Lawrence Bender’s Life before Movies

Lawrence Bender is spectacular within the film industry. He has made countless award nominating films like Inglorious Basterds, Good Will Hunting, and Pulp Fiction along with a great documentary done with Al Gore called An Inconvenient Truth. He has worked with top actors like Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino, and Matt Damon to make these films incredible. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down Lawrence Bender’s past, how he got into film production and what movie of his is my favorite.

Born and raised in a suburb of New York City called The Bronx, Lawrence Bender grew up in a Jewish household. It was his goal of one day becoming a civil engineer as that’s what he was interested in while attending high school. He was primarily interested in it because his grandpa was into civil engineering and because he knew he could get a job out of college. Long story short, Lawrence Bender ended up earning his Bachelors degree in civil engineering in 1979 from the University of Maine.

Lawrence Bender started to really get into the arts while he was in college. He picked up dancing and loved it. In fact, his new goal was to ultimately get into professional dancing. Unfortunately, a permanent injury cut Bender’s dancing career short. This is when he turned to film producing.

Like I said, Lawrence Bender has created countless spectacular films but Good Will Hunting is the best. In the movie, protagonist Will Hunting has to overcome many tough challenges that are presented throughout his life. He has a rough upbringing as he is an orphan and is constantly abused both emotionally and physically. He really only has his brothers as his best friends. While at MIT, he meets a mentor who guides him through some of life’s most difficult challenges. All in all, it was like a father figure he never had in his life.

An Inconvenient Truth was a great film produced by Bender. In the film, Al Gore explains how humans are accelerating climate change globally and why it must come to a stop soon. It really gave me a new perspective on fossil fuels.

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