Malcolm Casselle – The Man Behind WAX

Humble Beginnings

Malcolm Casselle began his career after receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer science from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford in computer science. He co-founded NetNoir and served as its CTO, a website for Afrocentric culture, it was the first of its kind in 1995. In addition, Casselle served as a senior Vice President and advisor to the CEO of Pacific Century CyberWorks in Hong Kong. He served as director of Capital Union Investments from 2006 – 2013, which is located in Hong Kong.Casselle was a top executive at Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent; a Chinese instant messaging and gaming company. In April 2012, he was named CEO of the global social network, Xfire. He has also been an active investor in companies including Facebook, Zynga, and most recently Bitcoin-related companies. Malcolm Casselle has a long line of successful positions and investments before stepping out on his own.

Malcolm and Wax a Perfect Fit

Malcolm Casselle is now serving as the CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). WAX is a top online market place for users to buy and sell items, especially video games. This decentralized platform allows online users to utilize virtual tokens. Using blockchain technology, Wax gives users a secure place online to create their own virtual stores for games and other types of products. WAX offers the ability of its users to make secure payments; along with the security of a trustworthy servicing center.

WAX is sure to continue great strides in virtual world with Malcolm Casselle at the helm. By using his background from serving on multiple boards and his computer science skills; WAX has become recognized as one of the largest decentralized platforms online. Besides his entrepreneurial skills and spirit; Malcolm Casselle speaks both Japanese and Mandarin fluently.

Dr. Dov Rand – Business Leader and Specialist in New Jersey

Dov Johanan Rand, MD is a physician and businessman currently based in Wayne, New Jersey and affiliated with the local Chilton Medical Center. Dov Johanan Rand, MD had his education at the Howard University Colle of Medicine before moving on to complete an internship at the St. Barnabas Medical center and then a residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (

For more than eight years Dov Johanan Rand, MD has been working as President of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, based in West Orange, New Jersey. He specializes in integrative medicine as well as in bioidentical hormone replacement. The procedure is somewhat new and not very widely talked about. The name makes it seem extremely confusing, but specialists such as Dov Johanan Rand, MD break it down int a comprehensive way.

During the procedure, specialists make use of hormones identical to a molecular level to the hormones of the body. It is often combined with testing the saliva and blood of the patient as a way to mah hormones and find bioidentical ones. The procedure aims to achieve a certain level of hormone in the body. There are many benefits of this theory including alleviating severe symptoms of menopause as well as reducing the risks of osteoporosis in adults.

Other than the bioidentical hormone replacement repay, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers offers a variety of other services. The patient can take advantage of both the men’s and women’s health and wellness programs which are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual person to ensure maximum efficacy. There are also personalized diet and fitness regimes as well as custom wellness programs.

In addition to that, the Healthy Aging Medial centers offer Heart Smart IMT evaluations, age management services, anti-aging services, treatments for andropause and menopause and there is also male hormone optimization. Patients can cave an IV nutrient therapy, concierge medicine as well as start an HCG diet.

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers focus on imping the wellness of people and help them, and their bodies age gracefully while maintaining a good physical health through various services.



OSI Group: Food processing company led by president David McDoanld

David McDonald is the president of the leading food processing company in the world. According to a report that was compiled by Forbes, this company is the largest privately owned food manufacturing company in the world. The company has been on consistent growth lately following the leadership of David and his CEO Sheldon Lavin. They have worked on a business strategy that will see the company soon go to almost every corner of the world.

The company is working closely with the players in this business, in this case, the clients, to assist the company to improve its sales. They are doing this by encouraging as many people as possible to give their opinion regarding the product the company is supplying. They are working the phrase of giving customers “what they want.” OSI Group is supplying its clients with natural, organic and specialties which are quite affordable.

According to David McDonald, the secret to their success is to treat all the products with the seriousness they deserve. Ensuring that the product is healthy and safe for human consumption is key in this business. This is one of the most sensitive businesses which a company cannot gamble with. They have to put up with high standards of quality than in any other industry. The company is looking at ways which can help introduce new products in the supply chain. They take note that demand in the food industry keeps on changing. The company, therefore, needs to change its goals in a manner which adapts to the changes. OSI Group has the advantage of being led by a team of executives who really want to see the company excel. These are people who are ready to do anything that will see the company take over the food business all over the world. The management team of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald is the best any company would wish for.

