To Do Or Not To Do Upwork

Upwork is an excellent place for freelancers from various backgrounds to connect with a business seeking their talent or service. Founded in 1999, Upwork has become one of the best places for this, giving independent professionals access to more than $1 billion worth of work a year. Without many have come to loath freelance work. Finding trusted clients, tracking work accurately and most importantly getting paid. With Upwork, all of this is a none-question.

With the search eased, what now? What’s the best way to track all of your tasks through the week? Anyone who works for a living or has anything to do throughout the week might not be a stranger to the to-do list. Like anyone who uses them, sometimes getting through them is the hardest part.

The best way to solve this common problem is to look at your to-do list as your guide, and as such, it should include everything you have to get down before you need to do them. It should also be one place you can find everything, and not spread out across several different mediums, like post-it notes, notebook entries, or three different to-do list apps. One place, for your one guide to success.

Now, with those larger tasks, we inevitably have to face, break them down into smaller sub-tasks. Make things easier on yourself so you can keep an eye on the overall goal, but remain aware of how far you are from completing it in full.

All of your must does are listed our, now label then. Add time specific notes such as when you expect to complete them, how much energy you need to do them, how long will it take you to get them done? You can also tag similar tasks with “email” or “phone call” so when you’re already on the phone or reply to emails, you can batch these related tasks together.

Lastly, re-evaluate constantly. Doing so will help you to further increase productivity by allowing you the opportunity to weed out tasks that don’t need to be productivity and a chance to see your progress.

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