Clayton Hutson On How To Pull Off An Incredible Concert

Clayton Hutson is on the pulse of the music industry helping musicians make their concerts a showstopping experience. With lots of experience and talent Mr. Hutson also listens to his artist’s concerns and puts the pedal to the metal. Clayton started his own music production company years ago, but it has not always been this way. He worked for several different businesses gaining exposure, knowledge, and experience along the way to get where he is now.


When coming up with an amazing concert idea he puts together his vision with thoughts about lighting, sound, and presentation. Currently, Clayton Hutson is working on Kid Rock’s show so each day of the tour starts off really early at about 6:30 in the morning. He is always the first one to get to the set and prepares diligently. The first order of business it to write a list of tasks to do, do a formal walk through to make sure everything is in place and safe, create storage for the music equipment, and look over the schedule to see how the day will lay out. This also helps his crew members do their job better and more efficiently. As a dedicated and professional business owner Clayton Hutson does not shy away from working long hours to ensure that his clients get the best results possible. He also meticulously focuses on details and religiously checks things multiple times to make sure everything is done correctly.


His business offers a number of services including rigging, live production, and sound engineering for the musicians and event planners he works for. Mr. Hutson possesses a variety of skills that others don’t making him an ideal candidate for hire. Some technological trends and advancements in his line of work has helped his business and really impresses his clients. A show cannot simply be good, it has to be great with awesome lighting, sound, and props. They have created new lights that are not as big, heavy, and bulky that are so much easier to move around. They also are coming up with new video, along with huge screens, that make any concert incredible. You have to go big or go home according to Mr. Hutson.


Clayton Hutson received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Production and Theatre Design from Central Michigan University. He also earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at Central Michigan University.

Sujit Choudhry’s Insightful Take on the State of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned comparative law scholar with vast experience as a mediator and constitutional-based conflict resolution. In the face of growing controversies surrounding the special counsel Robert Muller’s investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, he has sought to weigh in on the issue with insightful commentary on a chapter of his upcoming book. While referencing Eric Holder’s assertion in a tweet that interference with or termination of Muller’s mandate without the involvement of the masses would amount to the crossing of a constitutional red line, Sujit Choudhry gives various examples of modern-day threats to constitutional democracy. This has led to the creation of illegitimate and defective democracies and authoritarian regimes globally, visit (

Drawing from his vast experience, Sujit Choudhry points that coup d’états and self-coups marked by ignoring term limits by sitting presidents are threats to constitutional democracy in the modern era. The latter, which amounts to autocracy, is achieved through suspended presidential elections, the pronouncement of state of emergencies and dissolution of legislative bodies. Self-coups are also executed through deliberate electoral fraud disguised as legitimate democratic processes. Giving the example of Poland, Sujit Choudhry notes that ruling and dominant parties can hide their ulterior motives in technical and housekeeping procedures by undemocratically amending the constitution to favour their political ideologies and causes. The populist party, Law, and Justice Party has introduced right-wing ideologies into Poland’s constitution by circumventing the authority of democratic laws and institutions such as the vice presidency.


Promoting Peace through Mediation and Constitution

Sujit Choudhry is an international mediator who has played a vital role in bringing peace in many countries across the globe including Libya, South Africa, Jordan, Yemen and Ukraine among others through his advisory role on constitutional construction, refer to ( His in-depth scholarly and field experience on conflict resolution, constitutional research, and comparative law has seen him work for United Nations and the World Bank in various capacities including constitutional advisory and construction and conflict arbitration and mediation, additional information on

Through the Center for Constitutional Transitions where he currently serves as the director, Sujit Choudhry is dedicated to knowledge-based constitution construction through research. The center brings together global experts on constitution and law while involving other learning instructions, think tanks and non-governmental organizations. Sujit Choudhry serves on several constitutional-related boards and committees and has authored several books and articles, visit

Deirdre Baggot’s Career in Summary

Being Vice President of The Camden Group, Deirdre Baggot is known throughout as the “go-to” when talking about things such as bundled payment. Enduring was her main focus in order to accomplish such endeavors as the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative for Models number 2 through 4. While spending time at Exempla Saint Joseph in Colorado, and also the prestigious Northwestern Memorial located at The University of Michigan Health System, Ms. Baggot gained much respect when it came to healthcare reform. After drawing from her years as a clinician plus being a hospital executive to pioneer bundled payments, Deirdre then worked with others to increase awareness and make much more in revenue to help assist healthcare advisory forms. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile at Linkedin

