Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Compassion for People and his Practice

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar (also known as Dr. J) is a plastic surgeon that not only embraces his craft but demonstrates love to his patients that he serves. In 2012, Dr. Jejurikar was awarded the honor for being “America’s Most Compassionate Doctor Award”. Compassion towards his patients is a key component to becoming not only one of the top physicians in the nation but a doctor that genuinely cares about his patients.

Dr. Jejuurikar has attended Michigan Medical School and has several affiliated hospitals such as Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, Pine Creek Medical Center, and Dallas Medical Center. For approximately 11 to 20 years, Dr. Jejurikar served at both Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center in his practice. He is also one of six doctors that specialize in general plastic surgery and specialty plastic surgery for both men and women. This specialty can range from face, body, breast and skin augmentation.

Along with a compassionate spirit in which patience rave about on social media and reviews, Dr. Jejurikar demonstrates in his practice careful evaluations conducted with patients, listening carefully to each patient’s needs, and conducting a thorough a self-evaluation based on a survey that is conducted about his services from all of his patients. To extend his services even further, Dr. Jejurikar maintains a blog that informs patients about new procedures, basic and advanced skincare techniques, the latest technology used with surgeries as well as caring for scars after surgery. You can find services, examples of previous surgeries he has conducted and the ability to book an appointment online at his blog at https://dallasplasticsurgery.pro.


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