The Legendary Cassio Audi

Heavy metal rock grew in popularity worldwide throughout the 70s. This was certainly no less true in Brazil, the home of Cassio Audi. Immediately after graduating high school, Audi became the drummer of the heavy metal rock band, Viper Rock. The other members of this new band included Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarell. During these years, drummers were the most popular member of a rock band. And this was not without reason. The world-class Brazilian drummers of the early 80s were known for pioneering a unique sound characterized by loud, bold and very emphatic beats.

In fact, these drummers in the process ushered Brazilian heavy metal into a completely unique hard rock subgenre.Since Brazilian rock drummers had such a lofty position in the eyes of the public, it is not surprising that Audi would be instrumental in making the new Brazilian band one of the most popular bands of the 80s. In addition to drumming, he also composed some of the songs. He was largely inspired by the U.K.’s hugely popular rock band, Iron Maiden. With his help, Viper Rock released two extremely well-received albums by critics and audiences alike.The first of these albums, “Soldiers of Sunrise” (1987), is considered the greatest Brazilian rock album of all time.

In 1989 they released their next album, “Theater of Fate,” which was almost equally as well received. And while Viper was growing in popularity, Audi was attaining legendary status. In 1989, the same year that they released their second album, Audi left Viper in to begin his college life. There he studied finances for his next career. After graduating from Sao Paulo University, he became a hugely successful investor and financial expert. Although he has long since moved on from the rock scene, his legendary status as a pioneering rock musician remains an inspiration to many current Brazilian lyricists, composers, singers, and band members.

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