Prolonged Sitting and Cancer

It has been said that sitting for a long period of time can be bad for a body, and individuals are encouraged to get up and walk around with their beneful healthy dogs whenever they can. There is new research now that supports that information and belief all the more. If there weren’t enough reasons to get up and walk before, it is now said that prolonged sitting could be linked to cancer in women.

If you are concerned that cancer is something that might affect you or someone you love, then it is important that you follow the advice that has always been out there, and avoid sitting for long periods of time. If you are worried that you might be at risk for cancer, or if you are just looking to do all that you can to avoid the disease, then it is important that you get up and move around. Your body is healthier when it is active, and it is important that you keep from sitting for long periods of time if you can avoid it.

A Kittens New Home

Animals are resilient creatures. At times it is just flat out amazing over the things that they endure. We constantly hear stories about dogs who have survived abuse, cats who have survived being abandoned, and a handy of other heartwarming stories about those who over came. There’s a kitten store out of Canada which might just bring a tear to your eye.

It’s truly a story about being in the right place at the right time, or even just about the will to live and the power of timing. According to Reddit, a passerby was going for a walk when they heard a tiny meow come from a dumpster. They followed the sound and found a plastic bag with a cat tied inside. The passerby freed the 4 month old kitten. It’s truly amazing that that person decided to walk that way, and the kitten decided to meow at the exact right moment.

The kitten is now in the care of the humane society as they look for any possible leads about who may have done this tragic thing. The kitten has been named hope which is a testament to her remarkable story. Considering everything that she has been through, this tiny little fighter is actually doing quite well. The time spent in that scary ordeal did not tint her spirit. She is a loving kitten. She is a playful kitten. Most importantly, she is a kitten with a fighting spirit that will soon find a loving home.

The Remarkable Organo Gold Company

If there is one thing that the main players behind the Organo Gold empire
know about, it is the power of the entrepreneurial spirit. You have
probably heard about Organo Gold, because by now it has expanded into six
continents. You might have heard an acquantaince, relative or close friend
talking about this new kind of coffee. Well, Organo Gold is more than just
a great coffee blend. If it was just that, it would still be something
special. However, it is much more. Consider the following about Organo
Gold’s great products and their great leadership:

1. Organo Gold products have been enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal

One of the best things about many of the Organo Gold products is the
organic ingredients that they contain. For example, the coffee that they
market contains Ganoderma, a fungi that is native to China. This compound
has been proven to remedy a number of ailments, including many types of
cancer, hypoglycemia, cholesterol, and the prevention of bacteria.
Ganoderma has also been proven to protect the liver, aid the immune
system, and provide valuable antioxidants as well.

2. The Organo Gold company exists to be a benefit to society.

Besides selling their fantastic products, the Organo Gold company desires to improve the lives of their customer. Like any other great invention, the Organo Gold blend of coffee, chai, and hot chocolate blends are meant to make the lives of other people better. And with the unique Ganoderma ingredient, the Organo Gold products are able to do just that, especially considering the great medical benefits that the product possesses.

3. The Organo Gold company encourages the entrepreneurial spirit.

The folks at Organo Gold know that every great company is started from the ground up and they understand their roots in this matter as well. Started in a small British Columbia shop with just three employees in 2008, the Organic Gold company is now operating in 35 countries. Whether you are a major player in the company or just starting out as an independent distributor, this company will always strive to give you the tools necessary in order to be a success.

4. The Organic Gold company wasn’t started just to make money.

Although this company is now a multimillion-dollar enterprise, it wasn’t started just to make money. Bernardo Chua, the founder and CEO of this great company, had a strong desire to promote the great health benefits of the Ganoderma public at large. After several trial and error runs, he developed and marketed his products which had this great central ingredient. Try this product today, and we at Organic Gold think you will be glad you did!