OSI Group is supplying food products to over 16 countries currently. It is hoping to penetrate even more if it can keep the expansion momentum it has recently gained. The company under the management of McDonald is expected to keep doing very well even in the future. The benefit it enjoys over many other companies is that it is led by a duo who understand the market and who are willing to change the way business is done. McDonald is from Iowa and has a degree in Animal Science which he currently enjoys. His first position at OSI Group was as the project manager.

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Biopharmaceutical Entrepreneur Jeff Aronin Helps Improve the Lives of Patients

Pledging to accelerate biomedical research and scientific breakthroughs, Paragon Biosciences specializes in investing and incubating biotech startups that bring new medicines to market. Specifically, the company nurtures, cultivates and finances new companies to set up important biotechnology innovations that will treat rare diseases.

Jeff Aronin, the current chairman and chief executive of Paragon Biosciences, has nearly 20 years of experience developing worldwide biotech and healthcare companies with the goal of working to address the unmet needs of patients. Aronin serves as the chairman of a number of Paragon portfolio companies (Gazetteday).

The privately-held Paragon’s portfolio includes innovative biotech companies such as Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Harmony, for example, focuses on developing treatments for central nervous system disorders, evaluating the potential of a novel, first-in-class compound that may be able to address narcolepsy and cataplexy in a new way.

Aronin and the team at Paragon Biosciences make good use of their expertise. They have successfully achieved 13 new drug approvals through the Food and Drug Administration, which is on par or better than many larger biotech and pharma companies.

Jeff Aronin supports philanthropic causes too. He supports the Susan G. Komen Organization, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation, and more. Aronin is also a firm believer in education and contributes to Teaching Tolerance, the Jewish National Fund, Anti-Defamation League, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, America’s Cup Endeavor, and the Chicago Parks Foundation.


Jorge Moll – The Virtue of Simplicity

Mentioning an opinion on Neuroscience to a room of people in a casual setting is bound to get you some looks. Neuroscience is a complex subject that is still in its infancy stages. Its diversity alone can result in a cobweb of possibilities for cause and effect. At times, the theories on the different branches are challenging to segue through. Our life path and the choices we make also share this complexity. They can be visualized as different synapses lighting the way for each decision tree of our life. One choice leads to a plethora of more choices, and each road can sometimes feel irreversible.

For Jorge Moll, a more simplistic approach to these problems can be made. Moll — who has an MD in Neuroscience — has always been passionate about helping the unfortunate. As the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, he coordinates a team of colleagues from different fields. This research can come from students, associates, scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Moll’s belief is that it is crucial to be open to perspectives from these various backgrounds. An unbridled exchange of information among these disciplines will foster healthy growth.

In terms of simplicity, Moll believes that we shouldn’t grow too attached to our ideas. Ideas are like plants, we should only water the ones that have a fertile soil. If we have belief in an idea, we should spend the majority of our time focusing on it. If something is not working, we shouldn’t be afraid to ditch a faulty premise. Repeating the same idea over and over again is a surefire way to waste time in such a multifaceted field. To choose the right ideas, one should pick the ones that are practical and fit for collaboration.

With business, he has cited his positive thinking and belief that we can change our reality. Failed business ventures are disguised learning opportunities. Moll views the positive and negative aspects of a failed business decision as a review. This review helps him in making a more informed decision next time (Interview).

Simplicity is a virtue, and adhering to Moll’s strategy is easier said than done. However, there is no doubt that he follows the wisdom of great thinkers. One of his favorite quotes by Da Vinci reflects this, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” In an era where artificial intelligence has started to blossom, it will be interesting to see where this field goes. As the future of Neuroscience broadens and our understanding grows, it will become more important than ever to adhere to the greats.


Dr. Dov Rand’s Anti-Aging Methods

Dr. Dov Rand is using bioidentical hormones to revolutionize the world of anti-aging. Trained at New York’s Albert Einstein Medical Center, Dr. Dov Rand focuses on psychiatry as well as rehabilitation and physical medicine ( He has several board certifications, allowing him to practice regenerative medicine, functional medicine, and anti-aging procedures.


