Functions of Investment Banking Firms

Investment banks are firms that provide financial advisory services to companies on ways of increasing and raising more funds in form of debts and equities. They main function is to offer alternative investment strategies that would benefit investors and their companies. Investment banking firms research and evaluate the market where an investor is focusing on, so that they can provide the best opportunities to raise funds in that industry. Investment banking firms have three different departs namely the front office, middle office and back office. Those working in the front office interacts with clients, middle office is supposed to calculate and manage risks during transactions, while the back office is mandated to provide operating technology.
About Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin joined Harvard University in 1986 and was inspired by an article published on Forbes magazine relating to investment. During his second year of study at Harvard, he started a fund after raising more than $250,000 from friends and relatives. He used to operate his business at the dorm room where he was residing. He would access real-time market details from a satellite he had installed using personal devices like desktop and telephone. His fund was successful and he was able to start another fund during his final year of study. He was commanding more than $1 million in investment from the two funds. In 1990, Ken Griffin established Citadel LLC, with approximately $4.5 million in capital investment. Griffin is a self driven entrepreneur and has been recognized by various publishers for his great achievement. For instance, Forbes magazine recognized his potential in 2003 when he was on a list of self made investors under the age of 40. A year later, Fortune magazine ranked Griffin position eight among self made entrepreneurs. In 2007, he was estimated to have a net worth of $3 billion, and today it is over $5.5 billion. To achieve his success, Griffin has focusing on hard work, dedication and commitment to his capabilities and potential. Additionally, Ken Griffin is a true philanthropist who has been supporting various community development programs in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Benefits Of Using Wikipedia Writers For Your Business

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Learn More About Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a well-known attorney and a capital strategist who is based in New York City. Tabar began his flourishing career while working as an associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. This happened before he had made up his mind to move from being attorney into business development and capital strategy. He served as the director and the head of business development at SPARX Group Investment Advisors before moving to join the Bank of America as the director and also the head of Capital development. He worked in the company for a while before going back to the legal profession by joining the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a senior associate. He was to be in charge of the hedge funds dealing with the fund formation, the structure, regulations and the general compliance issues.

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar attended his college education at the Oxford University where he graduated with honors. He later went to the Columbia Law School where he served as the associate editor of the prominent Columbia Business Law Review. Immediately after his graduation from Columbia Law School, he joined the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, which is one of the most prestigious law firms globally. While at Skadden, he was able to provide valuable advice to clients pertaining hedge fund formation and structure, private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, side letters, regulatory and compliance issues, and employment issues. Tabar worked at the firm until 2004 according to, when he decided to leave his legal career and concentrate on high finance at PMA Investment Advisors, which is a section of Sparx Group.

Tabar started working for Sparx Group as a counsel, and he was promoted within short time to the position of managing director and head of business development. While he was working at PMA Investment Advisers, he was able to control all the dimensions of global marketing and the investor relations for a hedge fund that was worth over $2 billion. He was also involved in designing and executing the strategic marketing plan for the company by targeting the institutional investors, high net worth clients, and large family offices. He was able to provide the company with over 2000 potential qualified investors and he also developed more than 400 additional investor introductions. These are some of the major achievements he managed to accomplish while working for the company.

Eventually in 2011, LinkedIn shows that he joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he was supposed to perform his duties as the director and also the head of capital strategy in charge of the Asia–pacific region. His duties involved providing the corporation’s hedge fund customers with valuable advice and target the meaningful introductions to the institutional investors such as pensions, foundations, endowments, fund of funds, and the large family offices.

Important Facts About James Dondero

Highland Capital Management firm is registered to provide advisory services to its many customers, and it is worth more than $20 billion in assets that are under its management. The property value is inclusive of those that are also owned by the affiliates of the company. The company was established by Jim Dondero together with Mark Okada. Highland is a large corporation, and it serves as an alternative to most credit managers across the globe.

The company mainly specializes in separate accounts, hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and long only accounts. Highland Capital Management Company has in the recent past diversified most of its operations to incorporate the public pension plans, endowments, corporations, high net worth individuals, fund of funds, governments, and the financial institutions. They’ve recently hired Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products and their head office is in Dallas, which is found in Texas, and also it has other offices in Singapore, Sao Paolo, New York, and Seoul.

Highland Capital Management Corporation was recently given the award for the 2015 HFM US Hedge fund performance award. The prize was in the category of “40 Act fund-equity”. The award, according to Jim, was a proof of the company’s experience in the investments covering healthcare.

