The USHEALTH Group is composed of several companies that offer innovative healthcare products to consumers in the United States. The healthcare company and its team of experts offer clients a portfolio of coverage plans that are designed to meet their demands. The successful institution has been in the industry for over five decades, and it has acquired a lot of experience during these years.

USHEALTH Group has earned the respect of the modern consumer for being a reliable, flexible, affordable and secure health care plan provider. Families in the middle class can now afford medical covers, thanks to the company. Several years ago, these plans were only reserved for the wealthy and powerful people in the society. However, USHEALTH is changing this trend, ensuring that the lowest paid consumers have access to the right medical care.

The healthcare company offers clients quality coverage. The medical plan covers critical diseases, accident insurance, vision, short term disability incomes, dental plans and many other illnesses. The influential company operates with one mission in mind: to bring a positive change in the lives of its clients. USHEALTH on Facebook.

USHEALTH Group company products are considered to be reliable and affordable. The customers can be guaranteed of quality healthcare when they choose the establishment. Since the company has been in the industry for decades, it has extensive knowledge in healthcare plans. The team of professionals working for the enterprise is knowledgeable too, and they walk with the client to ensure that they deliver.

Unlike most healthcare insurance companies, USHEALTH Group offers its customers an option of purchasing several coverages without worrying about additional underwriting. This great option allows the clients to buy and pay for a cover only when it is necessary. The patients are also entitled to receive first dollar payments for the costs incurred up to a specified amount for some covers. If the clients do not use the benefits they are given, then they do not lose them because of the doctor visits feature in the plans. The individuals who have bought the covers from the successful healthcare company say that they got the best services from them. The CEO of the company, Troy McQuagge uses his expertise to ensure everything is perfect for the enterprise.

ClassDojo Provides An Alternative To The Traditional Teacher And Parent Student Conference

In the area of technology, there have been many technology innovations that people have embraced. One of the technology innovations over the past decade that millions of people have used is the smartphone. The popularity of the smartphone has changed the way many people go about their daily lives. Many people utilize their smartphone on almost a 24-hour basis.


Whether sleep or awake, the smartphone is usually within reach for many people. There are many reasons for the popularity of the smartphone. One of the reasons is that the smartphone allows people to be mobile. The device actually started an entire new market of products. The mobile market is based on the smartphone. Many other products have come about based on the popularity of the smartphone. One of these products is the app. Apps are used on smartphones to help people with a wide variety of purposes.


In the educational system, many teachers use smartphones to help in the classroom. One of the main uses of the smartphone in the classroom involves apps. One of the apps that many teachers use in the classroom is an app developed by the startup technology company ClassDojo. The app is a network based app that operates on an app network platform through the schools.


One of the most used features of the ClassDojo app is the communication feature for teachers and parents. This communication feature allows teachers and parents to communicate using the app. This feature has been highly popular in many schools, and numerous teachers have started to use this communication feature instead of doing the traditional teacher and parent student conferences in schools.


As the ClassDojo app grows in popularity, the company is making improvements to the app using suggestions both internally and externally. ClassDojo raised 21 million dollars concerning its app in a recent funding drive. ClassDojo will use the money to make improvements to the app.



Susan McGalla Makes Waves in the Business World

Susan McGalla is making great progress with Pittsburgh Steelers. She is the creative director that has been revamping the clothing line for this company. Anyone that is on the outside looking in may not recognize her skills if they are not aware of her resume. Others that have purchased clothes from Wet Seal or American Eagle Outfitters, however, maybe more than well aware of her presence in the corporate industry. She is something of a CEO in the business world for women. There are few women that can make claims to being in the CEO seat twice. McGalla is one of the elite, and that is why her opinion matters.

Susan McGalla is making great strides with Pittsburgh Steelers because she has already proven herself in the clothing industry. She has been a CEO for both American Eagle and Wet Seal. She has managed to build successful brands for these major companies and other smaller companies. At one time she worked as an independent consultant, and now she has a big role in brand awareness for one of the largest football franchises in the United States. This is what has attracted many women in marketing to go down the same path. It is also something that has inspired a plethora of ladies that thought that there was no room for women in Corporate America.

There has long been a glass ceiling, but Susan has fought to the top and broken through this in ways that seemed impossible. It is almost difficult to even assume that she was aware of the corporate glass ceiling that was imposed upon women in the business world. She has managed to thrive as a strong business leader that knows what she wants in life, and she made much progress in going after what she wants.


Sam Tabar: A Reliable Individual For Your Hedge Fund Management Needs

Sam Tabar is one of the very few licensed attorneys who has earned a reputation in the local community in NYC. He is currently practicing law in the state of New York. He completed his formal education in 2000 from one of the finest university known as Oxford University and earned BA following MA in Law. He afterward went for his LLM from Columbia Law School. He is working as an associate since 2001 for Skadden up until today.

