David Zalik, CEO Of Credit

Green Sky Credit Company is an industry that provides the goods and services that pertain to giving people the correct loans and credit products that they need along with serving the corporate bodies that utilize their services to enhance and that enable their companies to work better. It is founded by the CEO of the company whose name is David Zalik and his company is operated by the federal government  as a third party source for all those who need to attain help with their finances in order to create a sustainable life. The man whose name is David Zalik is an interesting man and has a unique story behind his recent success of becoming the world newest billionaire on Earth to date due to his company Green Sky Credit Company LLC. David Zalik grew up in a rough neighborrhood in Argentina where the communistic government was taking over a lot of the country’s freedom to explore and to go out and achieve great things with their lives. He and his family moved three times and each time they moved communism was always at the forefront of their problems due to the lack of freedom and the lack of wiggle room which would allow one to build their business. They finally moved to America where the capitalist culture  is at its strongest and David Zalik thus began his beginning inside the world of finances. David Zalik purchased a car and started a company that he later sold for a profit of a few million dollars, then he invested it into a business that eventually became known as Green Sky Credit LLC. Their business revolves around allowing big corporations to be able to provide a line of credit to those who need it and are the customers of the people who get help from Green Sky Credit. The thing that makes the company so lucrative really isn’t just providing loans with interest on the companies to use as credit, but it is the fees that come along with using them as a service provider. David Zalik truly created the financial freedom  he deserves.


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