The HFM Hedge Fund is usually granted to the hedge funds and the fund of funds that have performed exceptionally well when compared to the competitors. The performance of the funds is typically assessed using the qualitative and the quantitative factors, and the judges determine the winner according to the performance statistics of the last five years. The history of the director is also given emphasis and the general reputation of the investors.

The person who usually supervises the short and the long healthcare fund is Michael Gregory. Gregory serves as the director and the head of the credit department at the company. The largest and the most profitable sector of the company is said to be healthcare sector. Currently, the industry is worth more than $3 billion in assets that are under the firm’s management. The main strength of the company has been a team of very dedicated and hardworking staff who have a total working experience of more than 130 years.

According to Gregory and Jim, the company is currently focused on the provision of robust performance to the investors. The prize they were able to garner is enough proof of the success of the company in the investment algorithms, risk investment infrastructure, and the hard work of the employees.

Sergio Cortes: Exercise Can Help Reduce Back Pain

Modern life that is dependent on technology can be bad for the back. Spending large amounts of time sitting, sometimes in an inappropriate posture can lead to back pain. If not treated, back pain can become a chronic problem.

Pilates, strolling, yoga, cycling and swimming are a few of the best choices of physical exercises that can help create a higher level well-being, enable you make corrections to your posture or maintain healthy posture. However, among the exercise options listed above, a many of the activities should not be undertaken without professional supervision. Dr. Sergio Cortes proposes that before starting any new physical practice, the individual should first consult with a specialist to discover which exercises are most recommended and the most ideal way to implement them. In addition, before and after exercising it is crucial to stretch to prevent injuries, strains and aggravation.

It is imperative to the specialist’s exercise plan not to exasperate or make new issues of back back pain with the wrong exercise regimen. Exercise activity that is not prescribed for a particular corrective reason can contribute to poor posture or back pain instead of helping to fix or relieve it.

By following all of your doctors recommendations and using an appropriate degree of caution, most people can do the recommended exercises in private without direct supervision if they can not go to a gym for any reason. “There is a huge amount of stretching and conditioning exercises that can be performed in the confines of ones home and with reduced risk of worsening pain or aggravating new pain” says Dr. Cortes. “Delicate stretching activities do not put to much stress on the spinal column”.

One beneficial activity is to practice stretches using a bar or a comparative structure. In a perfect world, one should perform the exercises gently and without using to much strain in any specific area. Although many common stretching exercises can be performed at home, sometimes it is necessary to consult a specialist to provide counsel and expertise on which exercises are best for your particular situation.

It is important to wear the proper accessories when exercising. Athletic shoes are usually a good option. Wearing socks that do not allow your feet to slip inside of your shoes is a good option. Hydration is likewise essential for the best possible working condition of the body.

Sergio Cortes is a former health secretary in Brazil. Cortes has worked with the Instituto Nacional de Traumatologia e Ortopedia, and the Confederação Brasileira de Volley. He currently is an executive health director based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official

Caring for Seniors at the Manse on Marsh

Caring for seniors has drastically changed over the past generation. Just a few decades ago, the choice was clear: we cared for parents at home, and very few went to a nursing facility. Since then, assisted living facilities have become one of the best options for older adults in their declining years. Clearly, some facilities are better than others, like the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Taking Advantage of Expert Care

For nearly 20 years, The Manse on Marsh has offered a variety of senior living options focused on a continuum of care. Amidst beautiful scenery, the facility offers a modern community with upgraded amenities. The facility utilizes a customized planning system that helps personalize senior care allowing senior citizens to continue an active lifestyle, but in a protected environment. With a modification of surroundings, such as grab bars in bathrooms and the replacement of doorknobs with easy-to-grip handles, the Manse on Marsh ensures loved ones are well-cared for by professionals, which is why they’ve really received a lot of praise for their work from agencies like A Place For Mom.

Chris Skiff, the owner and developer and the man in charge of hiring new staff members of The Manse on Marsh tossed around ideas about seniors living in their beloved neighborhoods, but with all the amenities required during the aging process. Many of the traditional institutions had gone, like the doctor who pays home visits, and the neighborhood grocer, all replaced by modern notions. Chris Skiff dug deeper and built a community with all the assets required for aging-in-place. The Manse on Marsh became a consolidator of services, and today is the go-to facility for continuing care.

