A Couple of New Treatments for Clinical Depression

On January 26, 2016, the U.S. Preventative Service made it a requirement to screen all adults being treated by clinicians for clinical depression. This could also mean consensual screenings with medical physicians. The screenings are especially designed for pregnant women due to the fact that the physical changes and the psychological stress of the coming childbirth can result in clinical depression.

Simultaneously, in partnership with Jon Urbana and Ellipse USA (on behalf of Earth Force), Albert “Skip” Rizzo and his team at the Institute for Creative Technologies have designed and created a program named Ellie that has the ability to detect depression by scanning physiological signs such as voice tone and duration of the smile. For example, those struggling with clinical depression often do smile as much but it’s usually one that is more out of obligation than one that comes from true inner thoughts. Ellie will also be extended to scanning former combat soldiers for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

There is also increasing support with treating depression with monitored prescriptions of ketamine. It has also been found that spending time in nature often helps to reduce the risk of depression. Clinical depression is currently believed the be the result of faulty connections between the brain cells that control mood. Also, a sense of isolation and loneliness makes for a high risk of depression because humans are hardwired to want a sense of interpersonal connection.

There is not one single cookie cutter cause of clinical depression, there are many. As a result, the psychology and science fields are working to find ways that will help people individually.

Slyce’s System For Online Shopping

News In Visual Search Technology

Angel investors and crowd fund raising supporters have brought the funds to the newest technology start ups in image recognition technology. These new tech companies are taking part in a new, growing industry that is sure to evolve as our technology takes new forms. The smart phones we use give these tech companies a lot to work with in order to create the best, most innovative takes on online shopping technologies. Online shopping itself has surely evolved over the years, but this change is the most convenient one we have seen since the internet came about.

In a recent article from Live Mint’s website, the start up companies that are taking on this new technology are compared tit for tat. It’s an interesting article that I will share at the end of this post.

Finding Out About Slyce

Since there are so many different visual search technologies to examine on the market, it’s a job in itself to figure out which one too keep your eyes on. I prefer to use Slyce for my shopping needs. If I was a retailer or an investor, then I would have had a look at their site also. Slyce is available on smart phones and on desktops. It’s easy to use, and Slyce is free to start using. The system works like most online shopping networks, except Slyce uses visual search technology to make their system stand out in the crowd. Visual search allows users to take a picture of the item that they want to purchase from their surroundings. It allows people to purchase anything they see and want without going to the stores or looking things up online.

Slyce has made so many upgrades to its image recognition system recently that it is way ahead of its competitors. They have a live customer service team that is available to help users find their purchases, much like a group of personal shoppers. Users get the satisfaction of having these qualified experts from Slyce available via chat. The users can contact them at their leisure. Also, the customer care people help augment the AI searches.

From Investment Banker to Millionaire Philanthropist: Sanjay Shah’s journey.

Sanjay Shah worked in the investment banking industry for 20 years. He worked for financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, ING, and Dutch bank Rabobank. Over the years, he worked his way up to head of trading before the financial crisis of 2009 left him unemployed. Discouraged with the day to day grind of commuting to and sitting in an office all day, Shah decided to embark on a new journey and start his own company. Thus, Solo Capital was born.

He knew running a business would be difficult, especially in the beginning stages, but he persevered. In just five years he has accrued a net worth of close to 300 million dollars. The success of Solo Capital has enabled Shah to decrease the amount of time he puts into the business, delegating most of the work to others. This left him time to pursue other business ventures and become more involved in philanthropic endeavors.

In 2011, when Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism he didn’t hesitant to help with the cause. That’s when he began to have a focus for his philanthropic vision. He donated money to the Dubai Autism Centre which is a center that help families with autistic children. When he approached the center they informed him they needed new buses so he immediately purchased the buses.

Shah still felt that there was more that he could do. He felt it best to focus more efforts towards research. He believes that autism needs to be understood better in order to help children more effectively. In effort to do more Shah mixed his love of music with his desire to help aid autism research and created Autism Rocks. He used his connections from college to help him get his venture off the ground. His organization host private concerts throughout the world to raise money for research. He has gotten performers such as Prince, Elvis Costello, and Joss Stone to assist in his efforts.

Shah has enormous plans for Autism Rocks. The connections that he has made during his career and the financial capital he amassed allows him to make a big difference for those who deal with Autism.

