Herbalife Sponsorship With Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland takes extreme sports to another level. He is a world-renowned athlete, activist, and photographer. He knows at the underlying core to his success with his adventures extreme sports explorations is his commitment and drive to his health and nutrition. In sponsorship with Herbalife Nutrition, he is able to have his hands on the best nutrition products and services on the market. Plus, he is able to share with others the benefits of this brands of health-conscious products.


Herbalife is a worldwide company with one mission in mind: to create a world full of healthy and happy people. The company does this by only selling products made of the finest quality in their company-operated facilities. This way the company is able to keep a watch on their products, their ingredients and the ways their products are manufactured. For three decades now, Herbalife has been the premier source of health-related programs for customers. They offer programs that assist customers with weight management, ageing ailments, dieting plans and fitness plans. These services are of great service to people who are aiming to get physically fit and healthy.

This company is also so favored due to how they allow people to make extra income. Independent distributors are the bride between the customers and the company. These distributors earn income from the sales and services they provide to customers. This also allows customers to have a special one on one connection between them and the salesperson.


Sebastian Copeland knows the demands of extreme sports, especially those that require him to go into some of the coldest environments on earth. He also knows how much his success during his polar expeditions counts on his own personal health. The Herbalife products he takes for his diet allow him to build up the strength and muscle to trudge through several feet of snow and carry two hundred pounds of equipment on his back. The products he consumes allows him to withstands thirteen hour days of exploration. That is why he chose to work with this company to allow others to know how beneficial their products are.



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