Senior Choices

Lifestyle alternatives are far more extensive these days and The Manse on Marsh offers flexibility;

  • Nonmedical care. Professional caregivers provide companionship and home helper services such as light housework.
  • Skilled nursing care. Once thought of as institutions but The Manse on Marsh provides one of the best facilities that includes both physical and mental therapy such as music, art and similar activities to help seniors extend their active lives.
  • Palliative care and hospice. The Manse on Marsh also offers end of life treatment, and seniors are made comfortable.

Assisted Living and Independent Communities

The Manse on Marsh is much more than an assisted living community, given their easily contactable website help, or even their social media presence. It’s a complete village that takes care of seniors in need of care, yet offers stages of independence.

Still, selecting the best alternative for your particular circumstance can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. At the Manse on Marsh, families can rest assured that seniors are receiving the best possible care.

Sergio Cortes Discusses Weight Loss Habits That Cause Health Problems

Dr. Sergio Cortes, MD, is an expert in a number of health problems and conditions that continuously plague people all over the world. One of the problems is weight gain and how people try to lose excess weight by follow unscientific habits. Here are some habits mentioned by Sergio Cortes that lead to more harm than good –

Skipping Breakfast – People skip breakfast because they are in a rush or they simply don’t understand how important it is to have breakfast everyday. It can not only be bad for the body but can also cause weight gain because of overconsumption of food during the next meal – lunch.

Drinking Too Much Coffee – Sergio Cortes mentions that 80% of all Brazilians have at least one cup of coffee everyday. Most people all over the world tend to have coffee with breakfast and sometimes, during lunch and in the evening as well. Coffee speeds up the heart function and may lead to arrhythmia. It also causes problems with the sleep cycle and can be bad when taken in excess.

Skipping Meals and Overeating During Dinner – Skipping meals is another bad habit common with people who have a busy life. Some people think that eating less would mean that they lose weight quickly. However, what actually happens is that these people end up overeating at dinner which puts undue pressure on the body and leads to weight gain.

Eliminating Fruits From Diet – A thin body is not necessarily a healthy body and in order to be fit, people need to consume fruits. Fruits have many essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly. Sergio Cortes recommends taking at least 3 fruit servings every day.

Not Chewing Food Properly – The age old rule of chewing food properly has become popular for a reason – it helps the body to feel satisfied quickly. Plus, saliva is generated during chewing which helps to digest food better and in turn, leads to more efficient absorption of nutrients in the stomach.

Chewing Gum – People sometimes chew gum in lieu of eating but what they are doing is signalling to their body that food would be consumed soon. This leads to more calorie consumption later because chewing gum leads to saliva production in the mouth.

Pre-prepared Meals – Pre-packaged meals are full of calories and they may be simple to prepare but they do nothing for the body because they lack essential nutrients that fresh food can provide.

By avoiding these bad habits, Sergio Cortes says that people can get better results with their weight loss plans.

Source: Sergio Cortes Oficial

UnitedHealth Group Is Putting Pressure On The Administration

UnitedHealth Group is the nation’s largest health insurance company. That means they have a lot of power in the industry. UnitedHealth recently said the company may pull out of Affordable care Act in 2017, and that sent a shock wave through the country. Not only were Americans nervous when they heard that news, but also healthcare management companies like Nobilis Heath got a little jumpy as well.

The cold hard fact that health insurance is going up around the country has everyone concerned. But if UnitedHealth cuts its ties with Obama Care, there could be a lot of sick people that don’t get the help they need. The government is working hard to keep the 2016 insurance increases under control, and most analysts think UnitedHealth is just making noise to get what they want. What they want is to stop their losses. The company will lose more than $600 million this year and next year doesn’t look promising either. Insurance companies don’t like to lose money, and no one knows that better than Nobilis Health.

Nobilis Health owns and manages over 100 healthcare facilities in several states. The Nobilis facilities focus on surgical procedures that are non-invasive. Nobilis Health main goal is to provide excellent medical care at a low cost. Nobilis is one of the leaders in managed healthcare facilities. Nobilis Health not only manages surgical facilities they also staff, recruit, and do the marketing for each location. The company also handles mergers, acquisitions and partnerships.

In order to function successfully most healthcare facilities on have to know that health insurance is helping them. Without comprehensive insurance plans, healthcare facilities would lose business and patients would go without treatment. Healthcare facilities and healthcare insurance have a very close relationship, and when one of those elements is not functioning properly, the system breaks down.