According to Crunchbase, Sam Tabar has worked for a plethora of national and multinational firms and companies, and few of his top positions include but not limited to working at one of the renowned and famous law firms of NYC Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, and he worked over there as a senior associate. During this time he served at Merrill Lynch as Head of Asia Pacific Region.

When Sam got his major break in 2004, he worked for PMA as well, and that is when he initially had an opportunity to start managing hedge funds, in addition to dealing directly with clients and helping them with their hedge funds needs.

He, due to his dedication and hard work rose all the way from associate position to Co-Head and MD of BD for a firm. He stayed there and then moved to another one to help them with his dedication and support.

His professional career history starts in 2011 when he started working for Merrill Lynch and started his affiliation with its Asia-Pacific region. It was when Sam started public dealing to deal with hedge funding and its management. He helped them with his skills to soar high in the sky and to know how it feels to be on top.

According to, with his seventeen years of extensive experience, Sam Tabar is an ideal candidate for hedge fund management, and he already holds a very long and promising resume of helping different companies with his skills.

Currently, Sam is managing is doing personal practice and has started to handle numerous high profile contacts which he has developed over his extensive career in the management of hedge fund all across the globe.

The Difference In Your Hair’s Look And Feeling When Using WEN By Chaz

You just can’t put a price on beautiful hair, especially on those days when it feels like nothing is going right and a new look for your hair would make all the difference. But for the right price you can buy a great conditioner that actually lives up to its hype and makes your hair feel full and healthy. One hair care brand that just might fit the bill for you is WEN by Chaz, an all-natural shampoo, conditioner and mousse set that cleans and softens hair like few others. To read about an experience that one user who doesn’t work for or represent WEN by Chaz had with the product, you can visit

This user found the product to be very soothing and refreshing, especially after a long day at work and dealing with a bad hair feeling. When applied this hair product made her normally thin hair feel as if it had more hair that was thicker and smoother. She used WEN by Chaz both at night and in the early morning prior to going to work and felt it did better in the morning. She also advises users to use it every day to get the best results, and the conditioner has fairly easy-to-follow instructions.

WEN by Chaz is sold to customers throughout the US and is primarily sold through the brand’s official website; though if you visit Guthy-Renker, Sephora and QVC stores you’ll usually find it on the shelves there. Chaz Dean is the mastermind behind the brand and he created it while attending cosmetology school in Los Angeles. Once he had patented the conditioner exactly as he wanted it, he purchased the selling rights and opened a salon in Hollywood. That salon is almost always full and many of its clients, female celebrities strongly recommend the WEN by Chaz products.

Wen Facebook page:

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Big Data Into Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment to Make It More Efficient

Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, is on a mission to bring more effective solutions in cancer diagnosis and treatment. He designed and introduced a new operating system and brought big data into the picture to bring more efficient results in treatments. With the mission to bring effective results in cancer, Lefkofsky founded Tempus in 2016, which has a strong focus on using genomic data in clinical therapies. Since he faced difficulty in finding the sufficient genomic treatment history data of the cancer patients available to treat his cancer diagnosed wife, Liz, he was determined to change the fate of millions of cancer patients.

The operating system developed by Tempus links molecular and anatomic data with clinical information from the medical centers across the country. It means that all the medical history data of similar conditions and similar genomic pattern are compiled in one place, and physicians can go for more personalized and informed treatments. For instance, if a doctor wants to know what could be the result of a combination treatment applied to a patient with particular medical and genomic condition, he can refer the data of Tempus and find similar historical cases and its results to see whether the treatment can bring desired results or not. Lefkofsky says that there are around 600,000 cancer patients die a year, and he wants to cut the rate at least by ten percent by bringing technology innovation to the healthcare sector.

Mr. Eric is the also the co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, an online marketplace e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers. He is famously known as “serial entrepreneur” considering his diverse entrepreneurial initiatives such as Uptake, LLC, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics,, and more.

Lefkofsky completed his graduation from the University of Michigan and did his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School. In a mission to support educational, scientific, and charitable organizations around the world, Eric and his wife formed a foundation called Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He is also a trustee of The Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, World Business Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry.

Eric Lefkofsky on Twitter.

Wengie Back to School Life Hacks Recap

In this video, Wengie shares 50 back-to-school ideas. The list includes ways to make going back to school easier including DIY projects and morning routine hacks. Some of the ideas include using a dish drying rack as a desk file organizer, writing a table of contents on the first page of your notebooks, making an “emergency” kit to keep in your bag or locker, and using a temporary website blocker to keep yourself from procrastinating while studying.