Taking place right in the heart of the United States, there just happens to be over 60,000 diagnoses happening that many are not aware of. Keep that in mind with over 6,000 drugs being administered on top of that plays a major role. 4,000 surgical techniques are being deployed regardless of if the recipient is in a position to be able to pay or not. With folks like Ms. Baggot leading the movement to bring in change, things can be fixed on a higer level and can assist many. People say that the bundled payments have been expected to rise in importance within the medical community. Members of the board and executives inside the hospital have to know how important it is to know what a smart bundled strategy payment looks like completed.

Deirdre has been credited for the implementation of various new payment models over the course of her career. Working with employers, medicaid, medicare, along with commercial payors in over 200 hospitals, she has had the best results in the industry. Deirdre Baggot has improved quality and patient experience by using a model transformation. Deirdre served as an guide to CMS for the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative. Ms. Baggot worked as an advisor to the New York Medicaid bundled payments pilots. In closing, she has dedicated her resources to the job of bundled payments and also growing this sector overall.

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William Saito Uses his Passion and Determination to Succeed in Technology

Starting a business definitely comes with its challenges. At times, the challenges are external thereby leaving you on the wrong side of the entire operations because you cannot control the business. At times, the challenges can be internal factors that you are able to control. However, even if you can control these factors, some are beyond your jurisdiction. As William Saito illustrates, whatever the challenges, you can always find your way around the business thereby granting you the ability to overcome any barrier. As a man who has earned a special spot in the tech industry, Saito strives to use his wealth of knowledge to solve security issues in the community. As such, he has been known for his tremendous success in the tech world. Just how did this tech guru manage to make it in the ever-transitioning industry that comes with a lot of challenges?


Determination is the one success dockets that William Saito had relied on since he joined school when he was ten years old. At that moment, his teacher realized that he had an amazing IQ that comprehended mathematical puzzles at a very high rate. Therefore, the teacher summoned his parents to school and asked them to purchase a computer that would help their son to accomplish his goals in mathematics and science. When he was just ten years old, Saito was good enough in his trade; therefore, he developed a tech company that dealt with software. When he joined the University of California, the company partnered with the likes of Microsoft to leverage software services to the people.

William Saito’s Career in the Tech World

As he puts it in the Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, his book, personal computing was a new concept that had just become popular in the earlier decades of his career. Finally, computers were finding their way to the business world. From the initial massive structures in the past, several firms were adapting to the new style of having a personal computer. And Saito’s input played a pivotal role in growing the tech world as well. Delving in with his talent, he has since managed to change many people’s lives through his career.

The Overview

Prior to becoming that successful, Saito faced his challenges not only when dealing with English speakers but also launching technology projects. However, those challenges did not prevent him from succeeding. Perhaps that is a life lesson that the young generations can pick from him.



“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Inspires Ire and Praise

Controversy once again a sweeping the media. At the center of this typhoon is Sean Penn. Sean Penn has recently decided to pursue being a novelist. After years of working in the entertainment industry on huge collaborative efforts, he has decided to take a new direction with his creative undertakings. He has expressed in a recent interview by Rolling Stone that he no longer loves acting the way you once did. He also longs to work on something without having to engage in the high amount of compromise traditional of collaborative efforts. In this aim, he has decided to write novels. This is something that he’s wanted to do but life has consistently gotten in the way of his completing one before now. His novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Was released as an audiobook before being released is a novel back in 2016. His choice to do so was his motivation to get it out before the election.

Many speculate that the novel is Sean Penn’s expression of his take on society. This is likely due to the strong ideas expressed by the protagonist of this book. As the protagonist goes through life and sees many different things paralleling events of the modern age he expresses mixed thoughts about them. Many of the thoughts expressed were controversial. For instance, at one point in the novel, the protagonist wrote a lengthy letter to “the landlord” which is a person describes similarly to Donald Trump. The letter is filled to the Brim with criticisms and general insults. Another controversial topic covered by the book is the “me too” movement.