You can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I Can Say I’m Truly Proud Of My Private Area Because Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

I like looking at myself in the mirror, and honestly, I like what I see. I’ve been with the same man for five years, and we got married after we were together for over three years. I never let anyone look between my legs, but my husband has seen everything that I have down there. Unfortunately, I asked him one day to show me what I look like down there, and he gave me two mirrors to help me see myself. I couldn’t believe how ugly it looked, and I became very ashamed when it was time for us to have sex. I didn’t want my husband touching me below my waist, and I certainly didn’t want him looking down there anymore.

My labia didn’t look as good as I wanted it to, and I decided surgery was necessary to fix the problem. I looked up the top Texas plastic surgeon, who specialized in labiaplasty, and Dr. Jennifer Walden came up in my search. I found out that they could cut off the extra skin in my labia area, and I could be put back together to look a certain way that would be more appealing to my eyes. I contacted Dr. Jennifer Walden, and our consultation was a very informative one. She let me know the risks, the benefits, and how the procedure would be performed.

I brought my husband with me to be my support system, even though he tried to talk to the doctor and tell her to have me change my mind. After Dr. Jennifer Walden explained to my husband why I felt the way I did, he finally understood, and he chose to support me to get the surgery. When I went in for my surgery, my nerves were shot. If it wasn’t for Dr. Walden calming me down, I probably would’ve changed my mind and left. I’m still very glad that I got the surgery performed because I honestly can say that I love the way I look in my vaginal area now, and I’m happy with the work that Dr. Jennifer Walden performed.


The Virtual-Strategy Magazine has recently covered the Manhattan real estate under the Town residential analysis. In the 2015 fourth quarterly report of the firm, the prevailing selling prices in the Manhattan have risen to $1,976,660 which is 5.2 % increase. The sale price progression escalated to $1,150,000 indicating a 16% increment with the comparison to the preceding year. Over the year, Manhattan has incredibly developed in the real estate segment. In the third quarter of 2015, for instance, the price of a Manhattan co-op was $ 1, 217,01 and in the fourth quarter rose to $ 1,272,092, a 4.6% augmentation.

The report has also clearly elucidated that there is a wide interval between the upcoming developments trading and the real estate tastes and preferences. These differences have eventually boosted Manhattan real estate prices as they are in line with most people tastes and preferences. The founder and the CEO of the TOWN Residential point out that the prices started more favorable for sellers as the developments and improvement got enhanced. The number of units was 7, 963 in the last month of 2015. These units were consisting of townhouses, condos and coops on sale within NYC real estate. The development is exceptional in all the categories of houses. The One-bedroom, two-bedroom, and the mansions are all being bought at an appalling rate thus an added advantage to the real estate market.

In conclusion, the report has indicated that the market participants are increasing and alert about the prevailing market conditions. Itzy Garay, the Executive Vice President of sales and leasing, TOWN Residential, says that the in the last quarter, buyers have become more cost-conscious, and the power of setting up prices in the real estate sector has shifted from the sellers to the buyers. Buyers have the financial capability to purchase but are not willing to trade at the previous prices that had existed at the beginning. The statistics evaluated from the Manhattan Market only as a representative of the New York City.

George Soros Is Looking To Angela Merkel For Answers

FX Street first brought reports of an interview between George Soros and the New York Review of Books. Soros was speaking with the book review about a number of topics, but the most important topic was the refugee crisis in Europe. Millions of people have fled the middle east, and countries across Europe are shouldering the burden or all these new citizens. This article explains why George believes Angela Merkel is the only person who can solve the crisis.

#1: George Ties The Greek Financial Crisis To German Authority

Germany charged interest rates many times higher than normal to punish Greece for being in such a position, and George believes that the Greek crisis was allowed to get worse and worse because of German involvement. The festering situation became so bad that the whole of the EU could have collapsed, and he believes that Angela Merkel could have done a better job leading her country.

#2: Germany Must Make A Decision

Angela Merkel announced an open door policy to immigrants, but the German people have steadily begun to disagree with such a policy. The people are at odds with the government over how the migrants will be handled, and Merkel herself said that the migrant crisis could destroy the EU. This prediction could become true if Germany is not careful, and the people of Germany could be worked into a frenzy that is not necessary. George is hoping that cooler heads will prevail during this most critical time.

#3: George Believes In The Power Of Words

George Soros runs the Open Society Foundation to promote democracy, but he knows that Angela Merkel’s prediction could come true if Germans take it seriously. A consensus could occur among Germans who want to push migrants out of the country, and each nation will spend millions more to deal with the migrant crisis. Money will be wasted in every country because of a careless prediction, and George himself does not have the resources to help everyone who is fleeing Syria.

