50 Shades of Adam Sender

An edgy, obtuse, thoughtful piece of modern art, the blank, black canvas with white typewriter serif letters is the first painting that you will immediately be captivated by as you approach the Exis Capital trading room floor. Exis Capital, affectionately known as the ‘hedge fund where the magic happens’ is the backdrop for art that will undoubtedly arouse your senses and inspire you to be like Adam Sender, the hedge fund manager that has ultimately created a world where vast wealth and extreme beauty are simply a staple for Exis Capital as a sort of the backdrop for the growing empire.

This is exactly what happens when you visit the small, popular boutique hedge fund housed inside of a state-of-the-art loft on the South side of the infamous Houston Street in New York City.

When you visit Exis Capital, you’ll notice that the trading room looks like something right out of an Art Deco-inspired sci-fi film. The lights on his trading floor are dim, not unlike a museum after hours when it is bare and silent. Very modern and minimal, with two enormous projection screens for elaborating the company’s mission for the day, the trading room floor is the nucleus of the Exis Capital Franchise.

“Trading is what he does for work,” Aibel, Senders art curator says of Sender. “And when he’s not trading, art is what he does for love.”

Adam Sender has been a collector, curator, taste and career maker since the late 1990s and presently owns around 1000 pieces of art. Aside Senders passion for the painted canvas, he’s amassed quite a profit from selling art as well. Some pieces selling for dramatically more than his initial investment, making him one of the world’s most prolific art investors.

Sender stashes his work all over New York’s Tri-state area, with a handful of exotic pieces on display at his Exis Capital headquarters. You’ll also find pieces of his collection on display at his luxurious highrise condo in the most spectacular part of the city. Artwork also fills his vacation home. His stash spot just outside of the city is easily one of the swankier neighborhoods in the state of New York. Sender stashes the rest of his artwork in his privately-owned gallery with secret service grade security.

Since a child, Sender has dreamed of hosting an art exhibit to rival that of the collection’s housed at the Louvre Museum in Paris. According to inside sources, this plan is being is currently being Implemented, the details of which are under wraps.

You’ll also be surprised to know that Adam has an extensive collection of risqué art and photography. A lot of his office art are scenes that are reminiscent of those found in E.L James’ 50 Shades of Grey. He hangs these pieces all around his New York headquarters like tinsel at Christmas, always challenging the stereotypical, ultra clean-cut, New York corporate atmosphere that so many citizens of the white-collar society blindly subscribe to.

Sender is notorious for his modern, abstract sensibilities and futuristic undertones, though some pieces he invests in simply because they simply move him. This is good news for you if you consider yourself an artist with passion and you’re looking for someone with the a few billion dollars to endorse you.

New York Real Estate Prices Continue to Rise

New York has been heralded as the cultural capital of the world. With such a grandiose title, it is no surprise that the city attracts people from around the world. The city is home to the headquarters of the United Nations and is the financial capital of the world. Artists and businessmen alike find a place in New York. As a cultural hub of the world, millions of people are attracted yearly to the city as new residents and visitors. The city is 305 square miles and it houses over 8 million people. The demand for housing has led to incredibly high real estate prices across all of New York City.

Town Residential is one of the leading real estate businesses in New York City. It lists properties from luxury apartments to low end houses. Town Residential is one of the largest luxury real estate firms in New York City. It also provides reports that give statistical data of the NYC apartments for rent housing market. What those reports have shown is that real estate prices in New York City has continued to rise year after year and it is now more expensive to rent an apartment in New York City than it ever has been.

Manhattan real estate rose to a record median of $982,958 and $545,139 in Brooklyn with a median rent price of $3,339 in Manhattan. According to Town Residential, the median rent for a studio apartment in Battery Park is three thousand dollars while three bedroom apartments cost over six thousand dollars across all of Manhattan. The price per square foot rose by nearly 6% in Manhattan compared to last year. Today, it costs more to rent in Manhattan than it ever has and rent prices are expected to continue to rise.