In the previously mentioned interview, Sean Penn expressed that at his age he was not interested in being careful in regards to what he wrote. He believes that many people will not like his book. He also hopes that the book will resonate with some individuals. He expresses that the most important thing to have is making sure that he leaves behind what he intended to leave behind. Despite the controversy, this book is inspired, Sean Penn intends to continue writing.

Tip from Dr. Jim Toner on How to Succeed in the New Economy

Jim Toner shares with us some tips on how to mentally navigate through the new economy that we are in. Other than being a renowned fertility expert, Jim has been an entrepreneur and real estate investor for 25 years now. Coming from humble beginnings, he took control of his life, gaining knowledge and growing his wealth. He eventually became a successful business man, investor, and mentor in the process. Some of his tips for success include improving your mental physical and emotional state so that you can focus on your financial

life. As well as being honest with yourself and many other mental tricks to move forward in life. Hopefully gaining financial freedom to live the lifestyle you want.

The recent housing crash and recession had put a strain on Americans and their wallets. During that period people and their families lost a lot like their retirement funds and other assets. People were making bad financial decisions losing more money, scams were also on the rise. But even through all that Dr. Jim Toner still believes that you can safeguard yourself and still seize opportunities in those times if you are prepared.

On your way to financial success, Dr. Toner, who has earned both a PhD and an MD, has given us a few tips to remember along the way. Try and incorporate these into your daily life to take one step closer towards financial freedom.


Your attitude is your most important asset. Try and have a positive attitude towards future business and life decisions, you will see a clearer picture.


It has been stated time and again that having successful and like-minded people around you can in turn make you better. Built a team of people that share the same views and utilize the knowledge of others.

Mental and Physical Health is Important

After reading a novel by Jim Rohn, Jim Toner concluded that working hard for someone else doesn’t always mean success. He needed to make him, himself more valuable in the world to be more successful and that comes with working on yourself. Physical health is good for your life overall, exercise leads to clear thoughts and better business plans.

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Jacob Gottlieb: Choosing Trading over Medicine

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful investor who also holds a license to perform as a physician. He graduated from the university twice, earning him a BA degree in economics and a doctor’s degree in medicine. After he received his license to become a doctor, he decided to do his internship at the St. Vincent’s Hospital in the city of New York. He did well being a doctor, but there is a loud voice inside him saying that he was not made for the medical field, but for the business field. Convinced that he will succeed in the business and finance industry, he quit his career being a doctor and started becoming a financial pundit.

To establish his presence in the financial management industry, he had to study how money works. He did extensive research, allowing himself to understand what the terminologies really, and how an individual could succeed in his chosen field. In 2005, he decided to establish the Visium Asset Management LLC, serving as the company’s chief investment officer, and at the same time, a managing partner. Aside from the Visium Asset Management LLC, Jacob Gottlieb has also worked with other investment companies in the United States. Through the years of working with these financial companies, he understood how hard it is for the business people to succeed, and how significant the sacrifices are in exchange for a better life.

As a child, Jacob Gottlieb already exhibited an impressive skill in doing business. He would visit a local country club every weekend to sell merchandise to the players. He would also involve himself in trading card games with his friends, and always ended up getting their rare collection. His parents considered Jacob Gottlieb as a bright child, and they advised him to take whatever he wanted when he reached college. They have always believed in the capacity of Jacob Gottlieb, but it still came as a surprise to his parents after it was announced that their son would become the class’ valedictorian. Jacob Gottlieb, graduating with honors from his university, and he started his career in trading after he got out of the school.

Trading for him had to be checked and monitored closely, which is why Visium Asset Management LLC was created. However, it is still unprotected against hacks, so Jacob Gottlieb made sure that all – if most, most – of their transactions will be monitored to ensure that there would be no problems.

OSI Group Attends Swine Day; David McDonald’s Journey to Become President of OSI Group

OSI Group, a world-wide supplier of meat products, participated in Swine Day. The President of OSI Group David McDonald, who also serves on the board of directors at the North American Meat Institute, was in attendance talking about the future of the food industry. In addition to David McDonald, several industry leaders participated in the event. Jeff Ansell, of Jeff Ansell and Associates, presented an educational, yet entertaining speech. Ray and Dave Price, of Sunterra Farms, were also in attendance.

