OSI Group Attends Swine Day; David McDonald’s Journey to Become President of OSI Group

OSI Group, a world-wide supplier of meat products, participated in Swine Day. The President of OSI Group David McDonald, who also serves on the board of directors at the North American Meat Institute, was in attendance talking about the future of the food industry. In addition to David McDonald, several industry leaders participated in the event. Jeff Ansell, of Jeff Ansell and Associates, presented an educational, yet entertaining speech. Ray and Dave Price, of Sunterra Farms, were also in attendance.

OSI Group has been expanding in the past two years. With the purchase of a couple of non-American food processing companies and an old Tyson chicken plant in Illinois, OSI Group CEO further cemented themselves with-in the food industry. Baho Foods was one of the companies purchased by OSI Group. it is located in Holland and specializes in deli products.

The company began as a simple, local butcher shop. Originally called Otto & Sons, the company has now grown to be an internationally known producer of meat and other food products. The company was created by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, who lived in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago was known for its German-American population at the time. The company’s first big break came with the creation of McDonald’s. McDonald’s tasked Otto & Suns with supplying meat to their first restaurant, which was in Illinois. Otto & Sons expanded as McDonald’s expanded, securing their long-term partnership. Now called OSI Group, the company is lead by David McDonald.

About David McDonald

McDonald, in addition to being the President of OSI Group, is the COO of the company. He originally joined the company as a project manager, but over the years he worked his way up the company’s ladder, securing his place at the head. David McDonald attended Iowa State University, and he earned a degree in Animal Science during his time at the school and more

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