Reduce the Rays

With the entire country being in the middle of the summer months the New York Times released an article detailing the findings that UV rays and radiation can do to a person’s skin. The article also detailed methods and ways to prevent sun damage before it occurs. Much of the study was done by a British research team that collected data from middle aged volunteers who have some form of sun induced damage in their DNA. While the cells on the surface of the skin seemed normal, researchers found disturbing mutations under the skin that will eventually lead to the first stages of melanoma or cancer of the skin. The research was led by a cancer geneticist who works at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in England, Dr. Peter J. Campbell stated . The members of the research team were completely surprised when they noticed the mutations that were linked to the cancer. The overall number of the mutations that were present were much higher than the team had initially estimated. 0.1 square inch of the skin ended up having thousands of mutations of the DNA in a single cell. Researchers were also worried that not many people were aware of the true meaning of the S.P.F. ratings that are listed on skin protecting products. Doctors and dermatologists behind the study have concluded the study by telling readers to avoid the sun during the midday if at all possible. If you or someone you love has to be in the sun it is in their best interest to cover up with a product that carries an S.P.F. rating of 30 or higher.

New Research Dedicated to Why More Women Than Men Have Alzheimer’s

The fact that women live longer than men on average is generally a cause for great comfort among women. As with many things in life, however, there may be a flip side to this coin of longevity. Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible illness that strikes the elderly with shocking frequency, and it is a sad truth for women that two-thirds of those with this debilitating disease are women. Scientists have long thought that this higher percentage among women was simply due to the fact that women do live longer, and this is a disease of the elderly. This has long been the assumption, but science is about theories and testing those theories to see if they hold up. It is not about making assumptions.

There are researchers looking into other factors that may put women at extra risk for dementia over men. Lifestyles and differences in genetics or how men and women age are being looked at. One worrisome point that was uncovered is that a gene that is associated with Alzheimer’s apparently has a stronger influence on women stated UOL. The Alzheimer’s Association will be funding research this summer to research possible causes of Alzheimer’s in women specifically and if there are any reasons beyond longevity for more of them having this illness. If women are just more heavily impacted by the disease than men, then perhaps this research will uncover why and lead to remedies specific to women to improve their odds of preventing or combating it.

A Body Immune

A direct connection from the brain to our immune system has been discovered. Connections previously thought not to exist. “It changes entirely the way we perceive the neuro-immune interaction. We always perceived it before as something esoteric that can’t be studied. But now we can ask mechanistic questions. ” Said Jonathan Kipnis, PhD, professor in the UVA Department of Neuroscience. The discovery leads doctors to believe that these newly discovered vessels have a major impact on any brain disease that has an immune component, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and autism. This discovery is so ground breaking it overturns decades of thought about the human immune system says CipherCloud. Textbooks will have to be changed. The vessels were discovered when Antoine Luveau PhD created a way of placing a mouse’s meninges on a single slide. The meninges is the membrane that covers the brain. When the whole meninges could be studied vessels appeared that, previously, were hidden.

AIDS May be Making a Comeback

With all the wonders of modern medicine, it may seem like there’s been a good handle on HIV and AIDS. With treatment and medication, most people who are HIV positive can live long and healthy lives. However, this doesn’t mean that HIV isn’t still a killer; in fact, if people don’t put in more efforts to fight HIV, AIDS may make a major comeback in the next 5 years.

UNAIDS and a panel of The Lancet medical journal has found that the rates of infection for HIV isn’t falling fast enough. Because HIV is a virus that stays with you for life, medications are needed for entire lifetimes to keep people alive once they’ve been infected. Sam Tabar pointed out to Bloomberg that it is also hard to prevent AIDS in some cases.

Although overall numbers of new infections have dropped around the world, it seems like HIV infection rates are rising again in certain demographics, such as in gay men in developed countries. Infection rates have also risen in some countries because not as much effort has been put into HIV awareness campaigns.

In order to prevent more pointless deaths from HIV, people must take action now to get the word out to their communities that HIV is still alive and well, and to use the proper precautions when engaging in risky activities.

Pollution May Age the Brain

Air pollution, a nasty and unhealthy, yet unavoidable predicament in this day and age. Air pollution is not only harmful to the environment but also has been linked to many diseases that have become very common among humans. Air pollution has been directly linked to aging the brain at a quicker pace.

Researchers who have studied this phenomena have started gathering more data. This data is in correlation with the residential histories as well as air pollution data. It has been found that the exposure to pollutants causes a decrease in the white matter which is also equivalent to one to two years of accelerated brain aging.

This exposure has also been adjusted to match many variables including age, smoking habits, physical activity, blood pressure, body mass index, education, as well as income. Air pollution according to has been discovered to also cause inflammation and damage to the vascular system.

