Ara Chackerian Says TMS Is One Of Our Greatest Strengths

“Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, could potentially become a mainstay in psychiatric care,” says philatropist, Ara Chackerian. The California-based entrepreneur draws on the most recent worldwide findings in psychology and neuroscience, which conclude that brain stimulatory treatment can be the answer for depression.


Depression is a common condition that affects up to 20% of people throughout their lives. Unfortunately, in a third of patients, the disease does not respond adequately to treatment with medication and psychotherapy. In an interview, posted on Ideamensch, Ara Chackerian believes TMS has become a savior.


In 2008, the Food and Drug Administration approved TMS as a therapeutic treatment for severe depression, when other depression treatments have not worked. Clincial studies show that the therapeutic use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is successful. In fact, Ara Chackerian is so confident in its therapy, that he co-founded TMS Health Solutions. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation stimulates underlying brain areas by means of a magnetic coil held on the head, which stimulates the nerve cells and achieves an anti-depressant effect. Thus TMS is a painless, non-chemical treatment for depression. When using the magnetic coil, the resulting charge in the cerebral cortex depolarizes neurons, changing specific nerve cells, and while complex, it can reduce depression. You can visit



For many people, medication doesn’t make any progress in treating depression, and Chackerian is committed to developing out-patient healthcare centers for meaningfully effective treatments. A graduate of Florida State University, with a B.S. in Marketing, the angel investor has nearly 25 years of developing healthcare-centered businesses. Chackerian has acknowledged so little awareness on the subject of mental health issues, and in 2007 co-founded his first treatment center. Over the next decade, Chackerian developed several other networks of TMS Health Solutions centers around Northern California. You can visit



Chackerian says if one adheres to the routine care of TMS, then the treatment can be a promising, safe therapy.


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