Importance of Having a Wellness Plan and How Jeffrey Schneider Implements these Qualities

Jeffrey Schneider has over 25 years relevant work experience and is a top leader in an alternate investment society. He is currently the CEO of an emerging investment firm based in Austin, Texas. Jeffrey Schneider, talked about the emergence of fitness fads every year and how he tries them all albeit for a day or two. He opined that for any emerging trend to become part of our lifestyle, it must be enjoyable, sustainable and flexible. Mr. Schneider spoke about how he chooses a fitness and health program that works. He revealed that he only goes for the best ideas from a number of wellness programs that fit his lifestyle well. Here are some points that outline the importance of having a wellness plan in your life.

Importance of Wellness Programs

Wellness programs have become more popular today than they were a few years back. These programs started off as perks for employees working in large corporations. However, these corporate fitness programs have become common to both small-sized and medium businesses as they form part of their benefits package. Wellness programs bring employees together, improves their morale and helps in making them more productive.

Fun and Improved Productivity

At times work can get repetitive, draining and boring. This often lowers your productivity and drains morale. You should mix up a number of initiatives and activities that will not only be fun to try out but also help in improving your life at work. When you engage in a great work wellness plan like healthy eating or exercise, your performance and productivity improves drastically. You will note that your brain will focus better on the tasks at hand and you will feel motivated and energized to accomplish your goals. Proper nutrition and exercise will mark the end of feeling burned out or falling asleep while at work.


Reduced healthcare Costs

A number of different studies have been conducted on the financial impact caused by wellness programs. When you choose a wellness program that promotes taking good care of your health and exercise, your whole being improves highly. This in turn eliminates or reduces your chances of falling sick and getting injured thereby saving you a lot of money in the end. Most of the studies conducted reveal that efficient workplace wellness programs help in reducing your healthcare costs. You should keep medicine, doctor visits and diseases at bay via taking part in efficient wellness programs.

Enhanced Physical Fitness and Weight Loss

Engaging in various physical activities at your workplace during breaks will greatly improve your overall wellbeing and physical fitness. Taking part in a number of physical activities will help in increasing your physical strength as well as tone your muscles well. When you focus on exercising, eating healthy foods and easing your mental stress, you will be surprised by how much excess weight you will be able to shed off. Wellness programs can be a blessing in disguise if you are planning to lose weight.

How Jeffrey Schneider Implements His Wellness Plans

Jeffrey Schneider chose a number of wellness plans that are suitable for his travel-oriented and fast-paced lifestyle. He chose a number of perspectives and practices that have enabled him strike a balance in his life at home and while on the road. Jeffrey Schneider reads The Blue Zones Solution, which helped him commit to a plant-based and pescatarian diet. He wakes up before dawn and works out before other people wake up. Jeffrey Schneider also stresses on the importance of showing up for his commitments and staying present. Lastly, he values eating with family and friends as the journey to wellness is best shared with people who matter the most.

The Success of National Steel Car Thanks to Gregory Aziz

Part of the reason for the ultimate success of National Steel Car has to be due in part to the drive and persistence of CEO Gregory James Aziz. His company is the leading railroad freight manufacturer in the world, based out of Hamilton, Ontario and providing over 100 years of engineering excellence. National Steel Car has been leading the way for a century, and since Gregory J Aziz has taken over, they have broadened their focus into areas that are benefiting the community and world at large. The freight cars the company manufactures are the standard in which all others in that industry aspire to be.


CEO Greg Aziz will tell you that the cornerstone to the success of his company comes down to his people. Every one of his 2,000 employees are driven to the pursuit of excellence, and take it personally when they see that they are awarded North America’s top rail-car manufacture year after year. These employees want to be the best each year, and they want to improve upon last year’s success by creating a better product next year. Their on-time delivery record is stellar, and it is no wonder the company has given the TTX-SECO award for excellence year after year.


While Greg Aziz may have his company leading the way on one hand, on the other they are trying to set the tone for giving back to their community. The company and all the employees within are driven by a four-part road map that drives them to be better each year. First, the company is always making certain that they are honoring the traditions of the past. Secondly, they strive to move forward with a determination that cannot be derailed. Thirdly, the focus is always on pride, quality, and excellence. And finally, the company is determined to always be the leader in this industry that sets the tone for those that follow. See This Article for additional information.


National Steel Car has been giving back to Ontario for decades, and lately those efforts have spread to a global audience in need. Locally, National Steel Car is committed to helping the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius, globally, they make significant contributions to the United Way and Salvation Army. National Steel Car is also paying its employees well above the median salary range, allowing that money to flow back into the local community and help others to thrive too. Gregory Aziz has been instrumental in the company being able to grow within and help those in need worldwide.

