Tip from Dr. Jim Toner on How to Succeed in the New Economy

Jim Toner shares with us some tips on how to mentally navigate through the new economy that we are in. Other than being a renowned fertility expert, Jim has been an entrepreneur and real estate investor for 25 years now. Coming from humble beginnings, he took control of his life, gaining knowledge and growing his wealth. He eventually became a successful business man, investor, and mentor in the process. Some of his tips for success include improving your mental physical and emotional state so that you can focus on your financial

life. As well as being honest with yourself and many other mental tricks to move forward in life. Hopefully gaining financial freedom to live the lifestyle you want.

The recent housing crash and recession had put a strain on Americans and their wallets. During that period people and their families lost a lot like their retirement funds and other assets. People were making bad financial decisions losing more money, scams were also on the rise. But even through all that Dr. Jim Toner still believes that you can safeguard yourself and still seize opportunities in those times if you are prepared.

On your way to financial success, Dr. Toner, who has earned both a PhD and an MD, has given us a few tips to remember along the way. Try and incorporate these into your daily life to take one step closer towards financial freedom.


Your attitude is your most important asset. Try and have a positive attitude towards future business and life decisions, you will see a clearer picture.


It has been stated time and again that having successful and like-minded people around you can in turn make you better. Built a team of people that share the same views and utilize the knowledge of others.

Mental and Physical Health is Important

After reading a novel by Jim Rohn, Jim Toner concluded that working hard for someone else doesn’t always mean success. He needed to make him, himself more valuable in the world to be more successful and that comes with working on yourself. Physical health is good for your life overall, exercise leads to clear thoughts and better business plans.

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