#4: A Comprehensive Plan

George wants the EU to formulate a comprehensive plan to handle the migrant crisis. The crisis could be managed when all countries come together to help every one of the migrants. Leaving everyone to settle in Germany will tear the country apart, and rhetoric from the chancellor will become more and more problematic. George hopes that Angela Merkel will back off her stance, call for a better plan and lead the EU to a wise decision on the migrant crisis

George Soros manages the Open Society Foundation for the promotion of democracy and to help the oppressed. He is very concerned about the people who are leaving Syria, and he does not want to see them demonized by a government. George believes that Angela Merkel can put a stop to the madness with better leadership, but he cannot force her to do so. A waiting game has begun to learn if Germany will treat the refugees as humans and not a liability.

Alexei Beltyukov Has Just Came Up with An Educational Tool That Will Revolutionize Math Learning

Alexei Beltyukov is a very rich and successful Russian businessman. Mr.Beltyukov was he provincial doctor in 1995 when he saw an advertising in a Russian newspaper named Izvestia. He filled out that at and mailed it to INSEAD and was accepted. His bio shows that he graduated with an MBA in 1997 and began to make his voice heard. He began to shine brightly in the Russian business world. He founded A- ventures, New Gas Technologies and the ever so successful Endemic Capital.

Mr. Alexei Beltyukov soon made the jump from wealthy businessman to serial philanthropist as CrunchBase identifies. He and some of his fellow students from INSEAD funded the Russian Alumni Scholarship to assist other Russian students in their quest for improvement. Alexei Beltyukov received the same type of assistance when he went to INSEAD. He received a scholarship that helped him when he was still trying to take care of his young family and go to school. The Russian Alumni Scholarship was initially funded with $150,000 and is intended to help out other Russian students that have been accepted to INSEAD.

Alexei Beltyukov has long been an advocate of education. Most of his philanthropy has been directed to helping others help themselves through the wonders of education. As a man that holds both an MBA and a medical degree Alexei Beltyukov is a living example of the successes that can be obtained through education. He is not able to combine his interest in education and knowledge as the chief operating officer of Solvy. Solvy is a bold new educational platform that can be accessed online. Its main focus is high school students, their teachers and a way for them to connect online outside of the classroom.Solvy is a place where subjects like math and science are explored in a customized approach that actually entices those students to make mistakes and to learn from them. There are no multiple choice answers and teachers can monitor their students progress through the website. By making math and science more accessible Mr.Beltyuko hopes to give students the edge that they need to increase comprehension and be able to compete on a world scale.

It Is Mr.Alexei Beltyukov sincere goal to make Solvy a household name for Americans to in high school math education. Solvy will be able to provide the tool to seamlessly integrate advanced educational programs with their students and their teachers. His goal is to increase the ability of Americans to to do well in math and be able excel in the subject.

Autism Rocks – A Charity That’s Changing Lives for Autistic Children

In 2011, Sanjay Shah and his wife had to take their son to the doctor. The problem was that he could not keep his food down. The doctor suggested that the couple seek help from a behavioural psychologist who specializes in children. The psychologist determined that their young son had a disorder called autism. In fact, there are many studies that link food intolerance to the autistic condition.

The couple sought out multiple doctors in order to receive a second opinion. The results were the same. A blood test was the final confirmation. Shah wasted no time in applying ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) to his son. This type of therapy aims at getting the child to develop faster than they otherwise might.

When back in their hometown of Dubai, the couple visited the Dubai Autism Centre. This resource is funded by the Dubai government to help families that have autistic children. They were told that their son would need to wait up to 5 years to receive treatment due to the long waiting list. However, he was able to pay for the treatment and hire therapists to look after Nikhil. He realized that other families out there cannot afford this type of round-the-clock treatment. This is when he asked the centre what they needed. The centre said they could use money but more immediately they needed minibuses that the kids could be transported in.

Right away, Shah purchased two Hyundai mini buses for the centre. He realized that there was a large potential to raise money for this cause. He has done this with the charity, which holds concerts and raises money.

Sanjay Shah is the president and CEO of Solo Capital. One of his 3 children has autism. This inspired him to fund the Autism Rocks charity during 2014. Furthermore, he is the founder and CEO of Autism Rocks. This allows him to put his efforts into raising awareness about the condition. He has arranged special concerts in London and Dubai for the charity. The musical acts at these events include people like Drake, Snoop Dogg, Prince, Michael Bublé, and more.