OSI Group has been expanding in the past two years. With the purchase of a couple of non-American food processing companies and an old Tyson chicken plant in Illinois, OSI Group CEO further cemented themselves with-in the food industry. Baho Foods was one of the companies purchased by OSI Group. it is located in Holland and specializes in deli products.

The company began as a simple, local butcher shop. Originally called Otto & Sons, the company has now grown to be an internationally known producer of meat and other food products. The company was created by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, who lived in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago was known for its German-American population at the time. The company’s first big break came with the creation of McDonald’s. McDonald’s tasked Otto & Suns with supplying meat to their first restaurant, which was in Illinois. Otto & Sons expanded as McDonald’s expanded, securing their long-term partnership. Now called OSI Group, the company is lead by David McDonald.

About David McDonald

McDonald, in addition to being the President of OSI Group, is the COO of the company. He originally joined the company as a project manager, but over the years he worked his way up the company’s ladder, securing his place at the head. David McDonald attended Iowa State University, and he earned a degree in Animal Science during his time at the school and more

OG Juan Perez Lavish 50th Birthday.

In the year 1958, OG Juan was born in Harlem. He went Brandeis High School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side where he acquired knowledge. Later in life, OG Perez met with Jay Z who had a passion for NYS sports and entertainment. In collaboration with Jay, they have been running studios over the years. They consecrated ideas together with massive openings of lounges and sports bars, for instance, the 40/40 Club. They have also majored in the music industry.

Recently, Perez has met with athletes of whom he says they come to seek advice from them based on their mission of elevating athletes’ career on global scale both on and off the field. It’s through this intimate relationship between the two that Jay Z showed birthday love to his partner OG Juan.

OG Juan Perez is currently the president of Roc Nations Sports, and he enjoys having time with friends. He recently celebrated birthday of 50th year where he hanged up with some of his very close friends. The birthday was celebrated by five persons Jay who sponsored the whole event with more than 100,000 dollars, OG Juan, Emory Jones, a cousin to Perez, Juan’s wife Desiree Perez and Roc Nation’s CEO Jay Brown.

These longtime friends unimaginably spent the night. For this matter, 13,000 dollars were used for dinner in Midtown Zuma, 9000 dollars on more than forty bottles of drinks in Mexico in the playroom. The receipt totaled with a 91,000 dollars. This lavish spending was attributed to 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Gold champagne each costing 1200 dollars 20 more of the Ace of Spades Rosé at 2500 dollars each. The party went all through till early morning.

As a result of the twitters that erupted out of this lavish birthday party, it has caused the advertising for Jay’s brands.OG Juan in collaboration with wife Desiree for more than 20 years has been engaged in business operations behind the mogul.

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William Saito Discusses His Career and “Design Thinking” Philosophy

William Saito thinks of himself as an “incurable entrepreneur.” To be sure, his enthusiasm for technology and curiosity are contagious. A former member of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, Saito is a world-renowned expert on cybersecurity, encryption, and biometric authentication technologies. The Japanese-American technologist and businessman began his journey while still in elementary school. The young Saito taught himself to code at a young age and started his first business in high school. By 1998, he had reached the highest echelons of the tech world, having been named Entrepreneur of the Year by three leading publications. Following a buy-out from Microsoft, Saito relocated to Japan and founded the venture capital firm InTecur in 2012.

Saito was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Japan by Nikkei. He also serves as an advisor to several agencies of the Japanese government as well as to governments and organizations around the world. He is also sought after by media as an expert commentator. William Saito is the author of two books: The Team: Solving the Biggest Problem in Japan and An Unprogrammed Life.

Saito recently sat down with IdeaMensch for an interview during which he talked about his leadership philosophy and creative process. One theme that came up more than once was the idea of failure as a positive. All too often, people are afraid to fail and so they end up not learning from their mistakes. Saito refers to this as “Design Thinking,” and it guides his business and investing decisions. Since his early forays into business based in his dorm room at the University of California Riverside, Saito has been a part of over 25 businesses.

When asked what business and technology trends excited him the most, William Saito pointed out it was the fact that an array of technologies are maturing and fusing. He is fascinated with the way that diverse fields such as AI, blockchain, and robotics are all converging. Despite all the accomplishments, Saito shows no signs of slowing down.