Andrew Rolfe Proves Successful In Meeting Fund Raising Goal

When organizing the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner they people behind it hoped they would raise close to $1 million. The money was to be used to help the school campus the Ubuntu Fund has in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In specific, the money was needed to build a pediatric clinic on campus as well as support their overall goal of helping the area’s underprivileged children from the time they’re born until they can start their careers. While it took all night the organizers proved to be successful raising this amount of money.

The Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund is Andrew Rolfe. He led the gala dinner where the guests were entertained by music performed by a Xhosa choir and fed great food. There were two special guests also in attendance who were Port Elizabeth students who had personally benefitted from the work the Ubuntu Fund does. Auctioneer Charlies Ross handled the charity auction that was performed that night. Some of the things that were auctioned off included a trip to South Africa, a portrait by acclaimed artist Nelson Makamo, and two paintings by Dom Pattinson.

Andrew Rolfe as been a leader in the business industry for many years. He was a Vice President of Pepsico for five years and served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pret A Manger for five years as well. In 2004 he became the President of Gap Inc. International. He joined TowerBrook Capital Partners in January 2006 and serves as the Managing Director and Head of U.S. Private Equity. His specialties are hospitality, retail, and food services investment opportunities in the United States and Europe.

Andrew Rolfe joined Ubuntu Fund in order to help children in South Africa who have been left behind. The Ubuntu Fund provides for children’s educational, clothing, food, and stability needs.

It was in 1988 that Andrew Rolfe earned his Bachelor Of Arts degree at the University of Oxford. Rolfe also attended Harvard Business School and earned his MBA there in Business and Managerial Economics. He also has a masters degree that he earned at St. Edmund Hall in Oxford.

A Star to Join the Rest of Them: Dr. Akhil Reddy and His Dental Care Social Reform Mission

Dr Akhil Reddy is a part of a new breed of professional, instead of pursuing traditional business growth and trying to be on the hyper bleeding edge of marketing and profitability to draw attention to his practice, MB2 Dental, Reddy is doing something different—he’s one of those few who are focusing on an empathic, humanitarian mission to provide quality oral healthcare to all, regardless of their ability to pay. Secondly, he’s a different kind of dentist. Graduating from University of the Pacific’s School of Dentistry with a D.D.S in dentistry, he’s gone on to be both a practicing dentist and a manager. He’s also an entrepreneur who’s bought and sold dental practices. He’s currently involved with several organizations pushing to make healthcare less of a social stigma and more accessible to all.

He’s advancing this agenda by working with MB2 Dental. Although Reddy is more business-minded by focusing on the marketing and operations part of the equation, his work with MB2 Dental has definitely made an impact on many, by empowering other dentists to run and manage their operations, as well as more direct humanitarian and philanthropic efforts by him. MB2 Dental is a company run by dentists, for dentists. He’s contributed his knowledge and experience to support other practitioners by assisting them in their business operations.His typical day, according to an Idea Mensch interview, would consist of him focusing on his practices (such as MB2 Dental, a professional support network, and social reform organization—of which Reddy is a member of), managing office work, and conducting research to further his vision of supporting and advancing human health.In order to support this, he founded JustHealth510.

As the director, his team consists of a diverse group of healthcare professionals from California’s Bay Area community who have personally endured oppression and injustice—especially when it comes to healthcare. Right now, justhealth510 is starting with dental care. Reddy and his team recognize dental health service as one of the most expensive and least accessible services. They’re stepping in to help fill the needs of the underserved.Akhil Reddy is intent on changing the gross social inequity that is rarely spoken about—dental and oral health accessibility.JustHealth510’s ultimate goal, however, is beyond providing a mere band-aid fix, reliant on donations and goodwill.If you’d like to be part of something new and be on the bleeding edge of global reform and positive change, consider visiting

Jose AuriemoNeto creates tremendous value for shareholders of JHSF

JHSF Participacaoes is one of the oldest and most famous real estate development firms in the country of Brazil. Founded in 1972, by Fabio Auriemo, the firm has been responsible for building some of the largest and most noteworthy architectural marvels of the country. These have included airports, luxury shopping centers and some of the most recognizable luxury residential condominiums in South America. It has been instrumental in the development of Brazil into a first-world destination for tourists and the global elite.

Auriemo led the company through the 70s, 80s and 90s, growing it into Brazil’s unquestioned heavyweight champion of real estate development. In 1993, Fabio Auriemo’s son, Jose AuriemoNeto, began working at the firm. He rose through the ranks, working a series of managerial positions and developing his leadership skills and vision for the company. In 2001, Fabio Auriemo stepped aside, taking his long overdue retirement. From that moment on, AuriemoNeto assumed the reins of the firm, leading the company on to become one of the largest and most profitable real estate development firms, not only in Brazil but also in all of Latin America. Today, JHSF Participacaoes has a presence in three countries, including the United States. It also has a portfolio of hundreds of properties in cities from Rio De Janeiro to Salvador.

