be a peaceful person. If there is one businessman who every other person in the business world could learn something from it would be him. He is a man who knows more about what is right and good than most people could ever hope to.


Environmental Law is the policy that protects the environment from the adverse effects of various human activities. The outcomes of these human activities that are a menacing threat to the environment are usually measured in a study known as impact assessment. This test is carried out to ensure that the air quality and water quality is in perfect condition. Apart from these two major tests, the assessment also involves waste management, safe use of chemicals and cleaning up of contamination among the many factors. Environmental Law is comprised of several principles that ensure the efficient coexistence of the natural environment. Some of the principles entail: transparency, sustainable development, and equitable boundary responsibility. Just like all the other branches of law, environmental law has got very hardworking, prominent and versatile attorneys. One of the most outstanding of them all goes by the name of Frans Schoeman, a revolutionist in Environmental Law.

Frans Schoeman on has had a very good career armed with vast Environmental Law knowledge. In the year 2010, he took over the position of legal director in TG Minster Consulting, a successful law firm in his home country. His duties included: the creation of complete legal mergers, drafting and negotiation of contracts. In the year 2006, he took over the position of MD at a company known as Phatsima Diamond with a sole responsibility of overseeing the mining concession. In 2005, he also took up the position of Phatsima Diamond Corporation where he has taken the position to date. His law firm boasts of numerous attorneys who are professionals, learned and have lucrative credentials to match it. Due to their competitive nature, they have managed to attract a large client base comprising of companies and established businesses that use the firm in case of legal constraints or other factors pertaining to law.

As an established Attorney, Frans Schoeman is capable of undertaking any lawsuit due to his wide and varied skills. Some of these skills involve litigation, legal writing and legal advising, commercial litigation, and corporate governance. His education pedigree is way above par and boasts of accolades of educational credentials. He is a Free State University graduate where he studied from the year 1987 to 1990. He was technically a very hardworking and ambitious student who spent most of his time researching. He showed that law was a calling at quite a juvenile stage in campus when he joined the Student Legal Society and ultimately became a very active member. His professionalism can be evidenced by the numerous certificates that he happened to have clinched along the course of his lucrative career. For instance, he is the proud holder of the certificate of the Law Society of RSA a firm that enabled him to practice his skills as an attorney and awarded him for his outstanding nature. Frans Schoeman has also participated in the membership of a number of organizations whereby he has made immense contributions towards the success of these organizations. One major organization that has enjoyed his contribution is the LSSA organization where he has been a member since 1990.

Mikal Watts Team Joins GMO Syngenta Lawsuit

Swedish seed company Syngenta is again being threatened with legal action by U.S. farmers regarding the genetically-altered corn that China refuses to import. The U.S. corn industry has lost billions of dollars, which has in turn sent the market reeling. Although the CMO was segregated — and only a small portion infiltrated the corn market — China still rejected the corn. In the end, hundreds of thousands of farmers took a major hit over the debacle.

Mikal Watts, of the Watts and Guerra Law Firm are representing the farmers. The firm has handled nearly 200 individual cases against Syngenta and other such corporations over the years. “We will do everything in our power to recoup the money the farmers lost,” says Watts. In 2009, Watts’ firm negotiated a $750 million settlement against Bayer Crop Sciences. Currently, lawyers in 20 states have file suits against Syngenta. Watts is confident that the lawyers will get the satisfaction they deserve.

Watts was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. He was one of the youngest individuals to ever earn a law degree in the state of Texas. After clerking for a judge on the Texas Supreme Court, he worked for David L. Perry and Associates. In 2009, he teamed up with Watts Guerra LLP. The company handles all types of tort law and is in fact, only one of a handful of lawyers in the state who is experienced enough to handle agricultural tort cases. Watts Guerra LLP has five offices throughout the state of Texas, 29 lawyers and a support staff of over 100. He is also licensed to practice law in Alabama, Florida, Minnesota, New York, California, Florida and Mississippi.

“The financial damage done to these farmers is appalling,” says Mikal. “The individuals who have sufferred are in no way at fault.”

Greg Brenneman Takes CCMP’s Founder Stephen Murray’s Seat.

CCMP Capital Advisors is a private global equity firm specializing North American, European and targeted investments buyouts and growth equity. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is named after Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover/J.P. Morgan and Partners to reflect its heritage. While the firm still manages a portfolio with J.P. Morgan, it has been independent of its starting partners since 2006. CCMP is ranked as the 17th largest private equity fund in the world. It has over 50 employees and offices across the globe. Greg Brenneman is its current chairman.

Stephen Murray, investor and philanthropist, the founder of CCMP Capital acted as CEO from 2007 until his departure due to health reasons. CCMP under Murray’s leadership invested in the targeted sectors of retail, industrial, health and energy interests. Mr. Murray passed away in the March of 2015. Mr. Murray’s death was a tragedy for CCMP, and Greg Brennerman stepped up fill in his position with the firm.

CCMP’s portfolio is global, and its investments are worth $12 billion dollars. Among CCMP’s many investments are public and corporate pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, and high networth investors. Over the years CCMP has launched a number of spin off investment firms. Panorama Capital based in Menlo Park, California and Unitas Capital, which is an Asian based investment firm weaned from the CCMP Capital team to go on to build their own global private equity funds.

