Whitney Wolfe`s classy wedding

Whitney Wolfe`s wedding was one of a kind, and with the great help of Cynthia Cook Smith, the person behind the lavish weddings at St Barth’s and the Hampton`s, she successfully went down the aisle in style. Wolfe, together with her then-fiancée Herd, tied the knot at Villa Tre Ville at the Almafi Coast. The lavish wedding of the famous Bumble Bff founder included at a vast number of designer outfit changes, with several yachts as well as a well-arranged arena style sitting. Since Wolfe prefers privacy on her issues, her wedding entailed a minimal social media coverage, and a number of her friends and family members were there to witness her enjoy her big day.

Wolfe flaunted the various dresses designed to her by Cook, and her incredible wedding gown was the climax of the wedding. Later in the evening, Wolfe wore a unique DelphineManivet dress before changing into a fringed Naeem Khan dress for the dancing section. Her wedding was eye-catching and being the latest wedding muse celebrity, Wolfe is receiving a lot of attention as well as accreditation from her friends as well as fans.

Whitney is the founder and chief executive officer of Bumble Bff dating app, and she has gained herself a lot of respect due to her exceptional successes in entrepreneurship industry. Wolfe started her career at Tinder, through which she partnered with several other entrepreneurs to co-found the dating app. The app attracted a vast number of users before she decided to withdraw from the partnership, to try out a new venture on her own. The renowned entrepreneur then founded the Bumble dating app. The app attracted a vast number of customers thanks to its excellent features, particularly those that gave women full control and mandate to take the initiative over men, which is contrary to many other dating apps.

The Bumble app which has enhanced relationships and made connections between people easy has over four million users with a significant number of its shares being under the ownership of a European dating site by the name Badoo. Through her excellent management skills as well as innovation, Wolfe has amazed many people and received a lot of accreditation for her ability and dedication towards strengthening relationship[s among people, which has, in turn, helped to curb loneliness. The Bumble dating app has received a lot of acknowledgment in the past years as one of the most trending sites in the world, a clear evidence of Wolfe`s dedication as well as expertise.

About Whitney Wolfe: www.brides.com/story/bumble-app-ceo-whitney-wolfe-is-married

EOS Lip Balm Just Got A New Addition To The Family

If you frequent department or convenience stores, then you have likely seen EOS Lip Balm at the check out counter. EOS, short for Evolution of Smooth is the cosmetic brand behind the irrespirable adorable sphere-shaped lip balms. Since their first appearance on the scene, EOS has taken the cosmetic world by storm with their compact lip moisturizers.

According to evolutionofsmooth.com, aside from their petite size and unique design, EOS Lip Balms have also been known for their unique choice of color and fragrance. Recently, EOS customers have been anticipating the arrival of the newest addition to the EOS family. The brand introduced its new Crystal Lip Balms this August, and customers can’t get enough of the new tiny sphere. Available in two flavors: Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, the new Crystal Lip Balm is a total game changer for the beauty brand, see now. Unlike other EOS Lip Balms, Crystal Lip Balms are clear and housed in a jewel-like sphere. While the new balm may look different, it is packed with all of the same essential ingredients found in the original EOS Lip Balms and is also wax free.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in the heart of the big apple, Evolution of Smooth has bee committed to providing quality beauty and personal care products for today’s consumer, buy here at amazon.de. From Lip Balms and lotion to shaving cream, EOS covers all of your basic beauty needs. All EOS Lip Balms are packed with essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your looks looking and feeling soft and smooth.

Visit EOS’ official website here on https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/ for more updates.


Rick Smith Of Securus Technologies Leads In Gadget Development and Safety

In an organization, the adopted leadership plays a key role in offering a good direction for success. Leaders are chosen to spearhead the direction of an organization. Often, their decisions affect the performance of the firm. When Rick Smith was chosen to head Securus Technologies, a lot of factors were considered. He has been part of the firm since 2008. His works speak for the input he has made in the company. Rick Smith was appointed on the basis of his experience to lead. As a leader, he has not disappointed his team.