Types and Functions of Hormones Used by Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand uses bioidentical hormones for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are natural and are derived from natural sources, like soy and yams, by compound pharmacists. The bioidentical hormones are totally identical to the natural hormones produced in the human body, and therefore are the optimal choice for hormone treatments. Bioidentical hormones are a complete molecular match to the body’s natural hormones, and therefore they are easily accepted by the body when used in treatments.

Another type of hormones that are widely used, but seldom effective, are synthetic hormones. These hormones are created by altering hormones at a molecular level, creating an unnatural chemical. These synthetic hormones can be completely ineffective when used, and they can cause a number of problems, or they can be outright rejected by the body.

Synthetic hormones are used because large pharmaceutical companies are able to profit off of them. Because they are created artificially, synthetic hormones can be patented and sold. Bioidentical chemicals, on the other hand, are the result of a natural process, and naturally occurring things cannot be patented.

Synthetic hormones and bioidentical hormones are completely different in this regard, with the former being allowed a patent. Plant-derived bioidentical hormones, even though more effective in most cases, are largely ignored by big pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Dov Rand wants to bring bioidentical hormones into the mainstream.

Dr. Dov Rand is a big believer in medical practices that have proven themselves through rigorous testing. Because of this, he only performs medical treatments that have been peer-reviewed.


Dr. Dov Rand and Anti-Aging Matters

Dr. Johanan Dov Rand is a skilled doctor who has a lot of knowledge that relates to bioidentical hormones and how they function. He’s always happy to share any knowledge that involves the world of bioidentical hormones, too. Dr. Dov Rand is a wizard regarding all matters that go into the category. He’s based in West Orange in New Jersey right now. The community isn’t too far from the center of New York, New York. He’s a team member at Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He’s also the amazing entrepreneur who created it initially. He has quite a few responsibilities. Dr. Dov Rand is a practicing doctor, first of all. He’s also a medical director who serves as a mentor to many in his esteemed field. His knowledge regarding rehabilitation and physical medicine is unparalleled. He’s a physiatrist who is perpetually learning.

Dr. Dov received extensive training at New York’s distinguished Albert Einstein Medical Center. He believes in the strength of peer-review medicine. That means that he exclusively promotes treatments that have the backing of reputable medical papers or journals. He never prescribes any treatments that lack rock-solid credibility.

Dr. Dov Rand is a doctor who has empathy on his side. He genuinely cares about the issues that affect his patients. He’s been alive for about half a century so far. His patients consistently turn to him for guidance and tips that help them feel better and more confident. He at the moment is penning a book that’s called “It’s Not Too Late to Live Past 100.” People who have been around Dr. Dov Rand state that his desire to do well is hard to miss. He has a penchant for assisting individuals and helping them make key health changes. He establishes all-encompassing programs that cover many different facets. These facets are well-rounded nutritional and dietary practices, physical fitness, supplements and even bioidentical hormones. He conducts thorough physical exams on patients in order to set up effective preparations for them. This board certified doctor knows so much about the aging process. He researches functional and regenerative medicine all of the time.



Dr. Jennifer Walden and Cosmetic Surgery Needs

There is a big increase in the number of people that have utilized some form of cosmetic surgery as a way to look better but more importantly, to feel better about themselves and increase self esteem. Some people have a part of their body that has always been a problem for them whether it be the size of their nose or large breasts that can cause pain and discomfort. Other people recently went through an accident or an illness that permanently changed the appearance of their body. A car accident can leave behind scars and battling cancer can require immediate surgery that will require reconstructive surgery later on. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon that is located in the state of Texas and she has been providing clients with exceptional care and results for a number of years now. She previously worked in New York and gained invaluable experience there which she now uses for her patients in Texas.

As a mother, Dr. Walden understands that feeling and looking your best translates to how well you can be yourself each and every day; taking care of those that you love. For mothers who recently had children and don’t like the changes that happened to their body, cosmetic surgery can make some subtle changes that will make a huge difference. There is nothing wrong with improving upon what you have in order to feel better about yourself. Often times, one simple procedure can greatly improve a person’s self esteem and this is worth the investment of surgery.