He is also on the board, as a trustee, of Autism Research Trust. This organization helps with donations to the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University. He has directed the trust going back to 2013. Together with his wife – Usha Shah – he has made numerous charitable contributions. He is also the CEO of Solo Capital Partners.


A committed Brazilian health expert: Dr. Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian doctor whose remarkable work as accomplished orthopedic surgeon stands out. Serving as secretary of health and civil defense in Rio de Janeiro, Doctor Sergio has dealt with many healthy related problems that affect Brazilians ranging from Dengue fever epidemic to contaminated water. Sergio commitment to keeping the population health and increasing health coverage to all people reflects his passion.
According to Wikipedia, Sergio Cortes was also a tennis player and competed in the US open in 1993, and reached the third round, where he defeated Dutchman Jacco Eltingh and the American Derrick Rostagno, both in four sets. Also, he had one of his best wins in 1993 when he defeated the world number one Magnus Larsson at Lipton Championships in Florida.
He considered by many as one of like doubles with Michael. According to noticias.r7, the clothes, the voice, even the way he walks, look, and behave reflects the identity of music artist Michael Jackson.
Since 2007, Doctor Sergio served as Rio de Janeiro’s State Secretary of Health, with his medical background and expertise he was the solid fit for the role. He also served as a medical member of Brazilian Olympic committee of 1996. For sixteen years he served as an expert at National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.
Sergio Cortes has a website where he posts articles on various medical related topics. He point out the modern way of work, mainly sitting in a chair with the wrong posture for long has led to many problems related to back pains. He further, explains that many people with back pains have entered a cycle of illnesses that is hard to break. In one of his post, he advises that taking breaks and exercising can significantly reduce the problem. He also details specific exercises and stretches that can help in alleviating back problems without compromising the spinal cord. He explains that forming a habit of exercise will substantially prevent many painful related back problems from happening at a later stage in life.
According to his official website, Doctor Sergio also shed some right on diabetics and explains that, in most cases, during an early stage of the disease patients do not usually feel anything. It is important to conduct periodic consultations and get a right diagnosis through blood test carried out by doctors. Besides, he highlights that the disease result in symptoms such as tingling in the hands and feet, blurred vision, thirst, and excessive hunger. He points out that it is crucial to follow medical treatment for each case to maintain health and mitigate the disease effects.

You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Kyle Bass Media Appearance and Controversies

Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital Management hedge fund joined CNBC’s Halftime Report traders on January 8, 2016 to discuss the market outlook for 2016 and the effects of China’s volatility on the US economy. Unlike most people, who believe China’s downturn is as a result of peaked profits, Kyle is a strong believer that the problem lies in the country’s banking system. He opines that the banking system in the country has outgrown its GDP, since it is now worth $35 trillion against the country GDP of $10 trillion.

Another member in the panel, Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital agreed with Kyle’s observations on excessive lending by Chinese banks. Kyle Boss also takes a bearish look at the US markets. He conjures that the markets in US will witness a 10 to 20 percent downturn by the end of 2016. Kayle is however quick to add that the problem will not be as dire as what was witnessed during the global financial crisis. On credit matters, Kyle points out that lack of credit growth in emerging markets will be a huge cause of concern.

Useful Stooges Take on Kyle Boss
UsefulStooges, a WordPress blog that covers trending political and economic events around the world, wrote an article on August 2015 that took a swipe at some of Kyle Boss wrong calls. A post entitled “frantic investments of a desperate gambler” covered a host of topics on various events including Argentina’s economy and leadership, extortions in the pharmaceutical industry and other aspects of the US economy. According to the article, Kyle holds a very different opinion when it comes to the policies of former Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner. UsefulStooges describes Kyle’s support for Kirchner as out of tune with reality. Kyle was also embroiled in another controversy by supporting GM, over accusations that its airbags were the reason for the deaths of several passengers. UsefulStooges also accused Kyle Boss has of making numerous TV appearances, at a time when his hedge fund was struggling.

The Background of Kyle Boss
Kyle Boss became a household name after he successfully predicted the subprime mortgage crisis. During the crisis, Boss benefitted financially by buying credit default swaps on investment bank issued subprime securities to earn huge returns. The company earned over 200% in 2007 after shorting subprime. Boss also predicted the European sovereign debt crisis. Kyle Bass established Hayman Capital Management in early 2006 from very humble beginnings. He began his career at Prudential Securities and later at the Dallas Office of Bear Stearns as the company MD. Kyle also serves on the boards of Texas Ranger Association Foundation and Business Executives for National Security.