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Why you need to grab yourself a Pack of the New EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Do you remember a time when the only solution we knew to cracked lips was a tube of chapstik? Well, if you haven’t joined the EOS fan club, you are doing your lips a huge disservice. The Evolution of Smooth is a company which was set up with the sole purpose of changing the world of lip care based on After the redesigning and the re-imagining of the products that they sell, it is hard to believe one can survive without their amazing products. The company started from a small idea, then they were struggling to get a little space in WallMart and then, stars like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift discovered the magic of their products and the world hasn’t been the same since.

The visionaries behind the creation of these products state that it was the drive to change the status quo which inspired them to come up with these client tailored products. The best thing about EOS is that their products keep evolving to suit the needs of their customers. For instance, they have a new lip balm flavor, the vegan crystal variety. This product retails for less than $5, and it is absolutely worth every cent of the amount and even more.

Shop here at

The first amazing thing about the new flavor is that instead of the spherical packaging, you will be getting it in a cool cylindrical container. Then, the ingredients will blow your mind away, especially if you are a vegan, read more here on The balm is made with a combination of beautiful flavors from coconut, Shea butter, avocado, castor and sunflower oils. This combination comes in two flavors, the Vanilla orchid and Hibiscus peach, see here. The second flavor just tastes and smells like the beautiful islands in the summer. Grab yourself a pack of the new lip balm flavor and treat your lips to absolute heaven.


The changes that Dr. Villanueva has made in the practitioner’s life

Dr. Villanueva was the one who founded the MB2 dentals, and he was among the first people. There is a way most practitioners think things are supposed to be carried and so Dr. Villanueva has worked so hard to change that. He had one goal in mind and that’s the services that the sole practitioner and the corporate dentistry will be giving is the best. He had been in business for long, so he had the knowledge that would be needed in the managing of his business. He has been able to bring so many dentists together through founding the MB2 dental company. There are so many issues that the medical practitioners are facing, though the MB2 dental firm has been able to solve them. Dr. Villanueva created a website that most practitioners would use so that to share some of the problems that they were facing and get solutions. Also, he made sure that they would have holidays that would help them relax.
Before launching the firm, Dr. Villanueva had carried a research that would help him have an idea of some of the problem that was being faced by the dentists. He used some of the information he got to help the practitioners without having to interrupt them in their daily schedule. Dr. Villanueva in his research he noticed that most of the practitioners faced a lot of stress during the day and they didn’t have anyone to share with. And he thought having a place that they can share some of the challenges that they faced will be helpful.
Dr. Villanueva advised the employers that they should reduce the follow up of the employees. Because if the employees had continues follow up, then it would reduce their work effort by actually discouraging them. Dr. Villanueva said that if the employees were well equipped with some of the goals that the company had then they will give their total best to achieve them. He told most of the firm that they should take advantage of the creative sector so that to get in place with the so many changes that were happening. Dr. Villanueva believed that employers and employees should work together so that to achieve the goals of the company and increase production. And with all that Dr. Villanueva has been able to avoid some of the traditions that have been faced over the years. Also, he has been able to help so many practitioners.

Shafik Sachedina Role in Sussex Health Care

Sussex Health Care is among the companies in the modern market that have been established so that they can offer their services to the elderly people living in the community. The institution has been in the competitive sector for a while now, and it has emerged as one of the most successful in the market. Starting this kind of a company is not a walk in the park. The company founders and management have to work hard so that they can prove to the communities around that they will offer only the best services to the community. Without winning the hearts of the customers, the healthcare company cannot impress anyone. This is why the founders of Sussex Healthcare have worked hard to make the customers happy. Visit to know more.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is among the most important personalities who have been playing an important role in Sussex Health. The businessman states that he comes from Tanzania, and he was born in the year 1950. His parents decided that their son would only acquire his education at the best schools in the world, and this has been instrumental in his great career life. After he completed his high school studies, Shafik chose to go to a prestigious university where he graduated with a degree in dentistry. The skills he acquired at school have helped him to become an influential figure in the medical world. The businessman has always been focusing on transforming the lives of the patients who come his way. By the time he was about thirty years old, the businessman has established himself as a reputable doctor in the society. Apart from being an influential figure at Sussex Health, the businessman serves as the secretariat of the prestigious Aga Khan. The charity foundation has assisted very many people in the world, especially those who are coming from needy backgrounds.

