Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a serial angel investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He serves ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as the Managing Partner. The company focuses on early-stage healthcare firms investment. Ara is also one of the founders of TMS Health Solutions. He is also a board member of the same company.

Ara said that the idea of founding TMS Health Solutions came after he and his buddy felt that they needed to implement their experience. Ara has extensive experience in outpatient diagnosis. He and his friend needed to find a way to help patients who suffered from diagnostic illnesses. They discovered that coming up with a facility would be the best form of service.

Ara is a resident of San Francisco. He has worked exclusively in the field of healthcare. He gets ideas from life experiences. He also credits his hard work and critical thinking to his parents who encouraged him to think hard about life.  For more details you can visit


Chackerian is in love with digital healthcare. He continued that digital and telemedicine healthcare applications are capable of improving the value of healthcare in the society. He argued that for instance patients who suffer from depression develop communication problems regarding speech and frequency and pacing of communication. He pointed out that such incidences require an algorithm to pick-up these changes in communication behaviors. This can help patients and the physicians to comprehend the deterioration and advancement of the victim’s health.

Ara Chackerian revealed that his entrepreneurial productivity is mostly geared when he is surrounded by nature. He engages in trail running or surfing every time he feels a need to have a calm reasoning environment. Finding a quiet surrounding helps him attain a realistic view of life.

He advises ambitious entrepreneurs to engage a sober mind when choosing a business partner. He said that some associates are train wrecks while there are a good number of great partners who bring strong ideas and support to the table.



Ara Chackerian approved excitement while building up business ideas as a motivator. He explained how he gets excited about an idea that appears to be too good for a particular business. He acknowledged how excitement drives him closer to his business dreams. To see more you can checkout




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