How Avi Weisfogel Became a Guru in Treating Sleep Disorders

The increased technology and research in medicine lead to the discovery of the serious side effects of sleep apnea such as diabetes, stroke, and depression. 90% of people suffering from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed, yet the treatments were not working efficiently. This created urgency for the medical professionals to come up with new treatment models that would work. Avi Weisfogel is an entrepreneur and a physician who founded Dental Sleep Masters. The firm identifies sleep problems and then offers possible treatment solutions. Dr. Avi has a vast knowledge and experience in sleep treatment of sleep apnea and combines his expertise with other physicians to come up with an effective sleep treatment.


Dr. Avi holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from the University of Rutgers. He later got another degree in Dentistry from the University of New York and then finally did his Masters in Dental sleep. After school, he started his dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey in 1999. He worked at the clinic for over 15 years earning himself various accolades including Best Dentist Awards for a good job in the community. Even though he worked as a dentist during this time Dr. Avi had a passion for sleep treatment and had already started treating some in his clinic. After conducting his research, he found out how physicians could help patients suffering from sleep disorders. Dr. Avi partnered with other doctors to establish Healthy Heart Sleep, a company that advised on the management of sleep labs. He later founded Unlimited Sleep Patient where he gave lectures to other dentists on the different ways of treating sleep apnea.


Dr. Avi saw the gap that was there in sleep treatment and created a business out of it by founding Dental Sleep Masters. The firm created an effective avenue for him to reach more dentists to share on how to treat sleep apnea effectively. Dr. Avi is a philanthropist who supports Operation Smile Foundation through his Go Fund Me campaign. The charity helps children born with facial deformities and has enabled millions of free surgeries to be conducted on young adults with facial deformities across the world.

Alexandre Gama Is The Most Award Winning Brazillian

There is no marketing executive that has an impressive portfolio like Alexandre Gama does. He had mastered copywriting, advertising and film production in ways that other Brazilians could not rival. He is even a leading member of the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board, which oversees communication companies in all of Brazil. About Magazin had even rated him as one of the most important executives in Brazil.

Since starting Neogama in 1999, Alexandre Gama has had some of the biggest clients in both Brazil and internationally. He is well known for publishing the advertisement campaign for Johnnie Walker that won international awards.

Speaking of awards, Alexandre Gama is the only South American to win multiple first place trophies at the Cannes Film Festival. He is so popular at the festival that he has been invited on multiple occasions to be a part of the judging panel. The British foundation D&AD also actively invites him to be a part of their judging panel for independent films.


Sam Boraie’s Involvement in the Real Estate Industry.

As time passes by, people have begun adopting numerous professions that play a part in making a person successful. Sam Boraie is one individual who took a profession in the real estate industry that led to him becoming a well-recognized personality in the industry. Over the years, Sam Boraie has been able to bring about development in numerous states. He gradually made a name for himself in the ever competitive and changing development industry to become a Vice President of one of the biggest real estate firm, Boraie Development. Being a true leader he is, Mr. Boraie is responsible for ensuring the real estate market of Atlantic City, New Brunswick, and Newark is reinvented thoroughly. With the help of Boraie Development committed team, Sam has been able to achieve a lot by revitalizing communities and attracting new businesses. Sam Boraie has taken it upon himself to ensure the Boraie Development Corporation brings prosperity and change in every project it undertakes.

Boraie Development

Boraie Development was the company responsible for undertaking a project identified as Aspire, which aimed at developing more than two hundred units near New Brunswick Train Station. The project also included developing luxury amenities in a ten thousand square feet retail space. The firm was also responsible for the Albany Square Plaza that consists of offices and retail space in nearly two hundred square feet. Having been known for providing quality and up-to-standard results, Boraie Development has been in a position of earning numerous customers over the years. The firm has been approached by various businessmen who aspire to have their idea being brought to reality. Boraie Development was also the company responsible for developing the One Spring Street that includes more than a hundred home residence and more than twenty stores that offer amenities such as health club to their clients. Apart from focusing on the New Brunswick community, Boraie Development and Sam Boraie project their focus in other areas such as Newark and Atlantic City.

A good instance was when Boraie Development played a part in reinventing Newark community through partnering with Shaquille O’Neal, a basketball superstar, to add rental complexes and other residential amenities. Sam Boraie believes that through rebuilding and reinventing cities such as Atlantic City and Newark, the entire community is given an opportunity to socialize and get affordable housing. In a project undertaken by the firm in Atlantic City, The Beach, the community was able to obtain more than two hundred luxury residences while still offering spacious parking, restaurants, retail stores, and grocery stores. See also.

Sam Boraie charitable works

Apart from spending most of his time as a real estate developer, Sam Boraie is known for involving himself in charitable programs such as Elijah’s Promise, a charitable program in New Brunswick aimed at eliminating poverty. Through his involvement, the community has a chance to access fresh foods and even get employment training. In New Jersey, Mr. Sam is involved in the State Theater, a nonprofit program aimed at hosting family events and music. Sam Boraie believes that for him to continue succeeding, he should be ready to give back to the community, something he does with a lot of passion.