If UnitedHealth Group decides to get out of the Affordable Care Act, the system could break down for patients that need care. There are a number of politicians that say the Affordable Care Act is too expensive and must be replaced. But more people have insurance in the United States now than in any other time in the history of health insurance.

Nobilis Health on and other healthcare management companies want the best for their patients and at this point in time the Affordable Care Act is the best plan. The government will make adjustments to keep UnitedHealth in the program. They want their healthcare system to work.

The George Soros Blueprint

George Soros has to be one of the most decorated investment bankers of his generation. He has paved the way for other generations of change makers in the investment banking industry to grow. He is a man who has dared to outdo himself. After an illustrious career in this sector, he bowed out at his prime and stepped into socio-political and humanitarian activism.


At his prime, George Soros is the revered and highly sought after billionaire with a knack for financial speculation. His unique understanding of financial markets around the world allowed him to make very profitable investments throughout his life. At one point, he literary broke the bank of England with a strong bet against the Sterling Pound that earned him $1 billion in a day.


According to Forbes, he founded the Soros Management Fund in the 1970’s, George Soros dedicated hid time learning and growing his experience in London and New York cities. In these two cities, investment banks were enjoying great business space. His skills endeared him to clients and peers alike. He was able to rise through the ranks to the senior most echelons of the industry in just two decades.


The blueprint that George Soros believes in revolves around the free thinking mind. An intuitive mind with an appetite for information and understanding of concepts. A mind that welcomes new learning opportunities. George Soros developed his critical thinking aspects early in life while attending the London School of Economics in London, England in the early 1950’s.


Throughout his life, the pen and paper have been his bad habit. George’s love for education led to the belief in writing to convey his messages. He has always published numerous of pieces on various topics such as economics, opinions, politics, governance, democracy and human rights. His scholarly works have added to the bodies of knowledge in all the sectors as mentioned earlier around the world.


By remaining vocal, he has contributed to the global debate and action against human rights violations and bad governance. His tendency to use billion of his money to sponsor suitable courses earned him the title of a philanthropist. In other circles, his love for business and empowered societies define a true social entrepreneur.


Through the open Society Foundations, he founded and ran, George Soros’s ideas are actualized on a global scale. He has been able to implement the idea of an open society around the world with great reception. They operate independently in over a hundred countries. These foundations promote democracy and education.


According to George Soros, democracy virtually means a form of governance where the people are heard and involved. The authorities act according to the wishes and needs of the population. A democratic nation also interacts well with its neighbors. The use of violence against other people and institution is condemned. An essential feature of democracy is the fact that the value of human life surpassed all other aspects.


George Soros ideas have nurtured and mentored other thinkers around the world. He has contributed to the education of millions through scholarships. His legacy precedes the nobleman.

Sergio Cortes Working Hard For The Health Of Others

Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes has his work cut out for him. Serving as Rio de Janeiro’s State Secretary of Health and Civil Defense, Sergio Cortes has dealt with a multitude of problems and health scares that have affected many people in Brazil. From dealing with issues concerning contaminated water to a Dengue fever epidemic Sergio Cortes is working keep the population healthy. When taking on this political role he initially wanted to increase the amount of health coverage for people. And while he continues to promote this there’s no telling what issues will be sent his way in future.

The 47 year-old doctor has served as Rio de Janeiro’s State Secretary of Health since his appointment in 2007. Considering his medical background and career expertise he was a solid fit for the role. He has served as a medical member in various capacities such as the Brazilian Olympic committee for the upcoming summer games as well as the Atlantic Olympic committee of 1996. Sergio Cortes is also an accomplished Orthopedic surgeon an has headed up departments of this specialty at various hospitals. For 16 years he has been a part of the National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics specializing in hip surgery.

Sergio Cortes also has a website where he writes articles on a variety of medically related topics. One of his recent postings offers great advice for those suffering from chronic back pain. In it he points out that our way of work in the modern world, mainly siting in chairs for long stretches of time with poor posture, has led to an increase in back problems. Cortes explains that many people with such issues have entered a cycle of pain that is hard to break free. In essence, many people currently with back pain never took the time to stretch or exercise to prevent problems. Now, after experiencing pain these sufferers continue not to exercise out of fear of increasing the amount of pain. He details specific stretches and exercises to help those that suffer from back problems alleviate some pain without compromising the spinal column. But when it comes to back pain, or pain of any type, Sergio Cortes is a big advocate of getting into a routine of healthy exercise. He explains that by taking the time to make exercise a habit this will prevent many painful developments from happening later on.