“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Inspires Ire and Praise

Controversy once again a sweeping the media. At the center of this typhoon is Sean Penn. Sean Penn has recently decided to pursue being a novelist. After years of working in the entertainment industry on huge collaborative efforts, he has decided to take a new direction with his creative undertakings. He has expressed in a recent interview by Rolling Stone that he no longer loves acting the way you once did. He also longs to work on something without having to engage in the high amount of compromise traditional of collaborative efforts. In this aim, he has decided to write novels. This is something that he’s wanted to do but life has consistently gotten in the way of his completing one before now. His novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Was released as an audiobook before being released is a novel back in 2016. His choice to do so was his motivation to get it out before the election.

Many speculate that the novel is Sean Penn’s expression of his take on society. This is likely due to the strong ideas expressed by the protagonist of this book. As the protagonist goes through life and sees many different things paralleling events of the modern age he expresses mixed thoughts about them. Many of the thoughts expressed were controversial. For instance, at one point in the novel, the protagonist wrote a lengthy letter to “the landlord” which is a person describes similarly to Donald Trump. The letter is filled to the Brim with criticisms and general insults. Another controversial topic covered by the book is the “me too” movement.

In the previously mentioned interview, Sean Penn expressed that at his age he was not interested in being careful in regards to what he wrote. He believes that many people will not like his book. He also hopes that the book will resonate with some individuals. He expresses that the most important thing to have is making sure that he leaves behind what he intended to leave behind. Despite the controversy, this book is inspired, Sean Penn intends to continue writing.

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