Dr. Walden has each patient of her go through a rigorous pre-operative process to ensure that surgery will be a safe and healthy option. Also, consultations will be used to determine what will be done during surgery and to answer any questions that patients have leading up to the procedure. Even though many patients have asked these questions before, this is likely your first time going through cosmetic surgery and Dr. Walden will make you feel comfortable about your decision and the process as a whole so you are confident and feel safe.

The Remarkable Career Of Mark Holterman

Mark Holterman has always been a passionate person when it came to helping people. Growing up in Wisconsin as a child even his teachers could see he was something special. His life work began at Yale University where he received his BA in Arts and Biology, afterwards attending Virginia University graduating with a MD-PhD in Medicine and Immunology. Mark Holterman has been in the field of Medicine and Health for forty years. During this time Mark Holterman became a Pediatric Surgeon, Regenerative Medicine Medical Photonics and Business Leader, however he did not stop at only bettering himself. Mark Holterman founded a non profit business named IPSAC-VN in 2009 which mission is to improve medical condition for rural Vietnam by teaming with other medical professional in the United States.

Mark Holterman belongs to many organizations such as The Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies, American Pediatric Surgery Association,Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons, American Academy of Pediatrics, Surgical Section, American College of Surgeons and American Diabetes Association. Mark Holterman works for many healthcare business helping better the lives of children and their families. Mark Holterman has been honored in everyone one of these medical fields for his wonderful work receiving rewards from America’s Top Doctors, Innovative Research Award, NIH Medical Scientist Training Program plus the National Merit Scholar. Mark Holterman has certifications in General Surgery and Pediatric Surgery. Some of his recent projects span from Trachea Project, Clinical Trail in Autoimmun Diabetes and Antigen-specific immunomidulation. Currently Mark Holterman works as a Professor in Chicago Illinois. He has no means on stopping all of his other endeavors.

Throughout Mark Holterman career he has exceled at what he does and experienced some failures at business, but he has always kept moving forward never giving up on his views and ideas to better the lives of people in the world using his expertise in the medical field to achieve these results. Mark Holterman still practices in his field of medicine and can be found on (Doximity), a medical network for doctors. Mark Holterman has certainly shown how good he is as a medical professional and a businessman.

Going Against Aging Courtesy of Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand and this team at Healthy Aging Medical Centers work towards making sure that his patient restores and have optimal hormones just like in their young stage. This would enhance their wellness and energy levels with the use of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy programs. The programs the pro-active holistic healthy balance of hormones, nutrition, vitamins and exercising, patients regain utmost health, vigor, and vitality. The reasoning behind this is that we age because of decline in our hormone levels. If one can boost his hormones level, he would have countered the ageing process significantly.

One advantage of bio-identical hormones replacement therapy is that it functions structurally and chemically similar to those natural body hormones made from natural yam and soy. Conventional synthetic pharmaceutical hormones are treated as foreign bodies by the body and risk the body to breast cancer and heart disease. By contrast, bio-identical hormones have been researched to reduce menstrual bleeding, improve sexual function, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and anxiety. They have no health-related side effects or increased risk of cancer. They also treat hot flashes, weight gain, a rise in blood pressure, poor memory and insomnia.

Dov Rand, M.D. is a renowned West Orange leader in providing cutting-edge therapies by providing functional, recreating and integrative approach. He attended Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He is passionate to achieve excellent outcomes and is well equipped for his patients. He founded the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in West Orange, NJ (Twitter). He treats each patient needs individually. He practices only peer-review medicine, that is, he does not prescribe or recommend treatment to patients needs unless he can support his treatment with a medical article or journal.

On trait about Dr. Dov Rand is that he is kind to his patients, and tries to understand and remain sensitive to their health concerns and heeds. Many people prefer him when it comes to optimizing their health since he is a fitness and health expert. He is currently writing a book, ‘it is not too late to live past 100’. Dr. Dov Rand is an enthusiastic and motivated doctor who gives a comprehensive health plan that is doubt free.