Getting Top Notch Shoes For The Fall

Do you want to look good for the fall? It’s tough to know what kind of shoes to get considering there are so many different types of shoes you could use. During the fall, it pays off to get only top of the line shoes that truly fit your style. The following styles are all great types of shoes to wear during the fall season because they all provide you with great comfort and quality. The best thing to do when trying to find the right shoes is to make sure that you look for top quality design.

– The Monk Strap

This specific type of leather shoe design is definitely luxurious and meant for the serious businessman or for an event, but it definitely is important to consider wearing this type of style because it’s very much appreciated in the fashion scene. You can stand out in your office or any place you go to with these shoes because they usually have strong leather colors and quality prints. These are not new fashion shoes, but they aren’t entirely old either. In fact, they are very fashionable and are very worth investing your money into.

– Men’s Shoe Slippers

This specific style is very in demand nowadays because they are do different. These are a made with a sense of elegance and beauty, and the overall beauty in them is how they are very playful in nature and quality wise. They can allow you to go for a more sophisticated or casual look, but you can also go a bit different if you choose to. It’s ultimately worth going after if you’d like to look different and truly improve your image. They are available in many colors, but going for black suede is definitely worth the investment of your time.

One of the best brands in the industry is definitely Paul Evans. Their affordable and high quality shoes is what makes this brand one of the best in the world. They have a wide variety in their men’s collection. Everything from the designs to the way the shoes are crafted, they all come together to bring you a shoe you can be proud of wearing. They are ultimately very worth investing your time and money into, and you will love browsing through their list of shoes to find a pair that can benefit you the most this fall.

The fall season is a time of the year when things begin to look different. The truth about shoes is that they can always help improve how you look on the street or at a party. Investing in good shoes will mean you get the chance to truly showcase your style and present yourself much better.

The Atlanta Hawks Sold

Bruce Levenson, a majority partner in Atlanta Hawks LLC group, decided to sell his share of the ownership.
Atlanta hawks LLC, previously known as Atlanta Spirit LLC group, was formed in 2004 in order to buy Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The purchase originally included Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Thrashers, and Phillips Arena, but the group sold Atlanta Thrashers in 2011.
Now, it seems, another sale has been finalized.
In September 2014, Levenson of UCG announced his intent to sell his share of ownership. The next month, he hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to sell the Hawks and his operating rights to Philips Arena. The estimation for this sale was around $1 billion.
There was a lot of debate about the price. Forbes valued the Hawks at $425 million in 2013, but the sales of the Clippers and Bucks changed all that and the prices went up. To expect $1 billion was not unrealistic since in January three experts gave their opinion that the Hawks could be sold in a price range from about $900 million and $1 billion. Others gave lower estimates, including sports economist Andrew Zimbalist with his estimate of about $700 to $740 million.
The sale had a deadline of April 10th for bids, but since the bids were running high, the date was moved a little.
For a time, it seemed only two groups were considered finalists. The first, and the one thought with the most chance of success, is led by Grizzlies minority owner Steve Kaplan, who was joined by billionaires Handy Poernomo and Erick Thohir as well as a former Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien.
The other is led by Lions Gate Entertainment’s Mark Rachesky, joined by New York investment banker Steve Starker. Jesse Itzler is also associated with the group.
However, at the time, not much information could be revealed since Hawks owners and buyers were supposed to sign non-disclosure agreements and could not speak publicly about the sale process.
There were also other problems. Some of the prospective ownership groups had concerns with Philips Arena. The group feels the team’s practice facility is not measuring up to NBA standards, as well as the weight-room facilities. The final concern was expressed over the setup of the arena luxury boxes.
One of the groups, who dropped out of the contest early, Junior Bridgeman-Grant Hill group, served as a great start for Anthony Ressler, a minority owner of the Milwaukee Brewers.
Quickly after this group had dropped, he formed a new group with a former NBA All-Star, Grant Hill, Spanx owner Sara Blakely and her husband, an entrepreneur Jesse Itzler, and Clayton Dubilier & Rice partner Rick Schnall. And, in the end, he won the bid.
Bruce Levenson sold his part to Anthony Ressler for about $850 million. The sale was financed by cash and assumption of debt.
Foley & Lardner sports attorney, Irwin Raij, also commented on the price, saying that it reflects the strength of the team now, but also the potential it can fulfill.
The Hawks were aware of the whole process but said only that their focus should be unwaveringly on the game.

