Freedom Checks – The Free Way To Invest

Freedom Checks are a tax free investment opportunity that has the protection of federal laws. The estimated payout this year is 34.6 billion dollars. With as little as $10, a person can start investing. The Freedom Checks look like a tax refund check from the government but they are private checks. Matt Badiali has a vast background and a video where he educates the public about this investment opportunity. You make repeated investment and should back Master Limited Partnerships. There are about 550 companies that meet the 26 F Statute to issue Freedom Checks. The criteria for them is that the company must issue them on an annual basis and 90% of the revenue hat funds the checks must be generated from storage, production, transportation or processing of oil or gas in America.

One of the benefits that make this investment rightly termed Freedom Checks is that since they are legally considered return on capital by the government they are not subject to income tax and so do not negatively impact other household income. The quarterly payments that you receive from the MLPs that you have purchased shares in can either be deposited by you or reinvested. Since the profits are passed on to the shareholders, they are not subject to federal income tax and you don’t need to setup a new account to receive Freedom Checks. When researching MLPs, it is vital to make sure they are financial healthy and have liquid assets in excess of $1 billion. Read more here

With companies utilizing $128 trillion of America’s natural resources, they need capital to fund their operations. As beneficiaries of these resources, Freedom Checks open the gateway to invest in what can eventually become your retirement fund. The key is to research what companies that use natural resources are MLPs and then see about becoming one of the average citizens who invest and patiently wait for the funds to grow and receive Freedom Checks. For more information and history go to

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