William Saito Uses his Passion and Determination to Succeed in Technology

Starting a business definitely comes with its challenges. At times, the challenges are external thereby leaving you on the wrong side of the entire operations because you cannot control the business. At times, the challenges can be internal factors that you are able to control. However, even if you can control these factors, some are beyond your jurisdiction. As William Saito illustrates, whatever the challenges, you can always find your way around the business thereby granting you the ability to overcome any barrier. As a man who has earned a special spot in the tech industry, Saito strives to use his wealth of knowledge to solve security issues in the community. As such, he has been known for his tremendous success in the tech world. Just how did this tech guru manage to make it in the ever-transitioning industry that comes with a lot of challenges?


Determination is the one success dockets that William Saito had relied on since he joined school when he was ten years old. At that moment, his teacher realized that he had an amazing IQ that comprehended mathematical puzzles at a very high rate. Therefore, the teacher summoned his parents to school and asked them to purchase a computer that would help their son to accomplish his goals in mathematics and science. When he was just ten years old, Saito was good enough in his trade; therefore, he developed a tech company that dealt with software. When he joined the University of California, the company partnered with the likes of Microsoft to leverage software services to the people.

William Saito’s Career in the Tech World

As he puts it in the Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, his book, personal computing was a new concept that had just become popular in the earlier decades of his career. Finally, computers were finding their way to the business world. From the initial massive structures in the past, several firms were adapting to the new style of having a personal computer. And Saito’s input played a pivotal role in growing the tech world as well. Delving in with his talent, he has since managed to change many people’s lives through his career.

The Overview

Prior to becoming that successful, Saito faced his challenges not only when dealing with English speakers but also launching technology projects. However, those challenges did not prevent him from succeeding. Perhaps that is a life lesson that the young generations can pick from him.




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