Herbalife Partnership

Herbalife has partnered with The Pro Football Scouting Combine to help elite college football players, compete for the biggest day of their football careers. The day football players from all around the country, vigorously train for five weeks and compete for top spots in the Pro Football Draft. A day each one has dreamt about for all of his college football playing days, and in many cases much longer.

Herbalife provided individualized consultations, personalized menus, nutritional requirements, meal supplements and replacements and even protein shakes to assist athletes like Mikey Matthews, an offensive lineman from Texas A & M; Su’A Cravens, an offensive linebacker from USC and Kevin Hogan, a quarterback from Stanford in their quests of weight requirements, strength building, energy recovery, and general nutritional education, supporting each athlete’s performance and ensuring they finish strong against other elite athletes on what many consider, “the biggest Interview of their lives.”

Herbalife, a global multi-level marketing corporation, started in 1980, by Mark Hughes, and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, develops, markets and sells nutritional supplements, weight management and personal care products. This company operates in 95 countries, through a network of more than 3 million independent distributors. Despite award and product award winning years prior to 2016, Herbalife garnered some criticisms and accusations, from a hedge fund manager among others, claiming the company was a “pyramid scheme”, which lead to some fundamental restructuring and a $200 million payout in 2016, although the company has helped people live healthier, more active lives since 1980.

During its restructuring, Herbalife changed its business model, paid out $200 million to its independent distributors, COO Richard Goudis took over as CEO in June 2017 and the previous CEO Johnson, transitioned to Executive Chairman. In August of 2017 the company repurchased $600 million of its own stock and on April 25, 2018, the company’s shareholders approved a two-for-one stock split and has updated its name from Herbalife Ltd. to Herbalife Nutrition Ltd.




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