Throughout the 2000, AuriemoNeto oversaw a period of massive growth in the company and its prospects. In 2007, he decided to take the company public. The initial public offering, the largest of its kind in the real estate luxury sector in Brazil, generated more than $100 million. Although that sounds like a lot of money now, AuriemoNeto was able to increase the company’s market capitalization more than tenfold, leading to a current valuation of well over $1 billion. This remarkable growth took place in under a decade, making AuriemoNeto one of the most successful real estate CEOs in Brazilian history.

Today, the firm has dozens of projects in development and is operating its luxury condominium, office space and shopping space portfolio. AuriemoNeto believes the Brazil’s future is brighter than ever.

Fabletics: Combining Convenience with Fashion

Fabletics is a brand that has gained a lot of traction over the years and is something that most people are able to use no matter what type of exercise they enjoy doing. It is a brand that has come a long way in the time that they have been in business and is something that has given people a chance to make sure that they can do what they need to be able to get more out of the options that they have. Kate Hudson helped to develop Fabletics so that she could show people that they can have fun athletic clothes at a price that is affordable and in a way that is convenient for them to get. Now, the company is branching out and Kate Hudson is helping with those changes.


Workout clothes can often be very boring. That can make women feel self-conscious while they are working out and may even discourage them from getting the workouts that they need to be healthy. Fabletics is battling this and making sure that they can help people with the options that they have and with the things that they need to get better with the things they are doing. From fun patterns to cuts that are made to fit everyone, Fabletics caters to women who want to look great while they are working out.


Some women may think that having these fashionable workout clothes may come at a premium but Fabletics is made in a way that allows the company to reduce the price of the clothing. Women who use Fabletics may be able to get more out of the money that they have because the clothes are so much less expensive than other brands. The company doesn’t skimp on quality, though, and the Fabletics outfits are high-quality and made for even the highest endurance sports.


One thing that sets Fabletics apart from other companies is that they want to make sure that their customers are getting the most convenient experience possible. One of the things that the company does is make sure that their customers only have to do a few things to get the clothes that they want. After taking the style quiz, Fabletics customers are given a few outfits to choose from based on their preferences. Once they choose what they want to be able to wear, it’s delivered to their door every month.


Since it is so important to Fabletics to cater to women and to provide the most convenient options for them, the company wants to give them everything that they need no matter how they shop. One of the things that Fabletics is branching out to do is selling their clothes on Amazon. They are doing this to give women one more place to shop for Fabletics clothes. It is also a more convenient option for people who want to be able to get their clothing items quicker than if they were purchasing them from the Fabletics website where everything used to have to be done.

Talking to Greg Secker about his Life

Those who know Greg Secker know him as an entrepreneur and as a philanthropist. In a recent interview with learntotrade, Secker revealed that he is a person who takes on challenges before enquiring about their details. He said that he is a man who loves changing the lives of other people. It’s for this reason that he supports various charities where he commits a considerable portion of his resources. Despite studying food science and agriculture at the University, Greg Secker managed to turn his life around and pursue a career in finance. He says that during his time at the university, he was known as a trader as he would acquire and sell computers.

It’s during this time that he familiarized with coding and programming. It’s also during this period that Greg Secker heard about the 3D interactive model. Influenced by this model, Greg says that he was motivated to attend a career fair that had been organized by Thomas Cook Financial Services. It’s at this career fair that he met with a representative who was impressed with his skills. This led to an interview for him where he learned about online currency trading. Greg Secker attributes his interest in foreign exchange trading during his time as a virtual trading desk assistant.

Greg Secker is a man who believes in sharing information. He says that after he felt that he had acquired a fair share of trading experience, he decided to quit. It’s after quitting that he attended many seminars where he would meet with important people in his life such as Dr. John Demartini, Jack Canfield as well as Tony Robbins. These are individuals who changed his perception about investing and entrepreneurship. Greg Secker is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation that focuses on empowering the youth on various issues. When establishing this foundation, Secker says that he started with the Youth Leadership Summit. This enabled him to touch various sectors such as leadership, health, relationships, and health. He says that he shares his information through public speaking as everyone deserves a chance to access information. Among the books that Secker has written include Financial Freedom through Forex.

ClassDojo, Connecting Students and Teacher for Better Learning

ClassDojo is the free educational app that all students and teachers should know more about. It’s currently available on Android and iTunes as a free download with the option for in-app purchases. The purpose of the app is to allow parents, teachers, and students the ability to create an innovative and new type of classroom experience. ClassDojo allows students, teachers, and parents the ability to communicate with each other throughout the day. They can share videos, images, and messages between themselves which can lead to a strong involvement between parents and their children, as well as keeping them up to date on their children’s progress and offer encouraging words or tips to succeed. Teachers can find it a handy way to keep in contact with students during class and to give updates. Students will find benefits from it by being able to ask questions and receive fast answers from their parents and teachers.

Students will find it a cool way to share their creations in school live with their parents. Currently the app is used in about 90% of schools from grades kindergarten through 8th in the US and in over 180 other countries. Growth Mindset and Empathy are skills that have been taught to children ages 5-14, along with a few other lessons that are exclusive to the app. 20% of the app development team has a background in teaching, so the methods implemented in the app’s design are from those with experience in the educational field. Since ClassDojo is offered in so many countries, the app has been translated in over 35 different languages. This in itself is useful for children who are currently learning a second or third language and are in need of the everyday usage of their new language, in order to keep it relevant.

