Gareth Henry: From Math Student to Global Finance Head

Gareth Henry Has positioned himself in many workplace roles in the industry of Finance over the years. New experience which this man has amassed has started out in a more detailed Manner and evolved into something more of a relationship based position. Gareth Henry got his bachelor’s in Actuarial mathematics from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland when he was 32 years old: well past the prime of most college students. Regardless, he took this experience and used it to entertain a beginning roll at Watson Wyatt. He was a research manager there and this experience helps him to gain credibility when entering the finance world where actuarial models come into play. At Watson Wyatt, Gareth used his experience to help gain clients from the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. On top of this, Gareth Henry was excellent at building relationships and so this pushed him to the apex of the finance world in the heart of London and New York. He worked at Fortress liquid markets until 2015 as the global head of investor relations, helping secure investments for the firm from all over the world. He’s great relationships and knowledge secured Investments with sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and insurance companies who also use actuarial models.

Gareth Henry is once quoted by the president of Angelo, Gordon, & Company, when it was said that “With Gareth Henry we are further strengthening the world-class team we have assembled, as we seek to deliver strong performance on behalf of our investors.” Lawrence Schloss, the president of Angelo, Gordon, & Company, eventually offered Garrett Henry a managing partner position at the firm because of his hard work and successful investments. Angelo, Gordon, & company was founded in the late 1980’s and presently holds 26 billion dollars and this is all spread between real estate, private equity, and credit.

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