Jacob Gottlieb: Choosing Trading over Medicine

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful investor who also holds a license to perform as a physician. He graduated from the university twice, earning him a BA degree in economics and a doctor’s degree in medicine. After he received his license to become a doctor, he decided to do his internship at the St. Vincent’s Hospital in the city of New York. He did well being a doctor, but there is a loud voice inside him saying that he was not made for the medical field, but for the business field. Convinced that he will succeed in the business and finance industry, he quit his career being a doctor and started becoming a financial pundit.

To establish his presence in the financial management industry, he had to study how money works. He did extensive research, allowing himself to understand what the terminologies really, and how an individual could succeed in his chosen field. In 2005, he decided to establish the Visium Asset Management LLC, serving as the company’s chief investment officer, and at the same time, a managing partner. Aside from the Visium Asset Management LLC, Jacob Gottlieb has also worked with other investment companies in the United States. Through the years of working with these financial companies, he understood how hard it is for the business people to succeed, and how significant the sacrifices are in exchange for a better life.

As a child, Jacob Gottlieb already exhibited an impressive skill in doing business. He would visit a local country club every weekend to sell merchandise to the players. He would also involve himself in trading card games with his friends, and always ended up getting their rare collection. His parents considered Jacob Gottlieb as a bright child, and they advised him to take whatever he wanted when he reached college. They have always believed in the capacity of Jacob Gottlieb, but it still came as a surprise to his parents after it was announced that their son would become the class’ valedictorian. Jacob Gottlieb, graduating with honors from his university, and he started his career in trading after he got out of the school.

Trading for him had to be checked and monitored closely, which is why Visium Asset Management LLC was created. However, it is still unprotected against hacks, so Jacob Gottlieb made sure that all – if most, most – of their transactions will be monitored to ensure that there would be no problems.

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