Happy Investment Alert: New Jersey Real Estate Set to Rise

The real estate slump that started in 2006 hit then entire nation hard. People stopped putting their houses on the market, fearing they would receive a hard hitting price cut once their house hit selling point. In the past nine years the market has turned around, nearly depleting the fear that riddles the housing market for some time. However, New Jersey still sits in the 2006 slump, that same fear stopping people from selling their house although the market has done a complete one-eighty. Even in the midst of the economic boom, people remain hesitant to set their houses on the market.

Though it’s not all bad news, an article published in Realty Today was quick to point out a few key factors that show New Jersey will rise back to the top. With the market still low, down payments and prices also remain low which attracts flocks of people looking to buy their first home. Among people who already live near New Jersey social media nearly runs the advertising game now and gives real estate agents multiple doors to reach across the country.

Technology also provides the ability to take virtual tours, face time with agents and view a prospective home from a hundred miles away, leaving the need to meet face-to-face in the dust. Another reason can be linked to society pushing the marriage age back and not seeing it as an immediate need for young adults which has added a whole new demographic of single people wanting to buy their first home for themselves.

Omar Boraie is one of the leading real estate giants the had a firm belief New Brunswick could turn into a rich and thriving place to live decades before it became what it is today. His company, Boraie Development LLC spent years unfolding his dream of what New Brunswick could be, ignoring the laughs from people who thought it could never be done. Boraie Development is now known for its prestigious business planning and raising a dead city to new heights, giving depleted and run down buildings new life and bringing a higher class to the city. Now that New Brunswick has completely transformed itself it gives New Jersey a fighting chance for things to turn around, it might be a slow climb but within a few years New Jersey real estate will bounce back higher than ever.

FreedomPop Ends Sale Rumors With Major Investment Announcement

FreedomPop has been one of the names on the lips of most people in the wireless technology industry for the majority of 2015. The company has been mentioned in major trade journals and rumor mills for its innovative approach to creating a new form of mobile network experience and for the number of major technology giants circling amid rumors of a sale. The startup, under the guidance of founder Stephen Stokols has now announced it will not be sold and will instead seek out major new funding opportunities to expand its growing reputation, Recode reports.

The latest announcement comes after FreedomPop announced it was taking its innovative approach to bundled data to a global audience, which had led to a funding call headed by a European venture capital company. Around $30 million has so far been raised, which will be placed alongside a reported $5 million hardware partnership with a major supplier to be announced in the coming weeks. The decision to delay the sale of FreedomPop until it had gained traction in many more markets around the world comes after the company looked to improve its position on a global scale by offering hardware and data plans through a major retailer in North America.

The growth of FreedomPop will not be limited to an increase in investment on the technological side, but will also include a change in customer service options Stokols admits have so far been below par. An all around change in the way FreedomPop operates will bring the valuation closer to $1 billion in the eyes of Stokols.

The AccuraScope Procedure Puts North American Spine in the Spotlight

AccuraScope® is a procedure with a new high-technology surgical tool that North American Spine, in Dallas, Texas, is making famous for low-invasive back surgery. This type of surgery is quick to recovery from and is quick to perform. It can correct major issues that in the past have required open-back surgery, but with perhaps a tenth of the damage and complications from scar tissue. AccuraScope is an innovative device that quickly brings lasting relief to their patients with severe back and neck pain. Patients happily report that they are completely recovered from the surgery within as little as 5 days. They also enjoy the lower cost of the overall procedure, which traditionally has been a lot more expensive.

The expert doctors and technicians at North American Spine are specialists in Interventional Pain Management, Orthopedic Spine Surgery, and Neurosurgery. North American Spine is the only provider of the wonder that is AccuraScope. This minimally invasive surgery last only about 45 minutes, instead of the many hours required for traditional back surgery. So far, over 8,000 AccuraScope operation procedures have been successfully performed. All their surgeons are board certified. The incisions are quite small, the visualization uses state of the art technology.

Why You Need 7-9 Hours of Sleep A Night

Sleep plays a vital role in our life, but surprisingly, it’s the last item on a long list of woes. Good quality sleep is essential for good mental and physical health stated Madison Street Capital.