Honey Birdette Looks To North America And The U.K. For Expansion

The Honey Birdette brand has become a success for its founder Eloise Monaghan and a number of investors who trusted the vision of the former product innovator as she set out on this new project. The Australian sensuality store has recently announced it will move forward with expansion across both physical stores and Online marketplaces where the brand has seen a rapid level of growth that are based in both the U.S. and U.K.

While many retailers are now looking to simply grow Online, Honey Birdette is taking a different approach by dividing its next step across both the Online retail industry and brick and mortar locations. In the U.K. the focus of Honey Bordette’s expansion will be based on physical locations after its flagship Covent Garden store and two more London based locations proved a major success; in the U.S. the focus will shift to Online retailing with a new North American Website created following a 374 percent level of growth across 2016 across the continent.

Honey Birdette has recently seen the launch of its latest line, “The New York Collection”, which has featured in a range of publications and Online media Sites such as both women’s and men’s lifestyle magazines.

The first Australian sensual store was established in 2006 when Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan discussed the lack of luxury lingerie and product stores with her friends over champagne. The launch of the luxury lingerie line has seen this story take center stage in each and every store around the world where customers are guided through the products available by friendly “Honey’s” who complete every shopping experience with glasses of free flowing champagne on offer to each and every customer entering its growing number of physical stores.

Find more Honey’s on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge Plays To Win In The Health Insurance Industry

It’s no surprise that industry leader Troy McQuagge received the enormous honor of being named the 2016 Gold Winner of the One Planet Award. Troy McQuagge is the CEO and Board member of USHEALTH Group. He has been a leader in change since joining the company in 2010 and was elected to the role of CEO and President in 2014. His successful turnaround of USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s captive distribution agency, has made Troy McQuagge a vital member of USHEALTH Group. The One Planet Award is a worldwide peer review program that distinguishes those employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. The One Planet Award identifies outstanding candidates in many different industries both large and small. Troy McQuagge stated that he was honored to receive the One Planet Award but that it truly belonged to all of the employees at USHEALTH Group.

Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Legal Studies. Troy McQuagge joined Allstate in 1983 where he was able to quickly learn the insurance business. Twelve years later he went on to a position at the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies, Inc. (now HealthMarkets) where he was quickly promoted to the position of President.

In 2010 Troy McQuagge brought USHEALTH Group to the top of its game by increasing sales by a whopping 580 percent and by growing the writing agent base by 480 percent. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to Troy’s team based philosophy. He inspires the employees to give their best efforts for the good of the company. He bases the success on the company’s game plan when it comes to strategy and intends of continuing to break sales records in the future. Read more about Troy McQuagge and the 2016 One Planet Award at


Yanni Hufnagel: A Basketball Coach with a Strong Passion

Yanni Hufnagel grew up with a strong passion for basketball coaching since he was young. He grew up going through all basketball coaching books, articles, and magazines he could get his hands on! His coaching career began when he was chosen to be the basketball manager at Cornell University. During his university days, he was taken by the New Jersey Nets for an internship during summer. After school, he was hired as the head coach of Harvard through Jeff Capel.

Yanni Hufnagel has served as the head coach or assistant coach for several schools with great basketball teams. These include Harvard, Alma Mater, Oklahoma, Cornell University, and currently Nevada. He has gained a positive image in the basketball coaching world. Through all these institutions whose basketball teams he has coached, he processes a lot of experience in his field. Most notable about him is his ability to recruit basketball players who show the greatest potential for being great at basketball.

About Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel was born and raised in Scarsdale, New York, as a member of the Jewish community. He has been involved in sporting activities especially basketball during his entire schooling period. Together with his younger brother, they both played lacrosse while at Scarsdale High School Raiders. He was the captain of the team before he dropped from playing to being the commentator of all the play offs the team was involved in at the local TV channel.

Yanni Hufnagel graduated from Cornell University with a B.A in Industrial and Labor Relations. During his time at Cornell University, he did his internship with the New Jersey Nets. Later he joined the University of Oklahoma where was an assistant coach under Blake Griffin. He graduated with an M.D in Adult and Higher Education specializing in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

With a special interest in basketball coaching, Yanni has been linked with the University of California Golden Bears, Vanderbilt Commodores, and Harvard Crimson men’s basketball. Lately, he is linked with the Nevada Wolf Pack’s coaching staff where he will be the coach.

George Street Photo & Video Provides top Service

For those that are looking to get married in the Chicago land area, hiring a top photo and video provider is very important. One of the leading providers of these services in the area today is George Street Photo & Video.

George Street Photo and Video Address Locations were originally based on California, but now has the ability to provide services to customers all over the country. In the past few years, they have expanded greatly in the Chicago region and today can provide a range of product and service solutions to meet anyone’s budget.

When hiring George Street Photo & Video for your big day, you will receive a range of different services. This can include taking photos to commemorate your engagement, receive help in choosing sites for taking your photos, and even receiving a full video of your ceremony and reception. The company can then provide you with your photos in a number of different formats, including electronically or in a wedding book.

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