Fortress Investment Group

Founded in 1998, Fortress investment group is an investment firm that is involved in the management of:

  • Liquid hedge funds
  • Credit funds.
  • Alternative assets in private equity

Over the years, Fortress investment group has set itself up as a global and highly diversified firm. Due to its specialized expertise and deep experience, it has been able to manage traditional assets and liquid markets on behalf of private clients and institutional investors. In December 2017, SoftBank completed the acquisition of the group at a deal worth 3.3 billion dollars in cash. This acquisition will help fortress go private again and become more accessible to limited partners in Asia through Softbank. The move was designed to create an alternative option to asset investment. Fortress was the main lender to the millennium development group for building the athletic village for the 2010 winter Olympics at a cost of 875 million dollars in Southeast False Creek Vancouver. The village was completed in November 2009 and fortress became the legal owner of the village after the Olympics.

Fortress has been keen on the provision of excellent customer services. As a result, they have engaged a wide social media presence. They believe that social media platforms will help reach out to a large number of people and show them the benefits of their business besides offering the right advice to enable them to make informed choices about investments. Social media platforms have greatly been used to provide a wide base of knowledge to their various customers. The Fortress investment group believes in helping people out in the issues they are facing. To keep customers happy and motivated, they offer incentives for instance bonuses on positive investment and referral rewards. Employees at the Fortress group are positive about working at Fortress.

Most of them have commended the firm terming it as a company that is keen on communication among team members and collaboration. Others commended the flat managerial style and exceptional internal HR. The company has offered a lot of opportunities to grow for everyone. Some of its core competencies include investing in assets. They ensure they have a deep knowledge of the industries and portfolio they invest in as well as ensuring they have a capital market expertise and a nice operation management. Fortress investment group has experienced employees with expertise in specific sectors.They have ensured that they have built successful business relationships across the globe with top companies and individuals.

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