Study Calls for Curbing Overuse

Federal voices including the Obama administration, Government Accounting Office (an arm of the US Congress) Food and Drug Administration, are united in requesting Medicare address the inappropriate overuse of prescribed antipsychotics by older Americans. More specifically, older americans who live either at home or in care facilities who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Presently, the Obama administration is working with nursing homes across the US to reduce the overall prescribing of antipsychotics. These include commonly prescribed medications such as Zyprexa, Abilify and Risperdal.
According to a report Paul Mathieson read in the Neww York Times, the Department of Health and Human Services has been slow to address the overuse and/or prescription of antipsychotics for home patients diagnosed with Dementia. Senator Susan Collins, Republican, Maine, and Senator Thomas Carper, Democrat, Delaware initiated the study into antipsychotic prescription overuse. Senator Carper stated that in many cases the Medicare program is funding the prescribing of mind-altering medications for seniors diagnosed with dementia. He sees this as quite concerning. Two reasons cited for the administration of antipsychotics from the care facility standpoint, are inadequate staffing, and to calm patient outbursts such as repeated yelling, screaming hitting or aggression. The study is to be released in early March 2015.

Thousands of Girls and Women Find Relief from Endometriosis Through Laparoscopic Surgery

Endometriosis is a cellular disease in which tissues that comprise the lining of the uterus grow on other areas of the body. While sometimes accompanied by little or no symptoms severe cases can cause excruciating pain, as well as dysmenorrhea and infertility.

Much is unknown about the mechanisms behind the disease. However, the symptoms seem to occur from a build-up of tissue that normally would be shed and regenerated during menses; because the cells grow on areas other than the lining of the uterus they become trapped and cause inflammation. The growths (known as an endometrial implant) typically occur on the ovaries and/or bowels but have been seen to spread beyond the pelvic region.

Due to the nature of endometriosis accurate diagnoses (and often time’s treatment) can only be achieved through surgical means. While surgery should be a last resort it can become the only option for those who are unable to find pain relief or help with infertility through pharmacological interventions. The good news for those that suffer from the condition: the techniques and methods for treatment is rapidly improving, becoming less invasive, and requires less recovery time. Despite advances often times older methods (which can include full hysterectomies) are the only options to relieve the patient’s symptoms.

However, not unlike many other medical conditions endometriosis can now be effectively treated through a method known as laparoscopic surgery. This technique employs the use of a long fiber optic cable inserted into cm sized surgical incisions. A gas (usually CO2 because of the body’s natural ability to purge it) is used to insufflate the abdomen in order to make navigation and surgical extractions easier. During an exploratory surgery the doctor can locate and diagnose areas affected by endometriosis. They will also likely biopsy certain areas to confirm the diagnosis.

Once the doctor has located and accurately identified an endometrial implant two different methods can be utilized. One method known as excision removes the implant by separating it from healthy tissue with surgical scissors, a heat gun or laser beam. Coagulation (the other technique) simply destroys the implant using either a laser or heat. While the latter is quicker and requires less skill, it is less effective. Excision requires a skilled surgeon and is typically very time consuming. Therefore it is important to seek out a doctor who specializes in these kinds of advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

One of the country’s most renowned gynecologists and surgeons Dr. Tamer Seckin MD has spent the last 20 years helping women overcome pelvic pain associated with endometriosis. As a leading specialist in the field he is one of the only few surgeons accredited to perform advanced laparoscopic excisions of endometrial implants. His expertise and years of experience have helped thousands of women and girls overcome pelvic pain through surgical interventions. Dr. Seckin has also fought tirelessly to bring awareness to this often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed disease; that he feels is largely ignored despite affecting 11% of girls and women in the U.S alone.

Bruce Levenson: A Master Of Business And Giving

Bruce Levenson has made a life for himself in the world of business. Even better than that, he has found ways to give back to the community that has given so much to him. He got his humble start in 1977 working on a business to business company. From there he grew his wealth and expanding his career.

This man is currently best known for being the co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG). Atlanta Spirit LLC is also a business also owned by Bruce Levenson. His most prized possession may well be the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. He purchased the team from previous owner Ted Turner.

With all of this success and the wealth building up for Levenson, he decided that it was time to start giving back some. It wasn’t long before the idea of funding a program at a university struck Levenson as a good idea. He started working on plans to create something that people at the University of Maryland could benefit from.

He decided to give seed money to the University of Maryland to get a program for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership. These programs will help to make sure that those who are interested in helping out and giving back to their community can do so. Bruce Levenson can help to ensure that there will be a new crop of people who are giving back to their community.

It is amazing to see that this kind of thing would be done by someone who has already achieved so much. He does not have anything left to prove to anyone, but he has still gone through the trouble to help. This means that there are plenty of reasons to be thankful that such a person exists and is working towards such a result. Levenson needs to praised for the very hard work that he has done and continues to do to this day.

