From Humble Beginnings to Global Expansion: OSI Group Continues to Grow

OSI Group started with a humble immigrant trying to make his way as a butcher in the metropolitan of Chicago in 1909. The company continued to grow until they hit the jackpot in 1955 when they signed a contract to be the meat supplier for the McDonald’s franchise. OSI Group changed names a few times before finding its final fit. The company then expanded internationally and continued to be successful.

It has been 109 years since OSI Group started out in Oak Park, IL. The company is now serving restaurants and food industry needs in 17 countries globally. OSI Group offers a wide variety of foods and works with clients to customize their menu to fit their budget needs and recipe specifications. Their food processing capabilities are expansive but fear not. The company prides itself on focusing on sustainability as a top priority in production.

There are many positive changes happening to OSI, they will be having a merger in Austrailia. The local branch of OSI will merger with Turi Foods to become Tursi, a family- run food processing company. The move will solidify efforts to expand product availability while streamlining services. OSI has also broadened their reach in Europe and Asia with new acquisitions. This helps OSI provide for a higher number of large clients such as fast food franchise operations and supermarkets.

OSI was begun by immigrants near Chicago in the early 1900’s. The company has turned into a global source of affordable and high-quality food options for the food service and retail industries. After decades of success, OSI expanded to Europe and Asia. The company still continues to expand while still working sustainably at all locations. Recently they have agreed to a merger between their Austrailian operations and a local company to better meet the local needs. OSI Group is an excellent global source of processed foods that are always working to improve and perfect their methods. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

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