Leadership Skills

To most people at Securus Technologies, Rick Smith was the right person for the position of chief executive officer. He took over and immediately ventured into expanding the business by providing more strategies that would later earn Securus positive client reviews. Smith has offered a supportive platform through Securus Technologies. He has implemented safety measures policies that work for inmates and families. His works reflect the leadership qualities that he possesses. Smith has an impressive set of leadership skills. He has invested in a culture that embraces team work. He holds dear the opinion that a team can easily produce better results. In quality, Smith has invested in a broad spectrum of high quality products and services.


Smith has used his experience to establish strong operating platforms that feature safety and technology. As a leader in the industry that covers correctional facilities, Rick Smith has exuded confidence and talent. His impressive background in academics is something to look at when discussing his qualities. Smith worked in technology companies, business development, telecommunications, finance and more. It is evident that his skills border the main operating platforms of Securus Technologies. Rick Smith has grown Securus Technologies through a transformative channel that calls for appreciation.


Securus Technologies is an organization that works with correctional facilities to ensure safety. The firm focuses on allowing prisoners to make phone calls and receive phone calls while in jail. The channels of communication also allow inmates to experience video visitation privileges. Securus Technologies has always launched a gadget for communication every month. With the assistance of Rick Smith, the company has captured the attention of families and prisoners. Many have given positive feedback concerning the impeccable services offered by the company. Rick Smith is to thank for the positive input that Securus Technologies has had on people’s lives.


Smith boasts of a strong educational background. It is through the education that he has been able to land executive positions in multiple companies. Before he joined Securus, he worked for other firms like Global Crossing North America and Midwest Telephone Operations. He is an alumnus of State University in New York. He also went to Rochester School of Technology.


Drew Madden a Serial Entrepreneur and a Healthcare IT Expert

Drew Madden is a serial entrepreneur and a healthcare IT expert who is passionate about building teams comprising of highly trained professionals and a company culture that is unique and attractive and has trusted client partnerships. Drew in 2010 joined Nordic Consulting partners and was appointed to the position of president in 2011, a position he held until 2016. Nordic is one of the leading Epic consulting companies, and under the leadership of Drew the company won several awards and among them is the KLAS award which was awarded to the company for their consulting excellence. In addition, the firm was ranked number for Epic implementation services in the year 2012 and 2014.

Drew Madden was very instrumental in the growth of Nordic. During his tenure, the company staff increased from 10 employees to more than 700 employees and from having three client partners to about 150. Besides, the company’s annual revenue rose from 1 million dollars to around 130 million dollars. Drew at Nordic Consulting was the person in charge of business development, creating client relationship and recruiting staffs. Drew achieved a lot when he was serving as the company’s president and was able to create good relations with epic clients both locally and internationally.

Drew before joining Nordic has worked in several companies and among them is Ingenix which is a subsidiary of United Healthcare currently going by the name Optuminsight. He served Ingenix as a business developer and as an Epic consultant. Drew began his career journey at Cerner Corporation where he served as an Implementation Consultant.

Drew attended the University of Iowa College where graduated with a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree specializing in Medical Systems.

Drew together with other partners formed Evergreen Healthcare Partners which is a healthcare IT firm that focuses on implementation and provision of advisory services to multiple enterprises HER platforms including specialized HCIT applications. Drew in a statement said the firm would incorporate Talent Management Solutions that will assist the company to focus on the long-term success of its client partners. The managing partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners are Rebecca Bottorff, Jeff Leach, and Aaron Friedman. Evergreen Healthcare main objective is to help organizations in the healthcare industry maximize investments in IT, improve results and increase client’s satisfaction.

Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings is a business that originally stated in the state of Indiana, and the city of Indianapolis where the Colt play. The company first stated to conduct business in the early 2000s and even went so far to open office in loud as early as September of 2004. The company is a great place for those who are looking to take out loans, in case you need money for college, a new home, vacation or anything else. The company has many finical advisers who are available to help you with a multitude of economic problems if you might so have any. This is a great place to go to and discuss your finical future. The company has a top team of experts who a ready to bend on your every need and help you with any issues you might ave. The company is not just for the individual, but also tends to the needs of large corporations.