QNet Is A Strong Influence In The Direct Selling Sector And In The Community

Prominent direct selling and online company, QNet, is in the game to provideexceptional wellness offerings through highly qualified and experienced independentdistributors. Following their launch in 1998, this seasoned company
strives to deliver the best collection of healthy products and
services specializing in over ten major lifestyle categories.
Moreover, QNet’s extensive selection of proprietary consumer goods has
results in extremely satisfied and loyal customers. Essentially, these
repeat patrons have greatly contributed to the corporation’s evolution
and rapid global expansion. Furthermore, with strategic executivesmanaging this e-commerce company, QNet remains the leader in thecompetitive direct selling industry.

During the late 1990s, renowned businessmen Vijay Eswaran and JosephBismark, cultivated their professional relationship at a spiritualretreat and, in 1998, the pair founded QNet, which would soon grow toone of the most powerful e-commerce companies in the entire world.
After thorough research, these prominent entrepreneurs sought to offer
unique products and services which complemented the company’s
philosophy: think global, act local. As the company quickly expanded
into many regions across the globe, QNet gradually increased their
sales by 70 percent between 2007 and 2012. Remarkably, with overfifteen years of successful operation, QNet continues to remain thebest international direct selling corporation.

The need for beneficial products and healthy services is flourishing and QNetstrives to meet this demand by training knowledgeable representatives.
When enrolling as an independent distributor, individuals will have
the opportunity to purchase the wellness goods at a discount and earn
commission by retailing the merchandise to family and friends.
Although the employee will receive income for recruiting
representatives, the primary method to earn money is by selling the
products and services to members in their local community. Notably,
this face-to-face approach establishes rapport and trust among the two
parties and ultimately results in ample sales. Moreover, QNet is knownfor their efficient direct selling approach and for providingsubstantial resources to research and team development.

The employees at QNet are most recognized for delivering exceptionalcustomer service to an extremely diverse group of clients all over theworld. Because of their personal approach, the company continues to
maintain a comprehensive database of loyal customers who have greatly
contributed to the team’s expansion into new regions. Moreover, their
sustained productivity enables the executives to dedicate resources
beyond their wellness market. Commendably, Eswaran and Bismark
cofounded the RHYTHM Foundation, which implemented into their business
model as the corporate social responsibility. In addition, Eswaran
developed a charitable organization known as The Vijayaratnam
Foundation. The goal of these innovative philanthropies is toencourage mentorship programs with members in the community.
Similarly, these prominent businessmen have also donated to many
individuals and charities throughout the years.

Andy Wirth Highlights The Importance Of The Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan has been voted in by the Reno City Council. The aim of the plan is to help the country stop the use of coal power and start using clean and renewable forms of energy. The City Council vote showed the importance and the seriousness of the project. The private sector is among the agencies that have shown support for the plan.
This op-ed was published through the The Reno-Gazette Journal.  Andy Wirth believes that a sustainable, diverse and healthy economy lies within the country citizens. The need for clean energy is urgent and should not be a project that is set for the future. It is a good thing that a number of companies are embracing the need of clean energy and have started using recycled and renewable forms of energy in their business.
Actual leadership is every citizen’s right and it should not only be visible in politics but also in the environment and the things that affect the populace. Reno can lead by example and help create a healthy environment that will inspire other regions to want to adapt the clean power plan. The Plan seeks to improve the environment and the economy. Elected officials should locate rational and long-term projects that will make the clean power plan effective. Policies such as the clean power plan should be made a priority in trying to find a suitable way of conserving the environment.
The clean energy topic should be treated as a political matter. In some regions, people are living with the reality of increased forest fires besides the low quality and polluted air. Human beings are the contributors to the climate woes we are facing. As much as we have the best geothermal and solar energy, we are still cutting trees and using wood charcoal as sources of fuel. We have the chance to help companies such as Apple, Tesla and Microsoft in their clean energy fight. There is the need to utilize the clean power plan to make the world a better place for the posterity.
Andy Wirth is a successful entrepreneur. He has worked in the hotel and mountain resort industries. Andy was born in 1963 at Nuebrucke, West Germany. He is the grandson of Conrad Wirth, the former director of the US National Park Service. Andy has rendered his services in the hospitality industry for over twenty-five years. He started his career at Steamboat Springs Resort in 1986. He worked in different positions before moving to Squaw Valley. Currently, Andy is the chief executive officer of Squaw Valley.

