Doctor, Entrepreneur, or Both?

 However, he opted to pursue real estate investment rather than medicine, in an effort to earn as much money as possible. Following Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark Mckenna moved to Atlanta opening new company called Shapemed. The new company served to provide botox injections, laser hair removal, and diet and weight counseling. The business was sold to a gym in 2015, but was then bought out by private parties. This allowed Dr. Mark Mckenna to pursue what is potentially his most innovative idea yet. At the relatively young age of 43, the doctor began work on his newest venture, OVME.

Dr. Mark Mckenna compares his service to Uber stating that it would allow practitioners to make house calls to individual patients on demand. This will all happen through the development of the OVME app. The platform will connect freelance practitioners too desiring clients.Recently, OVME got ready to open near Atlanta. Mark claimed that the needs of the industry have evolved past the traditional structure of the medical field. People are familiar with Mark’s prior work and are excited to check out OVME. They already know that they will be in good hands as Mark had treated them well in the past. Excitement from investors came when they realized the Mark would continue to push the boundaries of this sector. He will continue to challenge the medical best practices,and make them more convenient for everyone to obtain.

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a man that obviously enjoys giving back to the communities he is a part of. He just happens to do so in very innovative and invest-able ways.


  1. This sort of thought will without a doubt open the entryway for more inventive suppliers in the restorative field. Development in solution is en route. Dr. Stamp Mckenna earned his therapeutic degree at Tulane Medical school. It is also heartwarming that could have gotten everything right from the start and it makes sense too.

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