Brian Torchin: Maintaining a Functioning Balance between Law Firms and the Medical Industry

Brian Torchin is widely known in the healthcare industry as the founder of several medical offices in Philadelphia, Florida, and Delaware. Using his acquired skills, he founded HCRC Staffing which is a recruitment agency that staffs the most respected and well-known hospitals and medical groups in the mentioned states. His offices also specialize in staffing quality personnel for law firms besides the medical field involvement. HCRC recruits professionals in the medical field including physician assistants, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists and others in law firms like; attorneys, legal administrators, paralegals, and legal secretaries. Brian Torchin spends his energy and time in ensuring that his current clients get high class and exceptional services.

Additionally, he is an active social media site member. He is readily available to be added, followed and contacted through both Twitter and Facebook. All his accounts are updated and provide news and information regarding the company. This covers updates on upcoming events, hiring of new staff and most importantly specifications on the personnel to be hired. Due to his earlier involvement in the chiropractic field, Brian takes advantage of his knowledge to further his industrial and professional abilities. Brian Torchin has professionally possessed interests and abilities in connecting with clients, both online and in person. Read more about Brian Torchin on

According to Glassdoor, Mr Brian Torchin has appeared numerously in news highlights from famous news sources aside from him getting featured in individually owned blogs and article sites. This includes a CNN report, which provides exact details on what HCRC Staffing works towards representing in regard to quality staff provision to law firms, medical companies, and the likes. Brian’s HCRC website provides highly detailed and helpful posts in a blog and often, within a week or two, a new blog is always posted. Each of the post’s details is usually helpful tips which handle issues concerning advice on the best choice of employees, health concerns in the workplace, information on physicians and many more.

Aside from the posts, there is a page dedicated to past clients’ testimonies and a media page for reading or watching the company’s seminar videos. For job seekers and employers who have interests in their services, the required contact information is provided.

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