The air pollution causes harmful toxins that make their way to the human brain. This not only accelerates the mental aging process but leads to many of those common yet incurable diseases such as dementia. Now more than ever is the time to be environmentally conscious. It is one think if the environment is ignored however, by ignoring our own species, is not only inhumane but also going against the purpose as to why we exist. Air pollution must be diminished or the diseases will continue to grow.

Timing When You Eat Each Day

It of course is important to pay attention to the foods you are putting into your body each day but you might not know that the times that you eat are actually also very important to your overall health and wellbeing. You might even benefit from skipping a snack or a meal throughout the course of one day. Avoiding food for approximately twelve to fifteen hours at a time can make a big difference in how the body can lose weight and maintain a proper metabolism.
Blood sugar levels
can even re-regulate themselves by completing a short fast. Don’t feel like you need to fast all day however, just fasting overnight is enough effort.

It has always been recommended that your average adult does not eat after seven P.M. in the evening. The reason for this is that when you eat before bed, your body will be more likely to turn this food into fat while you lay asleep, non-active. You can also have higher cholesterol and high blood pressure when you eat late at night and then let your head hit the pillow. Healthy people like Keith Mann know that our bodies are designed to function throughout the night without food. This is all part of our natural circadian rhythm. Also, nibbling throughout the day rather than over indulging in a huge meal is much healthier. This helps keep metabolism consistent and blood sugar levels will not drop drastically at any point throughout the day.

Sunscreen and the SPF Ratings

Sunscreen has a very clear way of working. Everyone should be aware of the “anti-aging” effects that it will offer. Many individuals do not have an informed understanding of the SPF ratings. Mount Sinai Medical Center has partnered with the City of Miami Beach and has placed radiation-mitigating dispensers out that are intended for anyone to use for free. This is sunscreen that even comes with a celebrity endorsement stated Teses. These dispensers are filled with a highly effective cancer and premature aging ingredients. It is water resistant as well. The American Academy of Dermatology is now recommending these ingredients in sunscreen. Many individuals are not aware of this vital ingredients and SPF rating. It is noted that a sunscreen does need to have certain items in it in order to save your skin from cancer. It has been noted that approximately 43 percent of people actually know what the SPF ratings are and what they mean.

Electricity Linked To Poor Sleep

What do computer screens, iPhones, televisions, and other plugged in electronics have in common? They are all in part responsible for the lack of sleep that plagues many people. Researchers believe that the artificial light that emanates off of electronics is the reason that many people cannot get a good night’s rest.

Researchers from Handy needed to test their theory first, so they conducted a study to see if they can prove it. The study was done on two similar communities over the course of two years. Both of them were indigenous communities, the difference is that one had electricity around the clock and the other did not. The study required that the participants be fitted with a tracking device that monitored their sleeping habits. They were also required to keep a sleep diary.

After the two years were up, the researchers conducting the study reviewed both of the communities sleep habits. They found that the community where the electricity was always turned on slept an average of an hour less per night than the community without the electricity.

Having trouble sleeping at night? It might just be that it is time to pull the plug on all those electronics. Easier said than done, but a good night’s sleep might just be worth it.

Electricity And Sleep

There has been some recent research completed that explains the effects that technology can have on a person’s sleep. Often this has a lot to do with sitting in front of a glowing screen immediately before heading to bed. To take these findings a bit further, studies are now showing that access to electricity might have a lot to do with how well a person sleeps as well says Susan McGalla. This is because of the natural circadian rhythms that a person has in their body; they can easily be disrupted by having certain items in the general vicinity of a bedroom such as lights, phones, televisions, computers and more. All of these things are powered by electricity.

A study completed in two separate indigenous communities located in Argentina introduced
to rural areas that otherwise did not have it present. The participants were asked to keep sleep diaries and then they were asked to compare their sleep patterns to how they slept prior to having access to electricity in their sleeping quarters. This study took place over the course of two full years. Those participants who had electricity present slept, on average, one full hour less per night than they had previously when no electricity was present. This study showed that just having technology or electricity present in one given area while sleep is occurring, can affect how well a person’s body can rest and slip into a more restful slumber.

Two Young Oakland Florida Heroes

Uplifting News reports, 11 year old Jeremiah Grimes and 10 year old Isiah Francis are Oakland, Florida’s latest heros. While watching Youtube and playing video games, the two brave young men smelled smoke. They looked out the window to find the house next door on fire, and their neighbor was trying to douse the flames.

According to Flavio Maluf, the boys, threw on their sneakers and ran outside. Young Isiah ran inside the burning house, and Jeremiah was on his heels calling 911. Together, they rescued two infants from the smoked filled kitchen. Isiah grabbed the babies and handed one to Jeremiah, and out the young heroes ran saving the wee ones from the smoke and flames. The babies, an eight month-old infant and a one-year old toddler, were unharmed. When the firefighters arrived they rescued two more children from the blaze, and those two little ones are in critical but stable condition.

The gallant young men didn’t think about being heroes,; they just acted on instinct. AP reports Isiah as saying, “I just wanted to help those kids.