Adam Milstein Warns About Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is an Israel-American who was born in Israel but later relocated to the United States where he lives with his wife and children.

As JNS author Adam Milstein is a humanitarian and an activist of Israel’s rights.He and his wife co-founded a humanitarian organization which is known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family foundation, the foundation focuses on supporting the Jewish community and also ways on how to strengthen the relation between the Israel and America.

Adam Milstein as an author in Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) tries to shed light on the Jewish community by highlighting threats on the Jewish people that are coming up like for example, in his latest article on JNS titled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide.” In this article, Adam Milstein talks about the alliance that has been formed by a group of people who feels that they have a common enemy who is the Jewish community. The radical right, radical Muslims, and radical left form the alliance, and although these groups have not been on the same side, they seem to come together so that they can push the anti-Semitic agenda against the Jews.Adam says in his article that the radical left has not been happy with the extreme right, and radical Muslims actions but things are changing since the radical left are satisfied with latter as far as the actions towards the Jewish community are concerned. Adam Milstein says as long as the alliance continues to get strong the Jews are in danger since the alliance will share the ideas and the put on more efforts to spread the hatred to the Jews.

Adam Milstein further says that radical Muslims are very focused on destroying Israel because it is the homeland of the Jewish people and also spread the anti-Semitic ideology as far as possible. This is possible since they are using students in colleges where there is a mixture of people from different backgrounds thus threatening the lives and the future of the Jewish people all around the world.

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