The Success Story behind Tony Petrello, The CEO of Nabors Industries

In many places, Tony Petrello is an unfamiliar figure that unifies the ranks of the corporate America. While he doesn’t dominate the television like an expert or fascinate people as politicians do, Tony is probably one of the most prominent persons in the United States. He also stands for a section of the US that is never appreciated in spite of assisting shape the American way of life.

Tony Petrello was once one of the highest paid CEO in the US. In 2014, he earned a total of 68.2 million dollars but his endeavor with Nabors Industries, a topnotch natural gas, and oil drilling company. His level of success motivated both envy and admiration, but he is known as a humble and honest man who is worth what he earns.

Petrello is a splendid manager and a business strategist, although most of his success comes from the way he treats other people. He follows a moral code that is founded on fairness and respect. Tony’s conduct developed countless jobs in the US; he is a contemporary leader in the industry who assists Americans attain a way to enjoy life.

While Antony heads a vigorous oil giant in the contemporary economy, success was not handed to him on a platter. Like most of the great leaders in America, Petrello was not born with a fortune. From a tender age, he seemed to comprehend that there were no shortcuts to success. As soon as he gained knowledge on how to read, Tony would spend several hours each day studying academic books. He mastered calculus at a tender age and showed incredible intelligence in mathematics that could only be anticipated from a trained logician or physicist.

Petrello is a graduate of Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He also went back to the same institution where he graduated with Master’s degree in Mathematics. He is also a Harvard School of Law graduate with a Juris Doctor. Tony is also a member of the Board of Trustees at Texas Children Hospital. The institution helped Tony and his wife in their journey with their new baby who needed pediatric attention.

Tony donates money to the hospital that goes into research since he is a firm believer that children born with neurological conditions have an opportunity to live better lives. Antony Petrello’s philanthropic offerings do not end with Texas children hospital. He also contributes towards an annual at Yale University to celebrate his mentor and friend Serge Lang, who was his math professor who passed on among others.

Learn More : http://weeklyopinion.com/2017/09/tony-petrellos-inspired-path-to-philanthropy/

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Working with Other Organization on Prostate Cancer Issue

The National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA), LabCorp, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) have come together to educate men on prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer in men, and the increased accessibility to screenings. It has been established that the ratio of men diagnosed with prostate cancer is one to seven, meaning that, among seven men, one has prostate cancer. It is recommended that men aged 40 years and above should get screened because they are considered to be at a higher risk. Risk of prostate cancer might be due to family history and race among other factors. For instance, African American men are considered to be at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

A press conference was held on August at 1:00 pm in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, in which Herm Edwards, a former NFL head coach, and Emmy award winner Beasley Reece, as well as former NFL players Mike Quick and John Runyan, were present. Chief of Radiation Oncology at CTCA’s South Eastern Regional Medical Center, Sean Cavanaugh, Managing Director, Gary M Huff, CEO of LabCorp Diagnostics, and Carl Baylor also attended. The campaign took place in
Cancer Treatment Center of America in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa. Cavanaugh said the first defense against prostate cancer is screening, and due to that, they are proudly working with NFLA and LabCorp to create awareness on the importance of screening in addition to the screening techniques, diagnosis, and treatment alternatives.

Cancer Treatment Center of America has its headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, and provides services to patients with cancer by the help of a network of five hospitals. The organization provides services such as surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy, and is designed to help patients by enhancing both their physical and emotional status both during treatment and as they recover.

Cancer Treatment Center of America has different branches in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa. It has always satisfied the patients by always ranking highest in the country for cancer care center. According to National consumer surveys, it is CTCA admired hospital system countrywide.

Award Winning Omar Yunes for His Contributions to the Success of Mexican Franchise

For many entrepreneurs, becoming a success takes time and much input in time and money, but for Omar Yunes. His efforts made him achieve alot as a young person where he won the best Franchisee of the World (BFW) competition on Dec 5 at the Italian city of Florence which represented about the 10% of the brands the company owns. This achievement came for his efforts in contributing for the brand he represented. He had worked hard to make his dreams come true and never rested till he could get his heart desires to be fulfilled. Omar Yunes achieved another goal by becoming one of the finest Japanese Franchise.

