OG Juan Perez Lavish 50th Birthday.

In the year 1958, OG Juan was born in Harlem. He went Brandeis High School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side where he acquired knowledge. Later in life, OG Perez met with Jay Z who had a passion for NYS sports and entertainment. In collaboration with Jay, they have been running studios over the years. They consecrated ideas together with massive openings of lounges and sports bars, for instance, the 40/40 Club. They have also majored in the music industry.

Recently, Perez has met with athletes of whom he says they come to seek advice from them based on their mission of elevating athletes’ career on global scale both on and off the field. It’s through this intimate relationship between the two that Jay Z showed birthday love to his partner OG Juan.

OG Juan Perez is currently the president of Roc Nations Sports, and he enjoys having time with friends. He recently celebrated birthday of 50th year where he hanged up with some of his very close friends. The birthday was celebrated by five persons Jay who sponsored the whole event with more than 100,000 dollars, OG Juan, Emory Jones, a cousin to Perez, Juan’s wife Desiree Perez and Roc Nation’s CEO Jay Brown.

These longtime friends unimaginably spent the night. For this matter, 13,000 dollars were used for dinner in Midtown Zuma, 9000 dollars on more than forty bottles of drinks in Mexico in the playroom. The receipt totaled with a 91,000 dollars. This lavish spending was attributed to 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Gold champagne each costing 1200 dollars 20 more of the Ace of Spades Rosé at 2500 dollars each. The party went all through till early morning.

As a result of the twitters that erupted out of this lavish birthday party, it has caused the advertising for Jay’s brands.OG Juan in collaboration with wife Desiree for more than 20 years has been engaged in business operations behind the mogul.

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