Dr. Jennifer Walden & The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center

The United States is home to thousands of plastic surgeons, and it’s home to hundreds of advanced medical facilities. When it comes to best plastic surgery, the city of Austin, Texas, hosts one of the best. Dr. Jennifer Walden is her name and providing top-notch services in medical aesthetics is her game. This loving mother of two boys is fully focused on her mission, and her track record provides more than enough evidence of her doing so. The Austin-native is known to be a doctor, a philanthropist, a consultant and an author. Walden just so happens to be the author of a successful book that’s known as “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.” This award-winning textbook was released back in 2010, and it can be purchased via Amazon.com.

Being a Texas Super Doctor isn’t easy as she has been presented with this title for a number of years. Dr. Walden helped to reintroduced Silicone-breast implants thanks to her ambitious clinical trails. On top of that, she was one of the very first plastic surgeons to implement laser machines into their medical practices. Walden used these machines for high-volume work in labiaplasties and in vaginoplasties. She is one of the most progressive-thinking individuals in the business and bigger things are surely on the horizon. Dr. Walden’s medical practice, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, offers numerous high-quality services such as:

• Rhinoplasty

• Breast Reduction

• Breast Implant Removal

• Chemical Peel

• Wrinkle Reduction By Injection

• Breast Augmentation

• Laser Hair Removal

• Butt Lift

• Botox

• Hair Transplant

• And more

All in all, Dr. Jennifer Walden is doing her part to better society, and she has given-back to her community by volunteering her many resourceful services.

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