Mr. Murray is a graduate of Boston College with a degree in economics, and he held a Master’s in business administration from Columbia Business School. He started his career at Manufacturer’s Hanover, and then went on to Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan and J.P. Morgan. Known for his philanthropy, Mr. Murray was a major contribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He contributed to Boston College, Fairfield County Food Bank and Columbia Business School. Mr. Murray sat on the boards of Crestcom International, Info Group, Jetro Holdings, LHP Hospital Group and Octogon Credit and many more.

Priming The Face

Before I do anything to my face, I clean it and put on a makeup primer. This is something that I use before I put on any kind of foundation, blush or eyeshadow. There are a few benefits of using the makeup primer, and I can find it almost anywhere I look. One of the places I have found it online is Lime Crime on This is a company that sells various kinds of makeup, including the primer in various shades. Other items that are sold by the company include fingernail polish and lip gloss.

The pores on my face are larger than I like. One of the things that I like about the primer is that it seals the pores on my face. This makes it easy to apply the rest of my makeup without seeing the large areas that seem to stand out on my face. It almost acts like a blanket on my face so that I can add the other products. Another thing that I have noticed is that the primer softens my skin. I don’t have to use as many moisturizers on my face when I use the primer. When my skin is soft, it makes it feel smoother. A smoother face also means that the makeup on my face appears smoother. It almost looks like velvet depending on the kind of foundation I use.

I have sensitive skin. There are some products I have used that tend to break my face out and give me rashes. The primer that I use on my face doesn’t break my face out, which makes me happy as I can go without makeup more often and not have to worry about blemishes. This is a product that also aids in fighting aging. I haven’t seen any wrinkles yet, but I have read the ingredients and done research online, and the items listed can help in fighting wrinkles and other aspects of aging.

After I put makeup on my face with the primer, I have noticed that the makeup stays on longer. I don’t usually have to worry about products running while I am in situations where I might sweat or cry. This is a benefit as I can wear the makeup at almost any event I attend. The primer can also act as a shield to keep dust off the face. This is a lightweight product, and when I have it on my face, it feels like there’s nothing there. It’s easy to apply with a simple makeup sponge and easy to remove with a little water.

Lime Crime is a company online where I have found the primer and other items that are safe for the skin. The products come in fun colors and are easy to apply to the nails, lips and other areas of the face.

The Successful Career of Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan is the current CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a company committed to offering advice in the field of entertainment, sports, and media. He is a successful sports and media personality having worked in several media houses since the start of his career. His experience and reputation in those fields cannot be explained by use of words only. He has contributed a lot in sports by writing sports news, articles, and blog posts.
He didn’t start his career in sports and entertainment yesterday. He has been in these industries for over 30 years. Over these years, Brian has served in various positions in leading sports companies and media houses. He was one of Chairman of the Pictures and FOX Broadcasting and Cable. He has also worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the Universal Television.
He is not only an expert in sports analysis but also on recorded music, film, international entertainment, cable channels, music publishing and many other fields. His hard work, specialization and excellent performance in all these areas have earned him many rewards and recognition from international organizations.
For instance, he featured in the Premiere magazine as one of the top fifty most influential Hollywood personalities. He has also been recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the top ten most prominent Hollywood bankers. All these awards and recognition didn’t come on a silver plate but through hard work.
He interest in media, sports and entertainment, speaks a lot about what he has achieved. At one time, he worked as the head coach for the traveling basketball team. He was also appointed as the commissioner in the youth basketball leagues.
In the field of academia, Mulligan has also accomplished a lot. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of South California. He also has an MBA from the John Anderson School of Management of the University of California.
Brian is not left behind when it comes to entrepreneurial skills. He was one of the co-founders of Universal Partners, a company that bought Universal Entertainment in 2004. Brian has confidence in himself and what he does. He believes that he is one of the few smartest people in the entire world. Many people who have interacted with Brain Mulligan also believe in his character, ambition, wisdom and success attributes.
Having stayed in the sports and entertainment industry for long, he uses these platforms to express his thoughts and share his views with others.

Smaller Mobile Wireless Services Look To Global Expansion

The changing face of mobile technologies includes a movement away from the traditional mobile communications carriers who charge large sum per month to maintain a consumer contract. One of the latest and fastest growing companies to enter the mobile wireless services market is FreedomPop, which started life in California and is now expanding into the UK and areas of mainland Europe and Asia. FreedomPop and other low cost wireless providers are being sought out by mobile consumers who are seeking cheaper ways of staying in contact using their mobile devices and computers.

One way of measuring the potential success of a company when it is in its early stages of growth is to look at how much investment is being found from venture capital sources. FreedomPop has seen a large investment on throughout 2015 that has hit as much as $30 million in its first investment phase and will be followed by a second phase based on European investors. The success of the innovative approach to mobile communications taken by FreedomPop has seen many larger companies look to buy or merge with the company, which uses existing mobile networks established by major retailers and telecommunications providers across the world. FreedomPop buys access to the networks that exist across North America and Europe and allows its customers to use these networks for talk, text and Internet based purposes.

The dominance of the major mobile communications networks may well be coming to an end as more and more people look to find a low cost option for mobile access at a low price. FreedomPop allows its users to talk, text and use data in a new and innovative way that sees them jump from mobile hotspot to mobile hotspot or network within a city or town. The success of the company has seen them turn down the option of selling FreedomPop after founder Stephen Stokols decided to invest heavily in rowing the company before considering a merger or acquisition approach from any other company.