He revealed a testimony explaining how good felt being the only representative indicating that the prize could have been dedicated to the 400 hundred employees who are his colleagues who they worked together to develop the brand. He manages 13 units that the brand has allowed them to work together and innovate.

34 countries attended the BFW edition of 2015; the countries included major European economies including the likes of France, Italy, Hungary, and Portugal. The other nations included Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina representing South of America. The jury evaluated many aspects of the franchise but majored its role in the network industry influence. The franchise contribution regarding skills, knowledge, and the workforce that motivates the employees including the invoice and the improvement they had put in place to the proposed model they had by that time that ensured success to a greater extent.

The organizer noted that Omar Yunes won the award because of his contribution as a major factor in franchising relationships where he achieved to become a successful manager of information and overseeing the implementation of the control boards that helped them achieve a clear measure of every unit.

Elizarrarás, the organizer, noted that the award depicts that their country has a strong franchise sector that made it reach international levels with the assistance and much dedication of Omar Yunes compare to the previous years where the country’s franchise sector was not even recognized. He was happy for Omar Yunes noting that those days were now gone. The jury which was made of representatives from Mexican Association of Franchises, entrepreneurs acknowledged Omar Yunes for his efforts for taking the awards home

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3 lessons Game of Thrones can Teach us About Cyber Security

Envoy is one of those companies that looked for automating the whole registration process. And they found it in a company called Onelogin. Envoy took care of several tasks such as visitor registration and badges, employee login, notifications with one fell swoop. Now, thanks to technology brought about by OneLogin, they are able to take advantage of SCIM protocol and do all these tasks using an iPad. Another thing this takes care of is Single Sign On and user provisioning. This means whenever an employee is registered, fields such as names addresses and any other relevant info gets automatically filled.

This takes away a big headache for the IT support staff, because whenever an employee gets moved around, letting them sign in to a new computer in much easier. Employee info will also stay up to date at all times. From a customer standpoint, this means that information will always be up to date. This enhances their visiting experience because out dated information becomes a thing of the past. As an added bonus, employees can send out invites to customers, and as soon as the customer enters the premises and signs on, the employee will get notified. And as mentioned before, all that the customers need to do is tap a few buttons to sign in.

Started by former IT employees Christian and Thomas Pedersen, OneLogin takes the IAM or Identity Access Management to whole new level. While working at their former job, they noticed that the software they were using for access management were giving customers and employees issues. These were mostly security and efficiency related. This happened when the service was changed to be cloud based. This is how in a nut shell, the brothers decided to start their own company in 2009.

One of the trump cards of this service is ease of implementation and use. Even for those who have minimal experience with Single Sign On, have found it easy to get things going. This seamless transition is perhaps its biggest appeal. This is why many Fortune 100 and 500 companies have signed on to OneLogin.

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Reasons Why Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Perfect Attorney

At the present, Brazil stands out as one of the best countries that are attractive to investors due to high returns on investment. The opportunities available are unlimited and the political environment is inviting. This can be demonstrated by the presence of some of the best banks in the world in Brazil. All in all, you would not like to invest without the help of an attorney in your dealings. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the outstanding individuals that are reliable in the field of law.

Brazil is a civil law country. Besides, its system is totally based on codes and legislation that is primarily enacted by the federal legislative power. That said, a good legal representation requires a well-versed attorney. Laws are complicated and they tend to change quite often. In addition, the interpretation of the law is a very crucial skill that is only evident on a few dedicated lawyers.

Nowadays, the financial services industry in Brazil continues to experience swift changes. There is continued growth in significant ways affecting compliance requirements due to the complexity of risk management issues. That said, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a reliable attorney who is experienced in banking law. You do not want to be on the wrong side of the law by not complying, hence, there is a pressing need for an attorney who understands banking law.

That said, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho not only provides professional services in banking law, but is also a shrewd attorney in civil law, criminal law, commercial law, and debt and restructuring laws. He accomplished his undergraduate studies in law at Mackenzie. Today, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is able to offer legal services pertaining business activities as a result of his extension course in Business Administration.

The positions or offices that one has held in the past can tell about a person’s experience. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho used to serve as the president of the Judicial Modernization committee. In addition, he also served as the president of the Judicial Reform Committee at Brazilian Bar Association.

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