While serving at Sussex Healthcare, the dentist has been instrumental in ensuring that the elderly people are given the right medical care by medical professionals who have been trained in the best schools in the world. These healthcare providers in the institution have been in the market for a long time, and they have understood the needs of the elder generation. With the help of the experts in the company, Sussex Healthcare has managed to impress its customers who come from many parts of the world. The company currently has more than twenty personalized homes that are well equipped. Learn more:


Tony Petrello’s Charitable Donation to The Neurological Research Institute In Texas

Tony Petrello is one of the high achieving executives I the business community. As from 1991, Tony has been the chief executive officer and president of Nabors technology. Tony Petrello is celebrated for steering Nabors industries to success through his excellent leadership skills.

Since 1991 when Tony joined the company as part of the executive committee, Tony has been responsible for the expansion of Nabors industries to various fields in the oil and natural gas drilling industry. Through the skills and experience that he acquired while working at multiple positions at different companies, Tony has been able to make Nabors industries more profitable.

Nabors Industries have over the years been providing its clients with quality and efficient drilling equipment and technology. The fact that the company has made it its duty to provide clients with exceptional products is the reason the firm is referred to as the best in the industry.

Companies and clients using technology provided by Nabors industries take pride in using some of the best and safest equipment in the drilling industry. Nabors industries started producing drilling and exploration equipment when they ventured into offshore drilling. Since then, Nabors technologies hasn’t looked back and have been improving their products and services.

Quite a few business executives can compare to Tony Petrello; it is almost impossible for business managers and professionals to be consistently successful in the business ventures they undertake. There was a point in Tony’s professional career that he practiced law. He was able to do this while working for the Baker and McKenzie law firm.

Tony has been nothing but exceptional during the time he has been working for Nabors Industries throughout the twenty plus years he has been working at the company. Recently, Tony has been getting mainstream media coverage which is confident thanks to his philanthropic efforts. Other than being a business executive, Tony is a renowned philanthropist who has been supporting multiple charitable causes.

Tony believes that other than making sure the that corporations and companies are socially responsible, every executive must oversee that various initiatives support local communities in which businesses operate. Tony Petrello made a $5 million donation to the neurological research institute in the Texas children hospital. The purpose of the funding is to help in the research of various neurological conditions that affect children. He and his wife vowed to donate an additional $2 million to the same medical cause.

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Businessman Vijay Eswaran Credits One Hour of Silence for Success

Want to sharpen your mind and expand your business skills? Take advice from Vijay Eswaran, author of In the Sphere of Silence and start practicing mouna vratham, the ancient ritual of setting aside one hour a day for absolute silence. The Malaysian entrepreneur has practiced this habit for 18 years and believes it has allowed him to be a better businessman for QI Group, where he currently serves as Executive Chairman.

In practice, Eswaran actually breaks the hour of silence into five steps listed below (along with the duration of each step) and asks himself the following questions:

  •  Focus on what happened yesterday. What steps could’ve been taken to make it better? Why weren’t these steps taken? (10 minutes)
  • Record everything that needs to be done today. (10 minutes)
  • Write down your goals for the next seven days, 12 months, and five years. Summarize these goals daily. (10 minutes)
  • Read an informative or inspirational book for 15 minutes. Afterwards, spend five minutes writing down a summary of what you just read. Review this summary before you begin your 15 minutes of reading the following day. (20 minutes)
  • Talk with your God in a comfortable way and write a summary of this communication. (10 minutes)

If the silence is broken at all during this hour, you must start the process over. Following these steps for 21 days will result as a habit according to Eswaran. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

This introspection and silence allows maximum channeling of energies, allowing participants to become a better person and therefore, better entrepreneurs. Modestly sold in Southeast Asia, In the Sphere of Silence also recommends readers to create daily to-do lists, focus on listening more, and think before speaking.

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How Nick Vertucci Went From Ashes to Class Then Ashes Again

Having made millions in the real estate industry, Nick Vertucci decided it was time to give back to the society. To do so, Nick set up the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to provide solutions to the myriad of challenges and obstacles standing in the way of success for prospective real estate investors.

Using the academy, Nick would be able to pass on his million-dollar success formula to any interested parties. The course modules at NREA covered every possible angle of a real estate investment deal. It addressed issues to do with scouting for a lucrative, but lowly priced property and how to undertake the necessary repairs on the identified property before selling at massive profits. Students at NVREA also receive training on:-

  • Leveraging their 401K and IRA to fund real estate ventures
  • Asset and wealth protection
  • Holding, rehabbing and flipping real estate properties
  • Raising capital

3-Step Program at NVREA

The NVREA program involves three main steps. These are, the getting in, getting out, and then getting paid steps. The first step is to hunt and lock down deals that are not yet on the mainstream market’s radar. Buy the properties at cents to the dollar and generate huge ROI upon disposing of the properties later on. The second thing is timing your exit. NVREA helps you make the most informed decisions on whether to flip, rent or wholesale the acquired property. Finally, students get lessons on how to cash in on their hard work and efforts.

