Stream Company was among the first to come to the aid of Hurricane Harvey victims across Huston neighborhoods. It recently launched Stream cares, a charity foundation that formalized its philanthropy that has been ongoing in Texas and the whole country. It was started as a different philanthropy arm giving Stream Energy Company double advantage in that it can give back to the community as well as earn loyalty and respect from the public and potential clients. The employees and leaders at Energy Company in Dallas, having built strong ties with Red Cross and the Habitat for Humanity, lead in local giving.

Stream associates support causes generously and passionately. The one cause they particularly care about is Homelessness. They track the number of people in Dallas who are homeless. With the number increasing by 24%, Stream tackled this through Hope Supply Co. which often supplies homeless children clothing, school essential, and even diapers. At the annual event of Splash for Hope, Stream, and its associates paid the entrance fee and meal costs for more than 1000 homeless children in North Texas. Besides the money and the supplies, Stream gave the children a more precious gift of an experience of a lifetime.

In 2016 in North Texas, Stream Energy in partnership with the Salvation Army quickly responded to help the Tornado victims by raising thousands of dollars for them. In another instance, the Operation Once in A Lifetime, Stream Energy provided financial and moral support for veterans in Dallas. To the less fortunate military veterans, they offered free transport to a suitable Texas restaurant for them and their loved ones to enjoy a unique December lunch. The next day, the American Girl Doll Experience was co-hosted by Stream Energy. Ten military members’ daughters chose an American girl doll and were bought for lunch by Stream at the American Girl Café.

Of all states in America, Texas is listed as one of the least generous. Stream Energy Company is, therefore, trying to make Texas and Dallas rise through the ranks by use of their associates’ passion, generosity and the dedication to help the less fortunate.

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