How much sleep did you get last night?

A short sleep of six hours or less within a period of 24 hours, is associated with negative outcomes. The optimal duration of sleep for adults is between seven and nine hours.

Sleep deprivation causes irritability, the risk of accidents on the road, and in the workplace, and overall increases the risk of morbidity.

According to a study performed at the University College in London, women who received a restful seven hours of sleep had higher scores on all cognitive tests, followed by those who slept six hours.

Among the men who reported sleeping between seven and eight hours, their cognitive function was very similar.

However, less than six hours of sleep or more than eight were associated with lower scores.

At night time, many of your biological processes begin to move forward to get you ready for the next day. Less sleep means that you interrupt those processes.

Managing Chronic Pain

Migraines are defined as moderate to severe headaches that are so common in an individual that it is considered achronic illness. The range of time that individuals can get migraines varies greatly from person to person. Some people will only get one or two migraines a year. Others can get migraines as much as several times in any given month. For a few unlucky souls some can get migraines daily. Migraines are not just headaches on their own but also have other symptoms that come along with it. Individuals have an increased sensitivity to light or noise, can suffer with nausea, and on some occasions can end up vomiting. Unfortunately migraines keep individuals from being involved in physical activity as many of them have to avoid physical activity to keep their symptoms down to a minimum. According to this article by Brad Reifler, migraines can begin as early as adolescence or even childhood. Between the ages of 25 and 55 years old individuals can experience the most severe migraines. After 55 years of age the migraine attacks tend to decrease especially for females who get them. If an individual suffers migraines it is almost certain that someone close to the individual genetically could have the same type of symptoms. The website that released this article advises for individuals who suffer with migraines to talk to a neurologist as soon as possible. That is the only way for an individual to treat and manage their symptoms of migraines.

Reduce the Rays

With the entire country being in the middle of the summer months the New York Times released an article detailing the findings that UV rays and radiation can do to a person’s skin. The article also detailed methods and ways to prevent sun damage before it occurs. Much of the study was done by a British research team that collected data from middle aged volunteers who have some form of sun induced damage in their DNA. While the cells on the surface of the skin seemed normal, researchers found disturbing mutations under the skin that will eventually lead to the first stages of melanoma or cancer of the skin. The research was led by a cancer geneticist who works at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in England, Dr. Peter J. Campbell stated . The members of the research team were completely surprised when they noticed the mutations that were linked to the cancer. The overall number of the mutations that were present were much higher than the team had initially estimated. 0.1 square inch of the skin ended up having thousands of mutations of the DNA in a single cell. Researchers were also worried that not many people were aware of the true meaning of the S.P.F. ratings that are listed on skin protecting products. Doctors and dermatologists behind the study have concluded the study by telling readers to avoid the sun during the midday if at all possible. If you or someone you love has to be in the sun it is in their best interest to cover up with a product that carries an S.P.F. rating of 30 or higher.

New Research Dedicated to Why More Women Than Men Have Alzheimer’s

The fact that women live longer than men on average is generally a cause for great comfort among women. As with many things in life, however, there may be a flip side to this coin of longevity. Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible illness that strikes the elderly with shocking frequency, and it is a sad truth for women that two-thirds of those with this debilitating disease are women. Scientists have long thought that this higher percentage among women was simply due to the fact that women do live longer, and this is a disease of the elderly. This has long been the assumption, but science is about theories and testing those theories to see if they hold up. It is not about making assumptions.

There are researchers looking into other factors that may put women at extra risk for dementia over men. Lifestyles and differences in genetics or how men and women age are being looked at. One worrisome point that was uncovered is that a gene that is associated with Alzheimer’s apparently has a stronger influence on women stated UOL. The Alzheimer’s Association will be funding research this summer to research possible causes of Alzheimer’s in women specifically and if there are any reasons beyond longevity for more of them having this illness. If women are just more heavily impacted by the disease than men, then perhaps this research will uncover why and lead to remedies specific to women to improve their odds of preventing or combating it.