Mr. Andy Wirth And How The Clean Power Plan Will Work

The city of Reno has been making advances towards a cleaner city and joining many other areas in trying to treat the environment and atmosphere better. The Clean Power Plan has been pushed forward by the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board, led by the chairman Andy Wirth.

Mr. Andy Wirth is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The ski resort company owns property in the city of Olympic Valley, California. Mr. Wirth is very familiar with the resort industry, as he has worked in the resort and hotel industry for more than twenty-five years. He started out at Steamboat Springs Resort, then went to work as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and has helped the company grow tremendously in just the past few years.

Mr. Wirth earned a college degree from Colorado State University and has put it to work while in the resort industry. Anybody who wants to be a manager at a resort should want to follow in Mr. Andy Wirth’s footsteps.

The Clean Power Plan requires businesses to put interest towards the plan and sign plans of changes they are going to make in the future. It does not require changes that cost a lot of money and is actually very fair to the businesses. All businesses around the world should be on the same page to better the environment, but unfortunately this is simply not the truth.

Clean energy helps everybody not in the city of Reno, but all over the world. Even though it is just one city that is trying to make changes in the environment, it means a lot in the long run. One less city, or one less business trying to make the environment cleaner by not relying on dirty sources of energy as much is great for the environment and all the inhabitants of the world.

The Clean Power Plan is one of the best plans set forth by the city of Reno, Nevada, in recent years. Mr. Andy Wirth is sure to help the plan go far.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

Handy, The New Way to Get Your Home Services

When anyone thinks about home ownership, there are more than enough things to consider. Homes require a lot of work and while anyone should be proud of what they do, the fact of the matter is this younger generation truly is one that doesn’t love doing chores, work, and repairs. It’s hard enough to convince someone to buy a home these days, but when you think about the legwork and upkeep just to keep the home in order, it can become crazy in no time at all. The good news is thatj individuals in this generation truly have pushed the envelope forward and more and more people are tapping into what a company called Handy is doing for efficiency.

Handy, a top home cleaning company is not just a tremendous application that allows users to get the services they need in no time at all. It is also a tremendous organization that has brought efficiency to the forefront of the cleaning and home help industry. Rather than you needing to find different experts on different schedules and for different seasons of the year, you can simply tap into Handy and in less than a few clicks of your finger you can be matched with an expert who will be able to service your needs in no time at all.

Handy isn’t just as great as it is because it matches people together like a miniature marketplace. Handy is a tremendous app because it does most of the work up front to save time and energy for the users who need the services themselves. Not only does Handy let anyone apply to be a contractor from handyliquorbar for them so they get a significant pool of applications, but they also do the screening and they only let a small percentage of applicants in. In other words, you already know that only the best of the best will even make it into the Handy application in the first place. Rather than being stuck with a bottom tier worker or helped, you will take confidence in knowing that if Handy sends you someone to help you out, they are most certainly sending you a contractor who has your stamp of approval.

Handy also makes the whole process so much easier because instead of you simply dealing with a company yourself, you can have the hassle taken out of it. You don’t just get a significant amount of help, you also get the help directly from Handy. This means you can avoid hunting down help from the Yellow Pages and paying top dollar and you can also avoid the shady scene of getting a random helper from a place like Craigslist. Not that there is anything wrong with those people or websites, but if you are going to get help then why not get the help that Handy has already found and screened in the first place? You might as well find the best help you can and control it all through a party that takes pride in their workforce. Choose Handy for your home today.