The Comeback King!

In the late nineties, however, Nick Vertucci got a much-needed reprieve when he started his own computer parts retailing business. Soon, Nick met and married the love of his wife and together they had three beautiful daughters. But, once more, disaster struck in the form of the dotcom bubble. The burst wiped all of Nick’s investment overnight. For the next two years, the seasoned real estate magnate found himself sinking further and further into debts. One day, a close pal recommended Nick to check out a real estate seminar and that’s how Nick’s journey to the top began.

Inspirational Figure

Nick’s life story has inspired thousands, maybe even more. He is said to have lived out of his car by the time he reached 20 years. Nick Vertucci was raised by a single mom after the dad passed away when he was just ten years old. No wonder, in the less than 4 years since setting up NVREA, it has transformed into the nation’s leading real estate incubator factory.

How Hussain Sajwani is Making an Impact in the Global Business and Philanthropy Worlds

Hussain Sajwani is a renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist, and wealthy property developer of UAE origin. He is now based in Dubai, where his multi-billion property development venture, DAMAC Properties, has its head office. Besides being the brains behind the property development venture, he serves as chairperson of its executive board. Sajwani managed to work with prominent people like President Donald Trump through DAMAC Properties.


Career Beginnings


Hussain Sajwani was brought up in a business environment. His father was a businessperson dealing in imported goods like shirts, watches, and pens from China. Sajwani proceeded to the University of Washington on a government scholarship. He graduated with an undergraduate industrial engineering and economics degree from the institution. This degree paved the way for his successful entrepreneurial journey.


In 1981, Hussain Sajwani became part of the staff of Abu Dhabi Industries. After working in the firm’s finance department for two years, he founded Betchel to operate as a catering venture. Betchel, which rebranded to Global Logistics Services, targeted the U.S military with its top-notch catering services back then. Sajwani developed an interest in the lucrative real estate market in Dubai. His interests inspired him to start a property development venture known as DAMAC Properties in 2002.


DAMAC Properties


As of 2015, DAMAC Properties was operating as a publicly-traded company with its shares listed in the Dubai Financial Market. The company is currently developing over 44,000 units. It is also reputable for completing 19,000 apartments. DAMAC’s most notable project features a golf course. This golf course is under the management of The Trump Foundation. Tiger Woods is also listed as an executive designer of the project.


Hussain Sajwani as an Investor and Philanthropist


Hussain Sajwani spent over €600 million when investing in Aykon London One tower. The Versace-branded tower is situated in Nine Elms, London, UK. In 2017, Gulf Business recognized Hussain Sajwani in its top 100 most influential Arabs in the world list. Sajwani also expressed his support for those affected by the Huda storm in 2011. He presented the UAE Red Crescent with a check of AED 1 million to show his support for the victims of the storm. He made this donation through his company, DAMAC Properties. Learn more:


The Medical Career of Imran Haque

Imran Haque is an internal Medicine professional in North Carolina. He went to the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke –Salem Program where he graduated with honors back in 1998. He practices medicine in North Carolina where he is licensed for Conservation of Certification program in Internal Medicine. He is highly knowledgeable and concentrates on providing a broad range of services. He offers Diabetes treatment ideologies, weight controlling help, laser hair confiscation, 360 surfacing, and Venus physique contouring.

Dr. Imran has more than 19 years of familiarity in the field of Internal medicine. This credits his numerous associations with different hospitals such as Randolph Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, and Southeastern Regional Medical Centre. He serves as a principal care general practitioner and also a specialist treatment. He offers ultrasound laboratory services for his patients and explicit referrals to specialists when a need arises.

Up to date, Dr. Haque is a highly-respected and caring medical doctor who strives to offer exceptional services with some sense of specialization in Internal Medicine. During his old days as a new young doctor, he identified the opportunity to provide medical services that were not being offered locally. Positive feedback from customers who felt satisfied with his services inspired him to put an effort on community medicine.

Hard work and diligence through thorough research and financial possibilities brings worth life ideas into existence. Patience, the entire organization, and hard work pay for success. Imran firmly believes in positive relationships with other medical professionals to promote the success of the medical field as a whole. Incorporation of technology in the healthy life and therapeutic area as a whole motivates Imran since it has enormously contributed to the field of medicine.

The Golden Rule of treating other people as you wish to be treated has positively and mainly impacted his business by creating positive word of mouth, healthy interpersonal relationships and a strong networking foundation for professional connections. Imran encourages the youth to follow their dreams and passions by unleashing their full potential. He hopes to continue impacting the field of internal medicine positively through building strong relationships with the patients and other professionals.