Dr. Jim Toner, Changing The Scope Of Infertility Through Groundbreaking Approaches

For as far as the human history is concerned, infertility has always been a major issue and even during the era of our forefathers it was still there. Unfortunately, even in the advanced era that we live in, the roadmap to getting professional help is still quite intricate and distressing. What’s even more unfortunate is that the baggage of infertility always ends up weighing down on women.

Fortunately, with the recent invention and launch of an online calculator by the Society for assisted reproductive technology alias SART, the rates of infertility can now reduce by a massive percentage. According to Jim Toner, SART’S president, the online calculator will help doctors and their patients who are trying to conceive through IVF treatment learn whether the process will be successful or not based on specific metrics of that particular patient. For instance, the calculator will test her pregnancy history, her BMI and infertility diagnosis to come up with the results.

According to Dr. Jim Toner the calculator, known as assisted reproductive technology patient predictor tool has been tested using data from over a million previous successful and unsuccessful IVF treatment cycles to test its effectiveness and accuracy. It will help make things better because women will no longer have to be subjected to the hectic and emotionally draining IVF processes only for them to fail. This method is way much more user-friendly than the regular preset tables which are rarely accurate.

It will also help couples who are trying to get a child learn what options they have on the table rather than undergo costly and emotionally expensive IVF processes only to be punched in the face with the bad news that IVF cannot work in their case. In order to come up with results, the tool uses the earlier mentioned personal metrics of the woman and calculates the probability of a live birth based on the number of IVF cycles. If authorized, this tool will surely be a game changer for many women and couples around the world.

About Jim Toner

Based in Atlanta, Dr. Jim Toner is a household name in the world of matters fertility. He is quite a lucrative man and his string of academic accreditations are sufficient proof of that. For instance, he is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania which is where he received both his Ph.D. and M.D after successfully attending the facilities medical scientist training program. Besides that, Jim Toner also holds a B.S in Psychology from St. Josephs.

Based on this Atlanta Infertility article, Dr. Jim is fully certified by the board and now specializes in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. It is through this sector that the renowned doctor has been able to revolutionize and change the way people perceive infertility and other reproductive-related issues for the better. He has served the Atlanta center of reproductive medicine for close to two decades now having joined the health facility back in the year 2000. He has been in the sector for quite a long time now a factor that has enabled him to amass extensive infertility acumen and in return has made it possible for myriads of previously hopeless couples make their dream of being parents a reality.

Thanks to this, there are plenty of testimonials from previous satisfied patients and he is now one of the most sought-after infertility doctors in the region. Jim Toner has served various positions in various state of the art facilities and he also advises young and upcoming reproductive doctors on how to excel in this highly disregarded and ignored arena. To book an appointment, visit https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/jim-toner-md-4c6ae85e-1525-41ca-9f9e-1d731925191a-appointments.

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