A Company Always Pushing Forward

One of Asia’s biggest direct sales and Internet marketing companies is known as Qnet. Qnet is a company that was formed in Hong Kong by a man named Vijay Eswaran. Qnet was formed in 1998 and its original name was Gold Quest. The products that Qnet sells have varied and changed greatly over the years. Starting off in 1998 Qnet dealt mostly with custom-made coins. In 2002 they made the decision to partner up with a UVI Club Brand Holidays and they begin to offer travel and vacations. Later on in 2005 they partnered up with a telecommunications company and began to market and sell telecommunications products. In 2006 they began to also sell nutritional supplements, energy products, and health products as well. In 2006 they also partnered up with Bernhard H. Mayer to sell high quality and unique watches. Later on in 2007 they acquired a health store chain in the state of Hawaii. This health store chain was called Down To Earth and they sold vegetarian and organic healthcare products. The changes that Qnet had made in its products significantly changed the way that they did business. Now Qnet is able to reach a wide range of clients because they sell a ride range of products.

Qnet profits increased by 70% in 2009 and it is no wonder why. They were able to expand to open up offices in India and Russia as well. Qnet want to set themselves apart as a company that was different from the west of the rest. Even though there are many companies that deal in direct sales around the world, Qnet has many characteristics about itself that make them distinct from any of the other companies. Qnet has an e-commerce platform that reaches people in more than 100 different countries. Qnet works with some of the most high quality products that are sold on the market. Their health and Wellness products have helped many individuals to get their health back, and the diversity of their products allows them to maintain good relationships with clients and offer their long time clients a variety of new and evolving products that will fit their everyday lifestyle.

Qnet as the company has a vision when it comes to their company and to their employees. Their vision is to be the leader when it comes to direct sales and to have a positive influence on the development of professional network marketing communities not only in Asia but also around the world. Qnet has done all that they possibly can in order to make their vision come alive. They have reshaped and reformed their company on many occasions in order to make the products more desirable, and also in order to help their employees to reach out and to achieve more not only in the company but also in life. Qnet is truly a direct sales company like no other, from their products to their business model they definitely stand in the class of their own.

Why You Should Use Handy, Home Cleaning Services

If you have ever lived in a house or apartment before, you know that a home must be cleaned up consistently, or else it will look messy, and maybe even become cluttered. If you do not have the time to clean, finding home cleaning service providers is difficult enough. Fortunately, there is an app that allows home cleaners to list their services and compete against other cleaners. This translates to cheaper prices for consumers, which normally cannot be found in places that Handy does not operate.

Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua about four years ago, and now their application brings in more than one million dollars in bookings per week. Handy is similar to Uber in the sense that reputable service providers can list themselves for consumers, which allows for a cheap way to advertise and connect with potential customers.

Handy is very selective in selecting people to provide services for them. In fact, Handy is more picky than the prestigious Harvard University in selecting its service providers. Such a strict application process helps weed out dishonest or irreputable home cleaning service providers, which makes the app that much more valuable.

For those people that simply don’t have the time to clean up because of current obligations might need to search into Handy. Having a clean home to come home to from work is a very rewarding and relaxing feeling. Fortunately, most home cleaners on Handy list their services for between fifteen and twenty-two dollars an hour. Providers commonly provide clients with a variety of cleaning services to choose from, ranging from a simple dusting to a thorough cleaning of a nasty house. Providers on Handy may be able to help clean up homes that have been damaged by mother nature, or fire damage.

Other services such as plumbing and construction work can be found on Handy, but a whopping 85 percent of Handy listings are meant for home cleaning. Handy currently operates in twenty-five cities in the United States, one in the United Kingdom, and two in Canada. Handy is planning on expanding into many other cities, but the strict application procedures and maintenance of the app require lots of work on its own.

Handy is literally full of service providers, with at least five thousand home cleaning service providers that work at least once a month through Handy. More than 200,000 applications have been placed to Handy, but not many people get in. Only the most reputable of companies can get listed on Handy.

If you are interested in applying to Handy or using Handy’s home cleaning services, simply search for Handy on any major app store. If you are in one of the areas that Handy operates in, consider yourself lucky. Other home cleaners typically charge higher rates on other platforms, if even listed on any information base. More information can be found out about Handy by visiting their only official website, www.Handy.com, including contact information for company and customer service representatives.