Beneful Takes Nutritious Approach To Keep Dogs’ Diet In Check

Beneful started producing dog food in 2001. It has become a global phenomenon that’s keeping canines of all age, size, and breed in the best shape. Nestle Purina Petcare primary focus in producing Beneful is to introduce a healthful diet to canines. The product line has dog food, treats, and dry food. Pet parents have an option to feed their canines and pups a meal-in-a-can, tasty snacks or other Beneful foods.

Popular research group Marketline shared a report in 2012, which included a SWOT analysis of Beneful’s performance statistics. The brand ranked 4th in the pet food industry ahead of other competing products in the segment. During this period, Beneful generated an annual revenue of over 1.5 billion dollars. With Beneful, it’s effortless to dogs’ nutrition in check. Nestle Purina’s best commercial in history is the 2012 Beneful TV AD campaign valued at over $34 million dollars.

In June 2006, Beneful introduced a vegetarian recipe for dogs. It’s a Beneful-Healthy-Harvest that includes soy. It’s not meat-based like the other pet foods of Beneful family. The brand later introduced a healthy mix of prepared meals in 2006. This meal option offers 8 flavors served in a bowl. The product launch was a success and soon become a sought after pet food attracting a massive following. It raised a revenue of $300 million in the same year. The company saw it fit to expand the manufacturing side of the business in 2006. The expansion of the Missouri-based wet-food facilities cost over $36 million. The products have undergone multiple transforms to keep a competitive edge. In 2010, the manufacturer spiced up the recipe to give it a look that mimicked that of human food.

An unforgettable Beneful marketing campaign is the Austrian birthed commercial meant for all dogs. It’s an advertising strategy that’s exclusive to the Beneful family, and it can be seen here. The campaign began in 2011 and targeted the pet community in a profound way. Beneful’s aim was to evoke pet-like gestures in dogs instead of letting humans think for them. For pets, this advertising campaign was relatable. It featured noises that dogs could understand and elicit behavior accordingly. Beneful managed to raise $500,000 to sponsor the national dog park in 2013. The company announced a competition focused on attracting the best park designers for the project. Beneful collected 1,000 proposals and selected the best one.

Beneful hosted annual competitions for sponsored dog park renovations, which attracted 1,000 dog park design submissions in 2013 for the $500,000 renovation. The brand is the nation’s leading pet food supplier of nutritious premium meals.

Finding Back Pain Relief With A North American AccuraScope Procedure

One of the most important parts of the human body is the spine. When something goes wrong it can cause extensive pain anywhere from the neck down. For many years it has been extremely difficult for patients to find relief whether the pain is constant or in short bursts. Fortunately, six years ago a new method of treatment was discovered called North America Spine AccuraScope. With an 82 percent success rate, many people who have suffered years of pain have found relief.

The AccuraScope method treats pain in the upper back, lower back and neck with a carefully planned procedure that affords immediate relief. Physicians specially trained in Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Spine Surgery or Interventional Pain Management are devoting their skills to bringing relief from this disabling pain. This means that the patient is in the hands of experts who are highly skilled in the procedure of using minimal invasive spine surgery to correct this kind of discomfort.

The majority of back pain is caused by a herniated disc. This when the gel-like material, which cushions the vertebrae, bulges out and allows nerves to be exposed. The treatment used depends on the section of the spine that is causing pain. For example, for neck pain treatment is made by inserting a needle and using a laser that will shrink the bulging disc. This repairs tears, lessens the pressure on the nerves, and does not require invasive surgery.

For the upper back, a thoracic North American Spine procedure is used. Because the rib cage is involved, a needle is used and there is no incision. For the lower back lumbar spine, a small incision is made and a flexible tube inserted. A sophisticated camera and other instruments are then used to locate the problem allowing the physician provide the necessary treatment. This includes mending any tears or other damage that is contributing to the patient’s discomfort.

One of the great advantages of choosing this type of treatment for consistent back pain is that the entire procedure ordinarily takes less than 45 minutes. The patient can then immediately return home and, on the average, resume work the next day.
There is no doubt that the North American Spine AccuraScope procedure can often bring relief of back pain that may have caused discomfort for many years. It is a simple method used to treat a problem that is one of the most common in the human body.

Emulsifiers Believes to Harm Human Health

A study published on February 25 in Nature revealed that emulsifying agents that help hold together and thicken food mixtures might cause weight gain, intestinal inflammation, overgrowth of bad gut flora and blood sugar imbalance in humans.

Researchers tested two common emulsifiers used in many prepackaged food products found throughout the country on laboratory mice and discovered to their shock that the chemicals in the emulsifiers promote the growth of gut flora that live close to the actual tissue of the intestines and bacteria that destroy the natural mucus layer that protects intestinal tissue. These overgrowths, in addition to subsequent damage, then cause the rest of the health issues which is a major concern of Feegow.

The emulsifiers were also found to cause more severe damage in mice genetically predisposed to colitis and inflammatory bowel disease, which means that it is entirely possible the same could happen in humans. Anyone suffering predisposed to those diseases, or celiac disease, could be suffering more because of emulsifiers.

As of Thursday, February 26, the researchers do not know if these emulsifiers should be consumed when people are on antibiotics. They also do not know if natural agents like guar gum and soy have the same effect. They have begun the process of studying those emulsifiers on a new test group. The researchers have also started human testing to see if emulsifiers cause the same type of damage in humans as in mice.

Human Head Transplants

In June of this year, Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero plans to announce his goal of transplanting a human head from one body to another by 2017 at the annual American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons conference.

Canavero, who works for the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, believes that technology exists right now that can make the surgery possible with lower chance of foreign body rejection or life-threatening infections preventing successful outcomes and patients living long and happy lives. In fact, this week he published research findings about advanced cooling techniques in Surgical Neurology International that were promising results.

Beyond cooling cells, Canavero found that, to prevent oxygen loss and cellular death, the spinal cord must be cut last and cleanly. Canavero outlined several other techniques that would make the surgery a success, including the use of polyethylene glycol to help fat in cells to mesh together faster at suture points, three to four weeks of induced coma non-movement to promote safe healing and spinal electrodes to provide spinal cord stimulation that to strengthen nerve connections.

Bernardo Chua has read that, of course, many critics from the medical community believe humans are simply not advanced enough at this point. They have also voiced ethical concerns. Many critics who do not have medical backgrounds have also pointed out that Canavero ignores common standard surgery issues that could happen such as nerve damage, severe suture site scarring and drug rejection.

Peanut Exposure Might Prevent Allergies

In the last couple of decades, allergies to peanuts have increased at a serious rate with a minimum of 2 percent of US children being diagnosed with allergies. It is also affecting great numbers of children in Asia, Africa and other countries. The cause for concern surrounding peanut allergies are the severe reactions, deaths and that children do not seem to outgrow the allergies as they age. Fortunately, data that was just released from recent studies indicates there may be help after all.

The director, Dr. Anthony Fauci from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was highly impressed with the study results, and he seems to think this may even make a difference as to how modern medicine approaches prevention of food allergies.

The study indicated that giving small quantities of peanuts to young children or even infants can help them to build a tolerance and may prevent allergies. Infants less than one year of age were exposed to peanuts, and it was determined that they cut their risk of allergies by about 81 percent.

Susan McGalla of American Eagle has read that, at one time prior to 2008, the pediatric guidelines recommended against giving any foods containing peanuts to children age 3 or younger. Eventually this recommendation was dropped because it did not prevent allergies.

Today, to be on the safe side, doctors recommend your children get skin-tested for peanut allergies. If allergies do run in the family, you should work with recommendations from your doctor to introduce peanuts in safe quantities.

Getting the Most Out of Your Life


Most people think that getting the most out of life means you have to go skydiving or climb a mountain. Yes, that will enrich your life, but what about when you are at home, in the city? You can be living each day to the fullest every day, and it doesn’t have to cost much at all.

Here’s a list that Bruce Karatz shared to get you started. Check off what you’ve done, and get to the rest. Then, it’s up to you to be creative and do something to enrich your everyday life.

1. Gone on a blind date.
2. Gone on a road trip with your friends.
3. Spent the entire day pampering yourself with whatever you like. (includes shopping)
4. Jumped in the ocean for a swim; jumped in naked.
5. Had sex outside your comfort zone.
6. Read a book that changed your life.
7. Learned a new language, and then visited that country.
8. Actively fought for a cause you believe in.
9. Written a letter to your idol.
10. Overcame a challenge that changed your life and brought you closer to God.
11. Spent a Saturday watching all the classic romantic movies.
12. Tried every restaurant in your area that serves your favorite food.
13. Fallen in love; fallen out of love.
14. Learned to play an instrument.
15. Watched the sunrise just because you could.
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The Teeth Won’t Lie

If you have ever had a toothache, then you know that it can be the worst pain you have probably ever experienced. There is a reason for all of that discomfort, and that’s because the nerves in the teeth go straight to the brain. If there is an exposed nerve, the tooth gives the feeling of pain because it’s near a receptor that takes those feelings to your brain, giving you the excruciating experience. Anything that hits the tooth that it doesn’t like, such as cold, warmth or touch, can result in pain as Jaime Garcia Dias knows well. The teeth don’t give the warm, comforting feelings that you might have when something touches the skin state articles on Facebook. They are solid masses in the mouth that when aggravated, they will let you know that they aren’t happy until you seek some kind of relief. Unfortunately, that relief is often in the form or a filling, removal of the tooth or a root canal.